A game in the genre of turn-based strategy about a secret society that has been ruling humankind from the shadows for hundreds of years. And that is the main feature of the game: you’re going to lead not just a country, as is usually the case, but the organization dominating the whole world: The Brotherhood.
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February 2019

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Available: February 2019


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March 1

New beta and new early access date

We have updated the beta version of the game.
The main and most important thing is that the release of the game in the early access was postponed to October 2019.
We want to finalize the game to our original idea.
In the coming days, we will publish a list of what will come into play at the time of entry into early access.
In this version:
1. New interface design of the main screen, game menu, other colors of the map.
2. Processing of all filters (now they can be played).
3. New tutorial at the start of the game.
4. Reworked all atmospheric texts, added text explaining the tasks of fraternity at the start of the game.
5. A division appeared on the plot and free game.
6. In the story game added a list of all the missions that we plan to add to the full version of the game.
7. Ability to set the level of difficulty in the free game
8. Cloud saves allow you to play from different computers under one account.
9. For most of the interface elements added tips and hotkeys.
10. Added new music theme.
11. Mechanisms of riots / civil war / separatism have returned to the game.
12. Updated map, finished sushi pieces.
13. Countries began to spend the treasury on the actions of the government (now the country may not have enough money to spend).
14. A link has been made between public order and the complexity of fraternity actions in the country.
15. The relationship of public order and economic processes of countries.
16. A mechanism for the development of institutions
17. A link has been made between the level of the institution in countries and the effectiveness of the actions associated with it.
18. Quests become available for a limited time, disappear if not completed.
19. Now it is possible to be implemented at several levels at once in institutions.
20. Changing the balance of resource extraction fraternity
21. New mechanics of mobilization
22. Now it is possible to influence how much the military will maintain public order, and how much to participate in wars.
23. Added new item of expenditure - the authority of the ruling party
24. Each action has tags, quests have bonuses that affect actions with a specific tag.
25. Fixed a lot of old bugs and added new ones;)
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February 2

New beta version available

Today we have updated the beta version of the game. We are already very close to the final, but we still have a lot of work to do!
We request those who are already involved in beta testing to play the game and leave your feedback! The game has changed dramatically in comparison with previous versions. Those who are ready to take part in playtests please contact us via the community message, we will provide the keys.

Here is the list of new featuresin this version:
0. The long-awaited saving of the game.
1. The player has now an antagonist - The Other Brotherhood. It has the same goals and objectives, it competes with you. AI (artificial intelligence) plays for The Other Brotherhood.
2. The country has an AI government. The government improves the welfare of the country by entering into military and trade unions, changing taxation and strength of the armies. The government ensures that no unrest begins in the country, and therefore does not take unpopular decisions, on the contrary it tries to get the support of the population. In the event of an unfavorable domestic political situation it tries to stabilize it.
3. In each country, the Brotherhood has agents who inform the player about the actions of the government and the Other Brotherhood. The actions of the Government and the Other Brotherhood can both interfere with the player or be useful.
4. The Great French Revolution plot mission returned to the game. It contains historical and plot events. The goal of the mission is now not only in the set of points on the victory scales, but also the passage of the plot.
5. Updated soundtrack and sounds in the game.
6. Numerous interface improvements
7. Bugfix and stabilizationtion
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About This Game

Introducing Secret Government – a game in the genre of turn-based strategy about a secret society that has been ruling humankind from the shadows for hundreds of years. And that is the main feature of the game: you’re going to lead not just a country, as is usually the case, but the organization dominating the whole world: The Brotherhood.

You’ll be planting your agents in various realms; and infiltrating institutions of authority in order to exploit their resources and seize control over decision makers. You are about to make history from XVII century to the present day. In every mission you will be involved in the main conflict of a certain time.

In Chapter I you’re going to:
· incite the War of Independence and ensure the victory of the USA;
· start the French War and bring the republicans to power;
· reshape Europe in the time of the Napoleonic Wars.

The ultimate goal of the Brotherhood will gradually unfold as the story develops. You realize that it’s not just about wealth and power. The Brotherhood seeks to reconstruct the whole world.

On this path you’ll confront a hostile secret organization. Their methods are similar to yours but the goals are very different, and you’ll have to find out what they’re after. You need to act slowly and cautiously so that the awareness of your influence doesn’t increase too much otherwise you’ll be exposed and at risk of losing your hard-earned level of infiltration in the country.

You will have more than 50 diplomatic, economic and military operations at your disposal. Keep monitoring the domestic politics of each country! If the ideology of the party in power is very different from the views of various social classes, if the taxes are too high and the level of public order is too low – expect a revolution. Although, maybe that’s exactly what you were trying to achieve?

Every country leader weighs up the risks and benefits of increasing taxes, starting wars, threats of revolution and so on. They strive to maintain the status quo and follow the rules of their epoch. All they care about is strengthening their power, preserving their territories, and the opportunity to advance both. You’ll need to find a way to destabilize the system and trigger the crisis, which will bring the desired changes.

However, you won’t be able to impose your will on the leaders – your influence in the game is indirect. You can’t just tell a monarch to declare war on the neighboring country, but what you can do is plant your agents in the countries you need, provoke the deterioration of relations and make one of the parties believe in a
fast-approaching profitable victory.

We hope that you spend many enjoyable hours absorbed in exploring the mechanisms of the world with Secret Government. Support this campaign and join the Brotherhood!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz eller AMD 3500+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® X1900, 512mb video memory required
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X - compatible soundcard

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