Product Update - Valve
We are happy to announce that now all players from all servers are able to participate in Global Map warfare on an even bigger scale. The Global Map becomes truly Global! There are 8 regions out of 9 opened, and all the clans from all our servers are transferred there. Clans from the US and European Server 2 are resettled in the new Beast Folk, Amazon, Barbarian and Dark Elf regions, while still owning the same number of similar provinces that they had before.

At the same time, the most mysterious and rich region, which is the center of the Global map, will still be hidden in the fog of war.

Also, during the maintenance a new patch was released. You can read the full list of changes on our forum:

We have even more great news for you! Following the release on Steam there was a great increase of players’ activity and we want to thank you for playing our game as well as your suggestions and proposals. On that occasion we have prepared a unique special offer on Gem purchase along with changes in the WoB economic system that would be interesting for you!

  1. You now receive Double the Gems with every purchase: The Gem fair has started in all the Empires and Kingdoms! Now all the races will have the unique opportunity to purchase twice as many quality weapons and equipment, as well as hire the best soldiers…if the Orcs don’t pay a visit and loot the fair, that is. All Warlords who purchase Gems using any of the available payment methods will receive a +100% Gem bonus. This is a long-term special offer. Purchase Gems now and receive double the Gems!

  2. The chance to buy some of the Master Units for half price. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to buy the best units! A 50% discount will be available for the period of May 24th-30th on the following units and equipment:
    • MasterUnits: Priests of Deus, Rock Lords, Tribal Swordman, Maiden Warsingers, Weavers, Doom Hunters, Blighted Ones, Quarrelmasters.
    • Giants: Steam Juggernaut, Ursine Destroyer.
    • Equipment: Amulets, Earrings, Rings, Belts.

  3. The Premium subscription price has decreased – now the subscription will become more affordable for everyone! Starting today the subscription will have the following prices:
    • 1 week: 125 Gems
    • 1 month: 400 Gems or 100 000 gold
    • 3 months: 1000 Gems or 300 000 gold

  4. The “Favor of the Gods” price and Control Points bonus has been changed to:
    • +50% bonus: 50 Gems
    • +100% bonus: 125 Gems
    • +150% bonus: 200 Gems

See you on the Battlefield Warlords!

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