Reader Brandon passed this video along yesterday, which he helped make, wondering if we'd ever seen it. I had to say "no", which tore me up inside, because it is absolutely perfect.

Sadly ineligible from winning a Saxxy award due to its use of copyright material, that won't stop it winning hearts here today, because if there's one thing Team Fortress 2 needs more than less hats, it's more Queen.



Murraythis breaks out the Source Filmmaker to bring the internet a very Team Fortress Christmas.

Such great animation, and the Scout was the perfect choice to play the Christmas Eve sneak. He's such a dick.

Night Before Christmas... [YouTube]


Master Source Filmmaker user Zachariah Scott returns once again with an amazing piece of work, this time crossing the world of Team Fortress 2 with that of Godzilla.

It's... look, I'm starting to think Zachariah Scott isn't one man, and that he's instead a complex computer program nestled beneath Valve headquarters, devoted entirely to designing and rendering terrific movies at record speed.

Big trouble in Rumble City [ Saxxy Awards 2012 ] [YouTube]


Zachariah Scott, a cinematic designer at BioWare, may have an unfair advantage when it comes to Source Filmmaker clips, seeing as he's not exactly an amatuer, but whatever. If professional videos are what we get when professionals use the tool, then we're all winners.

In this clip, TF2's Medic has an...episode after the loss of his beloved bird. It's far more haunting than I would have thought before I pressed play.

Bad Medicine [YouTube]


Okay prepare for something a bit incredible, but also very, very strange. This is a scene from Toy Story, reanimated and rebuilt using Source Filmmaker. It starts off weird, then it gets kinda hilarious, then it gets weird again.

I can't really explain why, but I totally love it. The fact that it's so jarred, and such a bizarre clunky parody is what makes it all work.

Toy Soldier [GlinkoPlayman]

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Video spoilers

...is pooping.

From one of my favorite YouTubers—and in the spirit of zombie week—comes this short and sweet clip of a very...unique encounter with Left 4 Dead 2's tank.

I never thought I'd feel bad for a zombie until now. There he was, minding his own business on a flushable porta potty when Coach decides to shoot him immediately after violating his privacy. Now, if he was reading a quantum physics book on the other hand...

Two in the Tank [YouTube]


Open Source Filmmaker, a community bringing together some of Steam's best movie creators, recently held a themed event called "Turret Week". Members had to create short, original films about Portal's turrets.

While most Source Filmmaker clips are still rough, unoriginal affairs using Team Fortress 2 models, these are wonderful, capitalising on the short timeframe and source material to produce some great results.

You can watch all 22 in the playlist below, which you really should, as many contain running gags.

Turret Week [SFM]


What the hell did I just watch, you ask? Why, the most adorable squees of delight you've ever heard, I respond!

Look at that twinkle in the engineer's eyes. He's like a proud, excited parent, ready to embrace the possibilities of a new future and...

Oh. Oh, my.

The Calcium (Source Filmmaker) [YouTube via Reddit]

You might have to wait for part 2 to see what this animator's vision on who would win this fight is, but I'm leaning towards the witch. Everyone knows once the witch has you down, there's no getting back up. You can't even fight from under her!
BioWare cinematic designer Zachariah Scott tinkers around with Source Filmmaker quite a bit on his personal YouTube channel.

But this week, it's turret week. And he's already made a bunch of really short videos of turrets being really adorable. Enjoy the released ones all rounded up for you below.


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