Runespell Overture Trailer - Ozzie Mejia
When Shacknews spoke to Mommy's Best Games earlier this year about Serious Sam Double D XXL, the developer stated that there was a good chance the game would eventually find its way from Xbox Live Arcade to PC. That time has arrived, as XXL has been added to the core Double D PC version as a free title update.
Serious Sam HD Movie 2 - Steve Watts
It's a good day for fans of ridiculous old-school shooters. The latest Humble Bundle weekly sale compiles a set of six FPS games from the genre's heyday, all for paying at least six bucks.
Serious Sam HD Movie 2 - John Keefer

Croteam is working on Serious Sam 4, and to build excitement for the sequel--as well as grab some needed development funds--it has partnered Humble Bundle to throw together all the games from the series into one package for purchase.

Croteam is earmarking all the funds it gets from the bundle for the new game, which will come out some time in 2014. Devolver Digital will be the publisher.

Five Serious Sam games and the original beta tech demo are included in the pay-what-you-want package, including Kamikaze Attack, Double D, the Random Encounter, the First Encounter, and the Second Encounter. Paying more than the average price, which currently stands at $4.15, will get you Serious Sam 2 and Serious Sam 3: BFE Deluxe Edition. All of the games are DRM free and for PC. All but Kamikazee Attack and the beta will be available through Steam.

The bundle has already garnered more than $181,000. The sale will continue through next Thursday.


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