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Tavsiye Ediliyor 16 Eylül
"Perfect for short sessions of trying to beat that level just one more time, I had a good time with No Thing before putting it down to write this. I expect I’ll have a good time when I go back as well."
Tavsiye Edilmiyor 16 Eylül
"I just can’t ignore the numerous issues that plague the title. I went in hoping for a good ARPG experience and left disappointed. WeakWood Throne is just plain weak."
Tavsiye Ediliyor 16 Eylül
"Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is an absolute joy to play. With a sharp sense of humor, surprisingly deep gameplay, and a wealth of content to enjoy, this is one giant leap for bunnykind."
Tavsiye Edilmiyor 16 Eylül
"Immortal Unchained is a bad third-person shooter and a boring Souls-like. Its execution is poor enough to make you realize that Dark Souls-with-guns isn't actually as cool as it sounds."
Tavsiye Ediliyor 16 Eylül
"Frozen Synapse 2's combat will keep pulling you back in, and the open world is a fun sandbox that looks and sounds fantastic. The turtling A.I. is still a pain, though."
Bilgilendirici 16 Eylül
"Extinction's core gameplay loop is alright for what it is, but it doesn't support the rickety structure built on top of it."
Tavsiye Ediliyor 13 Eylül
"Well-written and with multiple character paths to choose from, Lamplight City isn't for puzzle seekers but will satisfy those looking for a great mystery."
Bilgilendirici 12 Eylül
"Two Point Hospital keeps the spirit of Theme Hospital and improves on the gameplay, but buggy pathfinding and missing quality-of-life features brings the whole experience down."
Tavsiye Ediliyor 12 Eylül
"Playing more like a massive expansion to Rise of the Tomb Raider rather than a new entry in the series, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is still a solid, if derivative, game."
Tavsiye Ediliyor 12 Eylül
"Containing some really interesting philosophy between bouts of fun classic FPS gameplay, This Strange Realm of Mine is worth checking out."
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