Community Announcements - nitram
Hi everybody!

Just few words to tell you that Blocks That Matter is 75% off during this holiday sales.

And most of all: we are organizing a little free raffle where you can win some Steam key for 30+ games!

Just read this:

And enter the raffle with a valid email address !

We will announce the results on January 4th, and will also reveal a free BTM Remix album. Containing some remixes tracks by famous artists all over the world !

Enjoy your Christmas Holiday! And see you soon for the results and the free remixes.

Take care!
Community Announcements - Captain Will
Welcome to the new players who bought the game during this Midweek Madness !

Yesterday, we announced our next project: Tetrobot and Co.
We plan to release it on Windows, Mac, Linux and some touch devices in early 2013.
Of course, we hope it will be available on Steam, but we still have to finish the game before investigating on this subject :)

One of our goal is to make the game a little bit more accessible than BTM, by reducing the frustration of making mistakes (for example), but it will still be a challenging puzzle game.

You can find more info about the game on our devblog:
<ahref=""> </a>

Thank you to every player of Blocks That Matter,
Your support allows us to continue to create the best possible games.

Community Announcements - Captain Will
Blocks That Matter has been updated so you can now share community levels and language files through Steam Workshop. It means you can also suscribe to your friends catalog, rate levels, comment them, create level collections…

If you want to see your already made levels in the Workshop, you have to re-publish them.

Have fun !
Community Announcements - Captain Will
Hi players and creators,

Blocks That Matter is coming to Steam Workshop this September!
If you want to join our BETA program, you just have to <a href="">follow those 3 steps</a>.

We hope you'll enjoy this additonal feature :)

from Swing Swing Submarine
Community Announcements - Captain Will
Your attention, please,

Blocks That Matter is <a href="">"Today's Game" deal on Steam</a> with a 66% discount.
It means the game can be purchased at 1,69$ / 1,69€ during the next 24h.

More than 200 Community Levels have been published by players/creators since last Christmas so it has been quite difficult to choose only 5 levels to feature this time. But it's our duty! Here they are :

Short Fuse - by Krypton
High Jump - by FRiZ
Shoot The Big Mama - by OrcShaman2000
Chipping Away - by Krypton
Falling 3 Really Bad - by Chacham

<a href=>Watch them in action!</a>

Thanks to all players/creators who submitted tons of levels since August 2011! We'll feature new levels in the next weeks, so keep being awesome.
Nov 9, 2011
Community Announcements - nitram
Hi all,

We juste updated Blocks That Matter to mainly fix an annoying bug in the
And in the same time, we added an achievement regarding "Chocolate Update" levels.

Here is the complete changelog



- bugfix: loose some upgrade in Main Avendture when you play chocolate update on given conditions
- freeze fix: if the btm.bftm is not up to date
- crashfix: pressing TAB in the gamepad selection when no gamepad is detected
- try to solve many little issue by updating all the 'low level libraries' used by the game
- better gamepad handling (trying to avoid 'virtual gamepad' that comes inside some gamer keyboard/mouse)


- an achievement for finishing Chocolate Update levels


Community Announcements - nitram
Hi there!

As you may have noticed, we just updated the game!
This update is to celebrate the entrance of Blocks That Matter in the "Humble Voxatron Debut" bundle!

As always, if you got any issue or suggestion, feel free to drop us a line at:


Here is what's new:

- Not so secret Chocolate Update appeared on the main screen! Bringing some levels, and news blocks/ennemies to play with!

- Soundtrack: 2 new tracks to unlock from Morusque!

- Community: new blocks and ennemies are available in the editor

- Community: 'Par system' (yellow and green stars) can be tweaked in the exist portal parameters

- Community: new icons to indicate the presence of a 'Par' or a custom BTM chest in levels

- Community: you can delete a level by pressing DEL key! (not the same effect depending the mode: creation or online browsing)

- Community: you can duplicate a level in creation mode using INSERT key! (can be used to RENAME levels or build a new level based on another one)

... and much more (check the news about the game to get the full list)




Community Announcements - Captain Will
Hi sailors,

Yesterday, we featured 5 new community levels:

Tap Dance - by Krypton
Pair of Ices - by FRiZ
Diamond Back - by Dave Phenomus
Obsidian Lock II - by Krypton
At Death's Doors - by FRiZ

And there are now more than 200 levels created by players!
Thank you for keeping us entertained :)

Community Announcements - nitram
Hi dear community!

Today is a great day, since Blocks That Matter gets its demo LIVE on Steam!

The bad news: when you already own the full game, the "Download Demo" button will not work :(

If you uninstall the game, the "Download Demo" button will work... but it will install the FULL game insteand of the Demo :(

The only way to play the Demo on Steam for now is to have an account that didn't own Blocks That Matter.

However, since the demo installs itself in a "blocks that matter demo", you didn't have to fear about save data loss :)

We will see with Steam crew if there is a way to allow you to install this Demo next to the full version, because this demo includes:

- Custom introduction and dialog
- 6 tutorials levels
- 3 levels taken from the full game
- 1 ending level
- 1 bonus level
- 9 of the 17 tracks!
- 4 EXCLUSIVES BTMs to unlock!

For those who already own the full game on Steam and want to play the demo, you can go to our FTP:

and download one of the following archive file:

Thanks for spreading the word!

Have a nice game!

Sep 16, 2011
Community Announcements - nitram

Valve just published our last tiny update to fix the annoying sorting bug in the community levels.

Here is the short change list:



- Community levels sorting by date broken
- fix bonus level "Back to the 90s"
- avoid crashing with a level made with a recent version of the game while playing with an old version
- achievements checker fix. For achievements obtained in offline mode: Tetrobot 1.1, Tetrobot 1.2, Shake your Boˆtis, Carinae of Time, Why so Sirius

Thanks again!


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