Counter-Strike: Source - Chris Faylor
As promised, Valve has released Counter-Strike: Source for Mac via its digital distribution platform Steam alongside that hefty update for the PC version it's been testing.

In commemoration of Mac owners getting the game and PC owners getting the update, Valve has briefly discounted the multiplayer shooter by 66%, making it $6.80.

As with Valve's other Steam for Mac releases, those that already own the game on Steam for PC will be able to download a free copy of the Mac version, with those that buy the game getting both versions for the price of one. Additionally, Counter-Strike: Source supports cross-platform play, enabling PC and Mac gamers to play together.

As for the changes the update brings, look no further than below

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Counter-Strike: Source - Alice O'Connor
Valve Software has announced that while there's no Mac release this week due to E3 2010--where it's been showing off showing off Portal 2 and announcing that it'll also be released on PlayStation 3--it will bring Counter-Strike: Source to Mac next week.

CS:S will follow in the footsteps of the Mac release of Team Fortress 2 in allowing Mac and Windows players to shoot each other's faces on the same servers.

Valve launched Steam for Mac and the Mac version of its Source Engine in May with Portal, followed by a flood of third-party games, Half-Life 2 and TF2.

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Counter-Strike: Source - Chris Faylor
An "extensive update" for Counter-Strike: Source (PC) is now available to owners of the multiplayer shooter by way of a limited beta, Valve Software has announced.

"The update includes a host of new features and functionality developed in collaboration with Hidden Path Studios," explained Valve. "This beta will run for a limited time, and once complete, the update will be deployed to all Counter-Strike: Source owners for free."

Among that "host of new features and functionality" you'll find the following:

  • 144 achievements added
  • New lifetime player stats and summary screens ...

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