Classic music gameplay with a whole new game experience! Players will play as a member of the mercenary army, ”INVAXION”, head into an interstellar journey to collect the fragment of music and art while fighting back with the Artificial Intelligence to save the day.
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19 dec, 2018

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18 juni

Teasing Battlefield Season 2——New features upcoming!

This time, you'll set your own challenge!
Team Tracklist, Team Store now added in game!

New Rules for Battlefield S2: Upload Tracklist

In Battlefield S2, players are allowed to upload their result to their team leader, and adding mentioned songs to the Battlefield S2 Tracklist.
Uploaded songs will be selected randomly as the territories challenge songs for all common S2 players!

Rules of Uploading Tracklist:

1. Team players could upload songs with their result in Quick Play result page. Uploaded Each player could only upload 3 songs to the same team in each season, uploaded result are not allowed to retreat or be edit afterwards.

2. If the player quit from their team, their uploaded result will be cleared from team record.

3. Players could check on the uploaded songs and results from their team members in Team Profile.

4. Songs from DLC are allowed to be upload as well.

5. Team leader and co-leaders are required to pick 3 songs from Team Tracklist and upload to the server. The tracklist is not allowed to retreat or be edit afterwards.

6. Difficulties level of uploaded songs will affect the player's gains of Honor Point.

7. Challenge songs on Battlefield S2 territories will be selected randomly from uploaded Team Tracklist, Team Tracks from teams who won 1~16 places in Battlefield S1 will have higher chances from being selected.

8. Players are allowed to upload their Battlefield S2 Tracklist from 19 June 2019 17:00 a.m. to 10 July 2019 12:00a.m.(GMT+8).

New Reward for Battlefield S2: Honor Points & Team Store!

Earn Honor Points in Battlefield and unlock your favourite theme and pilots -and don't miss out the upcoming season-limited discount!

About Honor Points & Team Store:
1. Players will earn 【Honor Points】 every time they challenge on Battlefield territories. The amount of gaining Honor Points depends on the difficulties level of the territory, skills of using characters, and the status of the challenges in the mentioned territory (success/fail).

2. There are two types of merchandise selling in the Team Store:

a. Buffing Items:
i. There are buffing items that give buff for player's 【EXP】, or【Honor Points】. Each type of buff was also ranked as "Basic", "Advance", and "Expert".
ii. Buff will affect immediately and shared among all team members after purchase. Buff status cannot be added but only be replace by higher-ranking items from the same buff type.
iii. The buff status will effect for a week, it can purchase again once it expired.

b. Game Season-Limited Characters and Themes
i. Merchandise in the Team Store will change according to the game season.
ii. All team members are allowed to use characters and themes permanently once it was purchased from Team Store.

3. Honor Points will not be clear after the season end but will be inherited into the next game season.

4. Only the team leader and co-leader are given the authority to make purchases in the Team Store.

5. Players will lose their right in using Team Items if they quit from their team. All team members are not allowed to used Team Items if their team were being disbanded.

※We were unable to release the latest announcement due to network problems, thus causing some players to spend their uploads limits before understanding the uploads rules. To ensure fairness, we will reset the upload limits on 19 June 17:00 (GMT+8). We apologize if it cause any inconvenience.

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18 juni

19 June - Update Contents

New contents
1. A new song now been added in Quick Play:「明日には、消えてゆく」
2. New feature "Upload Tracklist" is now updated. Details about this feature please check out the Battlefield S2 Teaser.

Update Content
1. Battlefield S1 is now closed.
2. Deliver reward titles for winners in Battlefield S1.
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Om detta spel

In the late 21st century, human civilization has been destroyed by their own creation. Artificial Intelligent has taken control of the world government. All human are forced to erase their emotions and update into a so-called “higher intelligence”. A whole new era has begun as Earth was lead by intelligence and complete sanity.
Those who survived fled into space with their spaceships, codenamed "Ragnarok".
Centuries later, a mysterious mercenary army named "INVAXION" arrived among the humans. They gathered whoever still have faith, and be missioned to collect the fragment of music and art, claiming emotions that once be seen as vulnerable, will be their best weapons to start a revolution against the A.I. and reshape the civilization.

