Breath of Death VII

This week, Lucas takes the helm of the PCG Podcasting Pinnace with crew-mates Chris, Tyler, Evan, and Josh, as they discuss a week's worth of tantalizing news stories. You'll find out which indie games we're lovin' right now, what constitutes a worthwhile Collector's Edition, the verdict in co-op versus competitive multiplayer, Chris' physical dependencies to Civilization V, and many more amusing anecdotes. Message of the week: drink booze to regain mana!

PC Gamer US Podcast 281: Indie Invasion

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Breath of Death VII
Cthulhu Saves The World
Here's some heartening news for a Wednesday afternoon. Developers Zeboyd recently decided to launch their comedy fantasy RPGs on PC after a long time spent trying to sell on Xbox Live Arcade. Now RPS have news that Cthulhu Saves the World and the superbly named Breath of Death VII have made more in less than a week on Steam than they did in more than a year on Xbox Live, a fact the devs proudly announced on their site.

Zeboyd's games are affectionate parodies of 16-bit era JRPGs. Cthulhu Saves the World casts you in the role of the Lovecraftian beast on a quest to break free of a sorcerer's curse. In order to consume the world, Cthulhu must first save it. "Romance" and "redemption" are promised. Breath of Death VII teams you up with a ghost historian and a vampire techie to uncover the secrets of the past. Kind of like Time Team, but with more turn based combat. Both are currently on sale at 10% off on Steam and Gamersgate.

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