Product Update - Valve
- The laptop in the avatars office is now only useable for share transactions. Statistics can be reviewed via the "statistics"-button.
- The laptop is deactivated during the first six missions of the game.
- Notifications have been added in case of the player trying to reach restricted areas.
- Resolutions like 1360x768 as well as 1366x768 are now supported by the game.
- When leaving the graphic options menu, without changing anything, will not result in an request to restart the game anymore.
Product Update - Valve
Airline Tycoon Patch 1.20 Changelog


- Trading of shares
- If you’re looking a quick buck, you’re in exactly the right place. Sell shares of your airline at a high price, invest in profitable competitors, or try to drive them out of business through a hostile takeover. But be careful: the market is in a constant state of flux! If you get too greedy and miscalculate, you could be operating in the red ... or even worse!
-- Trading of shares is available via the banker in the airport bank as well as the laptop in your office.
-- In the trading interface you will find information about the value of each airline, the distribution of shares and projections regarding the future of the company.
-- The Bad Bank acts as an additional participant. It buys the Tycoons’ shares and makes them freely available for all other participants.
-- If you own shares in airlines yourself or if some are available from the Bad Bank, then you can adjust the amount of shares to be traded using the arrow buttons.
-- The transaction is only carried out and made active with confirmation via the green arrow button.
-- Shareholders are entitled to dividends dependant upon the company’s daily profit and the amount of shares owned.
-- If a Tycoon possesses at least 75% of an enemy airline, then he can dissolve the company by using the red X button.
-- During liquidation, either all airplanes can be sold and the staff fired, or they can be added to your own company.
-- The trading of shares is only available in free play.
-Hotkey added for the cabin editor (J)

Bug Fixes:

- Various errors with chartered flights have been corrected.
-- Contracts no longer disappear from the flight plan.
-- Information in the travel agency now always corresponds with that in the route planning.
-- Contracts requiring ranges of 100,000+ km no longer appear.
-- Contracts with a delay can still be successfully completed.
-- Error with fulfilled contracts that could not be completed corrected.
- Various errors in route planning corrected.
-- You can’t assign flights or contracts to planes without a crew.
-- Flight plan replays now also display the plan for upcoming weeks.
-- It had been possible in rare circumstances for unnecessary auto-flights to be generated.
- Competition
-- Computer opponents will now also use larger airplanes when possible.
-- Computer opponents organize personnel more skillfully.
-- Computer opponents better manage credit.
- The lower limit for startup capital has been raised.
- You can exit any location by right-clicking.
- Players are no longer automatically brought to the world map when they have previously watched an airplane.
- An error when designing the Afro DJ has been corrected.
- Job descriptions of the advisers can now be read in every resolution.
- Message texts are now always correctly pictured.
- Crash during intro video corrected.
- Passengers no longer wait too long in the public airport area.
- Passenger behavior in the lounge improved.
- The saboteur’s mini-gun now makes a sound.
- Copied airplanes now receive the correct texture / painting.
- The maximum number of airplanes (50) can no longer be exceeded.
- Various spelling errors corrected.
Product Update - Valve
Airline Tycoon Content Update 1.1 Changelog

- Airplanes can now be colorized using a color picker
- A bug which occured during the creation of new employees was fixed
- Airportmonitors now show the current airplane events
- A arrival/departure timetable has been included
- The dialogsystem has been reworked to reduce the number of clicks
- Several crashes have been fixed
- Thought bubbles above the passengers in the airport have been included
- The price calculation of used planes has been reworked
- It was possible that contract info and the actual contract data did not match
- Flights can now be inserted between other Flights
- Some userinterface problems were solved
- Contract passengers now count towards the mission goal in the second campaign mission
- You can now leave locations by using right clicks
- Halifax has been moved to its correct position
- The speed of daychanges has been increased


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