ArcheBlade™ - [Codebrush] Jin
* Hot fix 0.9.8_update3

Bug Fixes:
- Unable to connect game server.

All official servers will reset at 10:45 PST
Update will take about 30 minutes.

Thank you.

Codebrush Games.
Jun 27, 2013
ArcheBlade™ - [Codebrush] Jay
<img src="" alt="0.9.8">

*Patch Note - Release 0.9.8.

Character Rotation:
- Valle, Renny(G), Dick, Gaspar, Tiac, Cezanne, Renny(F)

New Contents:
- New DLC added
- New character, Ridika the temptress, added
- Game tutorial added
- Account info added
- New achievement added (MVP, killing without death)

DLC: Early Access Basic Pack:
- The previous DLC 'Starter Pack' Removed
- New DLC 'Early Access Basic Pack' Added

*This package includes Archeblade's entire roster of characters before it's official launch.
*If you already bought the previous DLC 'Starter Pack', this will apply to you as well.

Skill Renewal and Balancing:
"Ridika is a female fighter who ravages an enemy with her fancy skills. Now she eaily penetrates the enemy's back side by improving her skills, and it helps her melee skill".

RP skill: Blind Love(F)
Stiffness of the skill activation removed
Blind skill effect goes for ten seconds
Blind skill effect disappears when Ridika gets damage

RP skill: HeartBreaker(Q)
This skill activates only if there is an enemy who is in blind.

Ridika's flying consumes less SP.
R attack range reduced, and RR combo attack range increased.
JR attack range reduced.
LLL combo's guard stiffness reduced.

- Dan Mei
"Dan Mei is meant to be a melee fighter that fights even inside of enemy territory. We improved the usability of his jump, and his viability on low HP so that players get motivated to play him".

RP skill: Embrace of the Empress(Q)
Duration of the skill depending on the current HP.
The skill now consumes 3 RP bars.

Dan Mei's Shift skill activates instantly.
R hits only once.
R hits wider than before.
R pushes back an opponent longer than before.

- Elika
"We replaced Elika's RP skill 'InvisibleField' to 'Haste'. Haste skill will make her faster locating and easier escaping".

Removed 'Invisible Field' skill.
New RP skill 'Haste' added.

*Haste: this increases her and ally's moving speed by fifty percent for ten seconds.

- Cezanne
Slowered the JR reaching on an opponent.
JR's hitstun time reduced.
DrainLifeAura(F) skill now only takes opponent's HP(not AP).

- Renoah
Renoah's moving speed reduced by 5%

- Tiac
Some of Tiac's attack stiffness reduced

- Sewon
Sewon's LLL attack pushes back an opponent more.

- Common
Defense power increased

Guard Breaking system improvements:
"The previous guard breaking skill does't really bring you a benefit. It resulted to be a useless one. and now we redesigned the system to have varied your combat pattern".

- LR power attack gets a differentiated animation and an attack timing
- LR power attack breaks an opponent's guard and lifts them up
- LR power attack deals some damage too

- Dan Mei's JR attack effect changed
- Ridika's Heartbreaker skill effect changed
- Ridika's R attack effect size adjusted

Bug Fixes:
- Win/Lose UI remains too long
- Elrath's Anti-magic Shell doesn't display of its effect when it duplicates
- In a free-for-all map, a round doesn't end when the score reaches to the goal with the point gained by assist.
- Game controller doesn't work sometime
- Game server doesn't reset porperly which makes the game unplayable
- An error message sometimes doesn't display properly
- A continuous kill achievement error
- Ridika's hovering animation glitch
- The image in the main page stretches depending on a certain resolution
- When you click the 'detail' button in the shop, nothing happens
- The server doesn't work properly if there's a special character on the title of the room.
- It doesn't get debuffs after the guard is broken.

*Sorry for the patch delay.
*For some reason, package name displays incorrectly here,
But it will work as I posted above. We'll fix this as soon as possible.
*All official servers will reset at 9PM PST

Thank you.

Codebrush Games.
ArcheBlade™ - [Codebrush] Jay
Hello Archebladers,

Just for heads up, there will be a major patch in this week - v.0.9.8

Mainly it's going to be a power attack renewal, adding a game tutorial, new character release, and game record checking.

Let's get into this:

1) Guard Break System

The power attack previously did break the opponent's guard, however it did not work as expected.

After this patch, we are expecting,

- Improved usability of guard breaking system
- Combat to be more varied
- Enhanced the effectiveness in team fights

Q) What has been changed?

A) Players cannot block LR power attack. It sounds the same as before, huh?
However, new power attack system lifts opponents up. Players can now perform an additional combo after the LR power attack.
Also, the speed of the power is now slower with a new power attack effect.

Q) Then, you cannot avoid LR power attack?

