Layers of Fear 2 - (Dominic Tarason)

First person psychological horror adventure Layers Of Fear 2 is out now. Sequel to the well-liked (if a little formulaic) Layers Of Fear by the amusingly named Bloober Team, this one puts you in the shoes/mind of a tormented actor. In this inner world (all of which is a stage), you’re attempting to deliver the performance of a lifetime while harangued by personal demons, this time taking the form of animated mannequins. Perhaps not quite as subtle as it’s aiming to be, but not every scare needs to get deep under your skin. See the launch trailer below.


Layers of Fear 2 - (Khee Hoon Chan)

There s something about mannequins that makes them such prime fodder for horror games. The dead-eyed stare sans pupils, the unnaturally rigid poses and angular elbows, and the perverse mimicry of human behaviour hurls them right into the trough of the uncanny valley. Like many horror staples, these are strategically placed to unnerve players and elicit a quick scare, with a plethora of games placing them in almost predictable locations: at the end of a corridor, in a dimly lit corner, even right behind the player. In the same vein, Layers Of Fear 2 uses such jump-scares abundantly, propping mannequins up in cordoned-off rooms and against dusty furniture. These bizarre figures seemingly trail the main character wherever he goes, a tortured actor seeking inspiration for a prestigious role in his latest film.



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