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Attention Soldiers,

We've got some exciting news for you: Combat Arms Europe and North America will join forces on Tuesday, June 30, to merge into one unified service! With this change, players in Europe, North America and Oceania will be able to compete against each other via the new Combat Arms service.

We are very excited about this opportunity to bring together the best features of the European and North American services to unify and improve Combat Arms for its community. To celebrate this occasion, we will soon announce some great events we have lined up for you!

This new service will bring minimal changes to Combat Arms, but we strongly intend those to enhance your game experience. Combat Arms will be managed by Nexon Europe, but players can continue to log into the game with their Nexon America accounts. However, one unavoidable change is that Combat Arms will no longer be playable through Steam, and can only be played through the Nexon Launcher.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support through this upcoming transitional period. We look forward to seeing you in Combat Arms!

Best regards,
Combat Arms Team

  • As of June 30, Nexon America and Nexon Europe will merge forces to create a new, unified Combat Arms.
  • American and European players will now have the ability to compete against each other in Combat Arms.
  • Combining the European and North American services will streamline changes to the game to improve your player experience.
FAQ for the Service Merge

Q: When will this happen?
A: The unified Combat Arms service will launch on Tuesday, June 30.

Q: Will I still be able to play Combat Arms through Steam?
A: Unfortunately, no. As a result of the service merge, Combat Arms will only be playable through the Nexon Launcher.

Q: Will I have to play Combat Arms on servers in Europe?
A: No need to worry about 150+ ping play sessions! Nexon Europe will be running servers in the US to ensure your gameplay will be as responsive as it was under the divided service.

Q: What will happen to my character, inventory and inbox in Combat Arms North America?
A: Everything in your inventory and inbox will remain there, ready for you to use against your foes once again. As for character names, if there is a conflict with an existing Combat Arms Europe character name, the North America name will have an exclamation point (!) added to it. For players who have character names changed, we will be delivering Name Change Coupons so that their names can be changed as preferred.

Q: Will my friends list transfer over?
A: Yes, your friends list will stay with your account.

Q: Will my clan transfer over?
A: Yes! You should still be in your clan once your account transfers over to the merged Combat Arms service. If the clan’s name conflicts with an existing Combat Arms Europe clan name, then the North America name will have an AT symbol (@) added. For clans that have clan names changed, we will be delivering Clan Name Change coupons to their clan leaders.

Q: What will happen to my NX with Nexon America?
A: You will keep your NX and will be able to continuously spend it in Combat Arms.

Q: I just spent money and now it will be a different service. Shouldn’t I get a refund?
A: We are not offering refunds because Combat Arms will still be available in all current locations. Once everything is transferred over, there should be little difference in your gameplay, aside from having more people to shoot.

Q: Do I have to purchase NX with Euros after the migration?
A: No, there’s no change in NX charging process for your Nexon America account.

Q: Will I need to redownload Combat Arms to play in Europe?
A: Once the switch happens, you’ll only need to launch the game through the Nexon Launcher. There may be a small game update, but there shouldn’t be a multi-gigabyte download waiting for you.

Q: Are there going to be any other changes?
A: Some of the changes we have made in the last few months have been to merge the two services. We will keep you apprised of any other changes to come, if they are needed.

Q. How can I interact with users from Europe?
You will interact with European users the same way you've always interacted with Combat Arms users in North America and Oceania. This means that you can chat with them, exchange messages, and, most importantly, compete with them in the same game room!

Q. Will there be any events after the migration?
To celebrate the migration, we are planning to launch events which Combat Arms North America and Europe users can enjoy together. Details regarding these events will be announced soon.

Q: What if I don’t want my Combat Arms info transferred?
A: Anyone who wishes to opt out of the migration may submit a request to have their gameplay data deleted. Making this request will not impact your Nexon America account; it will only apply to your Combat Arms gameplay data (your character name, achievements, clan participation, statistics, and so on). Just submit a request to our Customer Support team and we’ll take care of the rest.

Q: Where can I find Combat Arms Europe?
A: Information on Combat Arms Europe can be found in the following locations:
However, all of our existing websites will still be available and will continue to provide all news information for Combat Arms.

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