AudioSurf - Dylan
YouTube's National Anthem is now on Audiosurf Radio! You've heard it, you've loved it, you've hummed it for days, and now you can surf <a href="">it</a>.

More music from 009 Sound System is <a href="">here</a>.
Dec 24, 2011
AudioSurf - Dylan
_ensnare_ (the guys behind the fantastic <a href="">Frozen Synapse</a> soundtrack) are back with a new fakebit album, <a href="">Binary Opposition</a>. All you really need to know is there's a track called Cascading Doom Pony. Play it on Audiosurf Radio now!
Dec 9, 2011
AudioSurf - Dylan
One of our favorite techno artists <a href="">Phantasma</a> has been kicking out a lot of singles lately! We're stoked he's sharing them with us for Radio.

December 9, 2011
Nov 4, 2011
AudioSurf - Dylan
Important thing 1: You should ride <a href="">Rupture</a>, by <a href="">The Hamster Alliance</a>, in Audiosurf right now. It'll give you goosebumps.

Important thing 2: <a href="">Rupture</a>, by <a href="">The Hamster Alliance</a> is on Audiosurf Radio right now.

Important thing 3: THA made a <a href="">multi-track Audiosurf video for Rupture</a>. What does that mean?

A good description of Rupture from the man himself:
"Hey, look over here! Ooh, what’s that?! What’s this do? OMG, look at that! Whoa!

but with guitars and breakbeats. It’s like a choir and a metal band got in a fight with a drum machine."
Oct 11, 2011
AudioSurf - Dylan
We've got new music from Buenos Aires electropop group <a href="">Jorisma.</a>
Reviewers have said this music sounds like a new incarnation of <a href=""> OMD </a> So if you have a soft spot for the 80s you'll love these.

Sep 13, 2011
AudioSurf - Dylan
"Solar Storm" is perhaps the happiest-sounding album yet from brilliant French trance artist <a href=""BS</a>. And that's sayin something.

"Geometrie" is soothing and hypnotic in a blissed-out way, and the punishing little whip-like sound effects on "Sin" are a nice touch. Lastly, I'm not sure what happened to BS in "1982" but I definitely like it.

Aug 27, 2011
AudioSurf - Dylan
One of our favorite chiptune artists (and game developer), <a href=""> _ensnare_</a> is back on Radio this week with a new album. "The Lock" is a great introduction to his sound, and "Inevitable Sound Shower" really does sound like little 8-bit stars shooting over your head. The full ablum, <a href="">Impeccable Micro</a>, is just $3.

_ensnare_ is part of Mode7 - the genius developers behind <a href="">Frozen Synapse</a>! If you haven't played Frozen Synapse yet there's a free demo on <a href="">Steam</a>.

Aug 12, 2011
AudioSurf - Dylan
One of our favorite Trance artists, <a href="">Jonathan Araldi</a> is back on Radio this week with a new album. "Air For Trance" puts samba, waltz, and techno in a blender and comes up with something delicious. "Natural" continues the samba theme with some dreamy reverb, and "Tears Sunny" has a huge one-peak-in the middle shape.

Aug 4, 2011
AudioSurf - Dylan
Man, all they had to say was "Brazillian" and "guitar instrumentals" and I was hooked on <a href="">Maycon Bianchi</a>. "Pollution" reminds me of epic boss battle music!! I know I will take some flak for putting up a song that is uphill for the first half on Radio, but "Dream" was so pretty I just had to put it up.


I'm surfing The New Pollution (by Beck) now. Anyone want to join?
Jul 22, 2011
AudioSurf - Dylan
We've had a string of French electronic artists on Radio lately, but this week we're back to the USA with some great electronic tunes from <a href="">Phantasma</a>. "Interlocking Interventions" has a blistering 312 traffic count, and "Pendulum" lets up slightly with 194. Then my personal favorite, a bit slower but I really love the progression--"Nethermost" weighs in at 176.


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