Hearts of Iron 2 Complete

Paradox is getting into the business of making board games via Kickstarter.

The Swedish publisher, known for its grand strategy video games on PC, is working on tabletop versions of four of its biggest titles: Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron and Cities: Skylines.

The first game to be made is the Crusader Kings board game, which is designed and published with Free League Publishing (Mutant Year Zero and Tales from the Loop RPG). In the medieval-set game, players compete for military, religious and political power while keeping their personal dynasty strong using cards and miniatures.

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Crusader Kings II

What are you doing this weekend? Forget about it; Crusader Kings 2 is free on Steam!

Dive into historical strategy as you pull on the luxuriously shiny shoes and flouncy rouches of your favourite - or most detested - monarch, and devise your way to a conquering lineage. Perhaps you will play fair, perhaps you won't. And if you die, don't worry - you can jump straight onto controlling one of your offspring.

Crusader Kings 2 is one of those seminal strategy games. It's one of those games Chris Bratt always bangs on about - so much so he forced Johnny Chiodini to sit down and play it for an episode of Late to the Party, embedded below. And Johnny ended up sleeping with his sister-in-law.

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