Sanctum 2 - Timosh

Hey Guardians, would you like to try Deep Rock Galactic?

We are running an Open Alpha Weekend to stress-test and get feedback from aspiring miners!

Check out the trailer:
To get a key, you will need to sign up at:

- Open Alpha: November 9th - 12th
- Sign-up Deadline: November 6th at 11:59 PM (CEST)
- Keys Sent Out: November 9th at 01:00 PM (CEST)
- Platform for Open Alpha: Steam (PC)
- Sign up:
- It's free!

Please check your email's spam folder. We have experience that some of the emails we have sent out, are going directly to some of our receiver's spam folder.

Happy Mining!

Sanctum 2 - Ettrig

Hey guardians, just wanted go give a heads-up regarding a new game that we're publishing. Deep Rock Galactic is developed by our danish friends Ghost Ship Games and is a 4 player co-op action miner. We think you gonna like it!

Go here to sign up for the alpha:

Check out the alpha Trailer
Stay cool
Sanctum 2 - @AntonWestbergh

Hey Core Guardians!

We figured it would be nice to add some more friends to the community ːskyesmileː, so we’re running a Free Week / Autumn Sale on all our Sanctum titles. That’s right, you and your friends can play Sanctum, Sanctum 2 and Super Sanctum TD for free the entire week!

During the week, you can also save up to 85% on Sanctum, Sanctum 2 and Super Sanctum TD.

Hope you'll enjoy it! ːsteamhappyː

Coffee Stain Studios
Sanctum 2 - @AntonWestbergh
We just set Mac and Linux builds of Sanctum 2 live on the default branch together with a big patch that fixes a lot of stuff.

Read patch notes here:

Coffee Stain
Sanctum 2 - [CSS] @AntonWestbergh
Hey everyone. A bit late but if you missed it, The Last Stand, the 4th "Season Pass" DLC was launched a couple of days ago!

In the DLC you'll get four brand new maps including the chance to revisit the classic map Arc from Sanctum.. Of course, you'll have new weapons as well, such as the high-tech Smatterband, an industrial weapon that fires sticky bombs that erupt into 10 smaller explosions each, and you'll get to unlock 8 new perks! It's one high voltage package!

Oh, did we say it's on discount together with ALL our other products in the ongoing Holiday sale?
Check em all out if you haven't already, and if you like what we do, tell your friends to do so as well :)

Coffee Stain Studios Crew
Oct 25, 2013
Sanctum 2 - [CSS] @arminposts
Sanctum 2 - The Pursuit is finally out! Get it here:

This expansion adds even more replayability through four completely new maps! Use two new towers, including the Mind-Control Spire that takes control of enemies and lets them fight for you! Unlock new devastating weapons, such as the Drone Launcher, that launches target-seeking drones that home in on enemies and shoot lazors at them. They'll be all like "NOO NOT THE BEEES!"

Of course, there are going to be new enemies as well, such as the Heavy Pup that's far more aggressive than it's older equivalent, and the flying Bliskeblaske, which you'll just have to see for yourself.

Finally, you'll be getting seven new unlockable perks as well - for example, the Reinforcements perk has a chance to spawn Explorers with shields every time you kill an enemy!

Note: Road to Elysion is included in the Sanctum 2 Season Pass and is part 3/4 in a series of DLC for Sanctum 2

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