Product Release - Valve
The Holiday Pack, all new content for Bunch of Heroes, is now available for free on Steam!

These holidays the zombies and aliens of Bunch of Heroes have been naughty, and Santa has a very special present for them: HOT LEAD.

Product Release - Valve
The Horror Pack, Halloween themed content for Bunch of Heroes, is now available on Steam and is free during the Steam Halloween Sale*!

Meet the Bunch of Heroes like you've never seen them before, and fight fire with fire as the bunch battle the zombie hordes as classic monsters. Play as Agent Blood, Jaredstein, El Camaradog or Captain Smithsonian and become humanity’s most horrifying line of defense!

*Offer ends November 1st at 10AM Pacific Time!

Product Release - Valve
Bunch of Heroes is now available on Steam and is 10% off until September 28th at 10AM Pacific Time!

This Bunch is the most formidable team of elite fighters ever assembled. Jump in to the co-op action with up to 4 players and save Earth from nasty aliens and undead hordes!


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