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Informatief 19 juni
"Rote, uninteresting and devoid of narrative pathos, Smoke and Sacrifice never compels or engages enough to offer more than a few moments of potential."
Aanbevolen 19 juni
"Beat Saber is an awesome VR game that should be in everyone's collection. However, a fairly limited official song collection keeps it from being as good as it possibly can be."
Niet aanbevolen 19 juni
"Agony has a solid foundation, but Madmind fails to build on it in any meaningful ways. Some gorgeous visuals are bogged down by poor game design and tasteless sexual content."
Informatief 19 juni
"Vampyr has a lot of good ideas, but its execution is sorely lacking in most areas. It is a game that is competent in terms of its systems, but ultimately fairly boring to play."
Aanbevolen 1 juni
"While it's disappointing that there aren't more extras, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is still an excellent museum piece for fighting game historians and would-be quarter jockeys alike. "
Niet aanbevolen 1 juni
"The driving is so terribly frustrating and setting up the controls is such a pain that I can’t really say it would be worth it."
Aanbevolen 1 juni
"If you’re a fan of SHMUPS then Sky Force Reloaded is completely worth checking out. Even if you’re not, the game serves as a fantastic starting point for looking further into the genre."
Aanbevolen 31 mei
"Cultist Simulator won't be for everyone as the learning curve is fairly steep and it is a pretty unforgiving game. Anyone who loves interesting puzzles and solid narrative will find a lot to love."
Aanbevolen 29 mei
"Through a mixture of punishing, satisfying combat, rewarding exploration and rich visual design, Unworthy manages to overcome its minor flaws to deliver a deep and memorable experience."
Aanbevolen 28 mei
"Moonlighter is an absolutely gorgeous adventure that tells an effective and heartwarming tale. The gameplay is top notch, even if it's a bit simplistic. A top shelf production."
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