Daedalic Complex is an adventure, RPG, dungeon-crawling game with elements of storytelling and harsh survival. In this game, a player is required to find an exit for each stage by means of meeting certain conditions while surviving unforgiving level-designs and combats with hideous monsters.
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30. joulukuu, 2018

Pre-announced updates and amendments are finally done!

Hi, everyone.

A series of planned updates and fixes, which were announced about 3 to 4 weeks ago in the early december, are now up and available! These updated features will be automatically downloaded into your local folder of Daedalic Complex via Steam.

Changes that are made on the gaming features through the updates are listed below:

1. Internal database within the game is re-organized to enhance gaming performances.

2. Some graphic assets, such as animation sets and icons, are changed to better describe the features of items, skills, and other in-game stuff they are supposed to represent.

3. Parameter fixes, especially the ones regarding status ailments(i.e. Poison, Bleedout) chances of weapons and enemy units, have been made. However, rest assured that the core parameters, like ATK, DEF, MDF, and MAT, of both the weapons and armors are not changed at all; they remains the same as before.

4. Graphic and sound resources, which are not used in the game, have been found and deleted.

With these updates active, there might be a slight decrease in overall gameplay difficulty. Still, the game itself should be challenging and hard as it has been, so don't worry about getting your gaming experiences spoiled.

I truly hope you will enjoy all these updated features!

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8. joulukuu, 2018

I'm starting up a new discussion page where players can share their issues and questions regarding the game.

Hello, everyone.

I've just posted a new discussion thread in the community hub of Daedalic Complex so that players and fans can share their issues(be it technical or gameplay-related) and questions. Make sure to visit there if you want to share your own gaming issue(s) or get some help regarding the game, Daedalic Complex!

Furthermore, if you have any opinions on what kind of updates would be needed in the future, you can also share them via discussion tab. I'm always up to making you full enjoy my game. :)

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* Soundtracks and SE used in the promotional video above *
1. Castle Music Loop #1 by Sirkoto51 of Freesound website
2. Sad RPG-Town Background by GoodByte of Freesound website
3. growl3.wav by lendrick of Freesound website

Will you be a prey, or pray that you kill it?

Daedalic Complex is an adventure, RPG, dungeon-crawling game with elements of enjoyable storytelling and harsh survival. In this game, a player is required to find an exit for each stage by means of meeting certain conditions such as triggering all the switches hidden separately within the map.

The player takes a role of one of the prisoners in Gildersvine, a kingdom in its prosperity through highly-developed mining industry. One day, a chance to walk free out of the imprisonment facility is given to the prisoner, in condition of winning a certain game held within Daedalic Complex where one has to find a piece of pardoning paper hidden deep inside the facility. The prisoner had no other options but to accept the offer, because there was no other way left.

Still, practically every single thing in Daedalic Complex works against the protagonist(s) on the quest for his/her own freedom. Withstanding cruel level-designs of each stage, exhausting combats with hideous monsters, running-low resources, and grueling survival conditions, the one involved in this cruel game has to find every possible means of achieving his/her ultimate goal, the pardoning paper. Even there exists a moment of making a crucial choice where one's fate, be it seeing the light of outside once again or meeting the certain doom, should be determined.

To do so, one is required to explore, scavenge, and thus survive this whole Daedalic Complex. Dare to explore deep inside the dungeon, but be cautious of your remaining scarce resources and companions while doing so. Gather all the things needed for survival, but expect that none of them will be given freely nor easily. Find the exit that leads you out of each stage, but still, you will have to survive first.

Explore, scavenge, and survive the Complex to see the light once again!


    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: Windows 7, Windows 8(8.1), Windows 10
    • Tallennus: 300 MB kiintolevytilaa

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