VR Highlights

Step into the grid with the virtual reality experiences we like best.

Recommended October 18, 2017

Darknet is an extremely well-made puzzle game that continued to build upon its simple elements in smart and creative ways. If you own a VR headset then you'll want to dive into this.

Mervils: A VR Adventure
Informational February 27, 2017

Ugly as sin, terrible voice acting, non-existent story, clunky—all this describes a game that I ultimately enjoyed thanks to its charm, desire to constantly change things up, and a lot of spunk.

Batman™: Arkham VR
Informational October 18, 2017

Batman: Arkham VR offers some fun puzzles and use of tools, but its lack of action scenes and short running time keep the game from really making you feel like Batman.

Megaton Rainfall
Informational October 26, 2017

Megaton Rainfall is the first video game that genuinely made me feel like Superman. It just has a few rough edges to work out.

Manifest 99
Informational October 1, 2017

Manifest 99's story and visuals carries it quite far, even if the short running time and lack of gameplay put a bit of a brake on things.

DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles
Informational October 18, 2017

A bit on the short side and has some control issues, but the first episode of DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles honestly made me feel like I was in the middle of the TV show.

Mortal Blitz
Informational October 18, 2017

Mortal Blitz is a perfectly fun on-rails shooter that doesn't do enough to distinguish itself from other on-rails shooters available on the market

Recommended August 20, 2017

SUPERHOT VR takes an already amazing game and translates it to VR in a very impressive manner.

Loading Human: Chapter 1
Informational March 10, 2017

A sometimes slow but very immersive VR game, solid storytelling drawing players in while setting up for the next adventure.

Recommended October 17, 2015

Tinertia is a love-letter to rocket jumping. If you're into that, it's a blast! If you aren't, Tinertia doesn't have much to offer you.

Informational October 18, 2017

Theseus' story ends before it starts, and the combat is a bit too simple, but it provides a fantastic environment worth exploring and moments that really stood out thanks to how intriguing they were.

Skyfront VR
Informational December 20, 2017

Skyfront VR is very promising and a great addition to the VR landscape. The primary issues holding it back are the lack of more maps, weapons, and a small current player base. (Early Access Preview)