Community Announcements - tifreund
Dear all,

as we are near the content update release we are starting a closed beta for all who own the game on Steam and are registered to our forum:

To participate please send in your application to:

please also add your username on the kalypso forum and which windows operating system you use to the mail.

New features:

- New maps for multiplayer and sandbox modes
- Enemy gang for sandbox mode, operating independently and taking over businesses - can both attack the player and be attacked by the player
- Customizable game settings and goals for sandbox games
- Economy overview panel for current businesses with their efficiency, profit, etc.
- Visual representation of individual business types on the strategic map via icons
- Additional difficulty setting and "Iron Man" option (saving progress in strategic mode disabled)
- Improvement of cover mechanics in turn-based combat
- Introduction of multiplayer chat
- Several minor fixes/changes

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