Community Announcements - Nevercenter
Today is your last chance to upgrade to CameraBag Photo (aka CameraBag 3) with Steam launch coupons for CameraBag 2 owners. If you qualify for a coupon, you will see it automatically applied at checkout in the Steam interface. (If you don't see it, the coupon has expired or you were not qualified for it.)

You can grab CameraBag Photo here:

We hope you enjoy!
Community Announcements - Nevercenter
CameraBag 2.8 is here! We're very excited to bring you some of the most-requested, most useful features that you've been patiently waiting for:

  • Added histograms and other useful graphs (use number keys 1-5 for shortcuts)
  • Added ability to zoom (scroll up/down)
  • Added a nifty Photos extension
  • Various bug fixes

Please consider helping us out and leaving a review here on Steam! We'd also love to hear feedback and comments at

Community Announcements - Nevercenter
Nevercenter has released a big update to our award-winning desktop photo app CameraBag!

For this update we’ve streamlined the interface even more and added several new useful tools. Try the innovative Gamma Curve tool to precisely control brightness levels in a powerful new way. The new Filtered B+W tool lets you interactively dial in the perfect tone balance for your black and white photos.

We’ve also totally redesigned the default filters included with CameraBag, focusing on professional looks that will stand the test of time. User-created filters are now saved in their own section in the Presets tab, and power users can sort their filters into as many different folder groups as they like.

Of course we’ve also fixed several bugs here and there. Mac users will notice improved color profile handling and batch processing functionality.

What's New
  • Streamlined tabs and updated interface
  • Dozens of new, totally redesigned filters
  • Several new tools, including the Gamma Curve and Filtered B+W tools
  • User presets now saved to their own section in the Presets tab
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some filters to display incorrectly
  • Fixed batch processing for users who were having trouble
  • Color profiles import and export correctly
  • Other performance improvements and bug fixes

You can read about all of the new features in the What's New page on the CameraBag website.
Jun 23, 2014
Community Announcements - Nevercenter
CameraBag 2.6, featuring new and improved tools, bug fixes, and corrected OSX support on Steam, is now available!

What's New
  • New exposure algorithm
  • Improved color temperature algorithm
  • New greyscale mixer
  • Improved color correcting tools
  • New Output Size node
  • Bug fixes

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