【Classic Scrolling Gameplay, Feel the beat under your fingertips】

INVAXION keeps the classical “scrolling” music gameplay with the enhancement of dynamic and velocity, bringing an overall upgrade on player’s tactile. We tackled the uniqueness of “Dynamic Camera Movement”to see more than just the x and y-axes, but also the "depth of field" in the music game genre. Now players can receive more comfort and accurate gameplay feedback as the game board vibrates and trembles under each tap of your fingertips.

【More options to switch between difficulties】

Players are given the option to choose between 4Keys, 6Keys, and 8Keys. Within each mode, you are given different beat maps with three difficulty options: Standard (easiest), Hard, and Trinity (hardest). Not confident enough with your skill? Start from the basics and work your way up to the top! You can challenge the best score and leave a footprint on each ranking, crack the best maps with hidden difficulty, or just simply share your results with friends!

【Quality Original Tracks, Where the Melody Synchronizes with emotion】

As many would say: Music is the soul of any rhythm game. We want INVAXION to inherit the high-quality control in our choice of music since ZYON. INVAXION will not only include exclusive tracks from Aquatrax, but some very well-known names are also joining our song list such as:

Nhato/Taishi 《Veritas》 from Diverse System
Nitro Fun/Hyper Potions 《Checkpoint》 from MonsterCat
亜沙 feat.MAYU 《炉心融解》 from EXIT TUNES
iroha(sasaki) feat.MAYU 《吉原ラメント》 from EXIT TUNES
KZ(livetune)《与你同行~B With U~》
A.I. 《Infection》
NeLiME 《Stardust Highway》
紅葉月梛葉 《Xintessence》
はがね&7mai Exalt
RiraN《Full control》
モリモリあつし《Paradigm Shift》
Zekk 《Nirvana》

and more! Player will have more than 50 songs to start with!

【Real-time Rendering, bringing the immersive gameplay experience】

In our gameplay we use real-time rendering in our low poly art-style 3D model to deliver impactful visual graphics and an immersive gameplay experience. Players are able to switch between dozens of spacecraft, with each representing a different theme in the game. Enjoy yourself in the beauty of the music and this unique gaming environment.

【Songs and Collaborations: Music that travels beyond boundaries】

By collaborating with artists and companies, we are continually adding more content to our game.

- Diverse System
- MonsterCat
- Famouse Video Website "bilibili"
- VOCALOID IA (1st Place)
- VOCALOID MAYU (Exit Tunes)
- Indie music game "Wonder Parade"
- and more in the future!

【The charms of Competitive gameplay】

Earn your title by engaging in challenges via Grade Challenger. Grade Challenger is the grading system for our upcoming PvP gameplay. You can also put your skills to the test in Battlefield to earn Honor Points and try your best to win your territory. Meet and challenge friends as you work your way up to become the Master of INVAXION!

Q:Press any button in the login screen without reaction.
A:Try the following two steps:
1.Download and install the game runtime collection (link:, then restart the computer and open the game to confirm whether the problem is solved.
2.In the case that step 1 cannot be resolved, try to switch the network environment, such as laptop users can try to use mobile hotspots, or try VPN.

Q:The game reports an error, prompting: "GetThreadContext failed"
A:Turn off anti-virus software.


    • Kräver en 64-bitars processor samt operativsystem
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD AthlonII X2
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Intel HD Graphics 530
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Nätverk: Bredbandsanslutning
    • Lagring: 4 GB ledigt utrymme
    • Kräver en 64-bitars processor samt operativsystem
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core I5-7400/AMD Rayzen 3 1300X
    • Minne: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Nätverk: Bredbandsanslutning
    • Lagring: 4 GB ledigt utrymme

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