Fight off monsters in a national park and send them back to their own dimension!
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12 Απρ 2019

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Αγορά Nightmare Trails


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Nightmare Trails throws you into a world now plagued by monsters from another dimension. Send them back!


During a lonely road trip through a national park in the middle of the night, you are forced to stop when you see something in the road. It moves towards you and its eyes widen, staring at you. You enter a state of panic as the monster starts sprinting, you exit the vehicle and run down a path that leads deeper into the national park, but you soon realise, there is no safe place.


Survive endless waves of monsters coming from all corners of the map and learn the best way to defeat each type of monster. How long can you survive before it becomes too much?


They won't stop coming! Destroy the monsters portal into this world and stop the invasion!


- Addictive Monster Killing!

- Standard survival mode
- Portal mode
- Steam achievements

NOTE: Supported controllers include:
- PS4 DualShock 4 Controller.

Απαιτήσεις συστήματος

    • ΛΣ: Windows 64-bit
    • Επεξεργαστής: Intel i5, AMD
    • Μνήμη: 4 GB RAM
    • Γραφικά: AMD Radeon 6000 Series or equivalent/greater
    • DirectX: Έκδοση 11
    • Αποθήκευση: 200 MB διαθέσιμος χώρος
    • ΛΣ: Windows 64-bit
    • Επεξεργαστής: Intel i7, AMD
    • Μνήμη: 16 GB RAM
    • Γραφικά: AMD Radeon R9 Series or equivalent/greater
    • DirectX: Έκδοση 11
    • Αποθήκευση: 200 MB διαθέσιμος χώρος

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