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Положительная 3 октября
"Late Shift is an FMV game that is worth your time. Boasting impressive production, good acting and constantly engaging decisions, it more than makes up for any shortcomings."
Положительная 3 октября
"If you’re a hardcore farming fan, Gleaner Heights' interesting story and more challenging gameplay might just be something to look into."
Положительная 3 октября
"Following the Diaz brothers through traumatic and unnecessary events will have you empathizing with their circumstances. However, Daniel's supernatural powers are a whole other conundrum."
Отрицательная 3 октября
"The Bard's Tale's poor save system and technical issues combine to create something more frustrating than the sum of its parts. "
Информационная 3 октября
"Mega Man 11 marks some minor changes to their classic platforming formula. While nothing is wrong with the gameplay, it's feeling tired at this point."
Положительная 3 октября
"Creed: Rise to Glory's boxing manages to hold the game together, and exceeds what I'd expect from a licensed VR game. This is well worth playing for anyone looking to punch a face or two."
Положительная 3 октября
"Unmasking the world’s mysteries and making an effort to save the day using a musical approach puts a new spin on the adventure genre in the most wonderful way."
Положительная 3 октября
"Transference’s narrative is a home run backed up by clever puzzles and great acting. Fans of stories that keep you up at night considering every angle just might find their new obsession here."
Положительная 25 сентября
"Spooky Squid Games has clearly hit on a winning formula. With plenty of charm and a fantastic gameplay loop, Russian Subway Dogs proves that even a simple concept can provide continuous fun."
Информационная 25 сентября
"This collection of arcade favorites is a must play for historians and beat em up veterans. For everyone else, the completely busted online play and lackluster extras may be a roadblock."
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