A) The attack speed of the LR power attack is very slow. If players are fast enough, they can counter attack them or avoid it.

Q) How do I use it?

A) You can activate it by pressing keyboard Alt key + mouse Left and Right button.

2) Tutorial
Because of the unique style of Archeblade combat system, new players couldn't get used to it easily.
So, we brought an in-game tutorial for them.

In the tutorial, new players will learn how to attack and defend, how to use RP skills, and etc.

3) New character

Ridika, the Temptress is added. We know you liked it in last week's preview.
She will be officially released in this path.

4) Account Info

Now players are able check all their game statistics in this section. It is located on main menu in-game.

Hope you guys like it, and see y'all in the game!

Codebrush Games
ArcheBlade™ - [Codebrush] Jay
*Patch Note - Release 0.9.7 update 2

Character rotation:
- Valle, Renoah, Renny Glacier, Elika, Elrath, Gaspar, Dan Mei

- Dick
Dick's R, LLR, JR attack damage decreased.
The reaction of JR, SR attack decreased.

In-game store now back on.
The price of preminum skins reduced.

Optimized for some UIs.

Achievement section on the main display is redesigned to 'Account Info'.

- Missing purchases issue
- AltarOfWar map filtering issue

*All official servers will reset at 9PM PST
ArcheBlade™ - [Codebrush] Jay
Character rotation:

- Valle, Renoah, Renny Glacier, Elika, Gaspar, Dan Mei, Elrath

*there will be a game update patch (0.9.7b update 2) in a couple of days.

- Codebrush Games
ArcheBlade™ - [Codebrush] Jay
Character Rotation:
Renoah, Renny G, Elrath, Dan mei, Tiac, Cezanne, Renny F, Sewon

In-game sotre purchasing is unavailable
DLC: Starter Pack purchasing is unavailable

*All official servers will reset at 9PM PST
ArcheBlade™ - [Codebrush] Jay
Hello Archebladers,

We have temporarily closed our DLC: Starter Pack purchase. (

Purchasing the DLC is unavailable for a week from now.

Currently we're working on transferring the database from steam to our own one. We expect this will prevent from hacking threats and losing purchases.

For same purpose, in-game store purchase will be temporarily unavailable after today's patch (v.0.9.7).

We will come back with new DLC that offers better than before.

Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your support.

See ya'll in the game!

ArcheBlade™ - [Codebrush] Jay
*Patch Note - Release

Character rotation:
- Valle, Richard, Elika, Gaspar, Danmei, Tiac, Cezanne, Sewon

*Closed new character testing of 'Ridika'(removed)

Default setting:
- Game settings doesn't reset to default after patching

- Optimized on some UIs to improve game performance

- Adjusted some RP skill effects

- Round match sometimes ended before it reaches the goal point
- A round cannot keep going if one of player doesn't lock in
- Displays wrong spot of 'enemy recognition UI'
- A ward works to an enemy in FFA map
- Some typoes of skill and character descriptions
ArcheBlade™ - [Codebrush] Jay
*Patch Note - Release

Character rotation:
- Valle, Renoah, Richard, Elika, Elrath, Tiac, Cezanne, Renny(F), Ridika

#New character added for testing - this week only


1) Blind Love
Ridika dazes an enemy with an inherent beauty of Succubus within a certain area. The enemy gets 'Blind Love' debuff, and the enemy cannot see her for a while.

2) Heartbreaker
When it activates, Ridika blows 'Blind Love' debuff to deal with damage and the debuff disappers.

*Please leave your thought about Ridika.

Dan Mei's JR attack does not break guard anymore.
ArcheBlade™ - [Codebrush] Jay
Hello Archebladers,

Here's new patch for today!
*Patch Note - Release

Character Rotation:
- Renoah, Renny(G), Richard, Elrath, Gaspar, Dan Mei, Renny(F), Sewon

- 'AlterOfWar' map added. Enjoy 2 vs 2 round match

- Gaspar
His R attack has been modified to be more useful
-R attack range increased
-Shape of AOE changed from a vertical formation to trianglar formation*

*Triangler formation is bottom left, bottom right, and top (3/3)
If the shot is not fully charged, it will fire from the top (1/3) or left and right (2/3)

- 'AlterOfWar' map achievements added

- Some RP skills are displayed more clearly

Bug Fixes:
- Able to do power attacks without consuming Rage Points
- Fixed Renoah's R zoom freezing when practicing in the training room
- Sometimes Dick's ward still works even if he is out of range
- In Elimination, fixed team member's display icon being incorrect when waiting in spectator mode
- Fixed ward locations being displayed on the wrong team in a mini map
- Fixed Sewon becoming invincable in some cases
- Improved the handling of nicknames containing special/foreign characters
- Speed hack tool prevention added

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