Fromto, oyun içinde pist oluşturabildiğin dehşet eğlenceli biraz da çocuksu bir sandbox (kum havuzu) yarış oyunu; bu pistlerde sırayla yarış ve herkes başarısız olduğunda pistleri değiştir. Tekrarla.
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4 Haz 2019

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8 Mayıs

Fromto #1: Making a horribly childish game!

My daughter Niki hands me another drawing. I take the drawing and find an empty spot on the floor to lay it to dry. When I look around I see the whole studio floor and all chairs, and desks covered with dozens of artworks from my kids. In the middle of it the two of them are drawing and painting with their tongues between their teeth. The studio is next to the house where we live. So, it is a kind of extension of their playground. Although it is quite normal for a dad to play or make drawings with his kids, I believe we took it to the next level. We are working together on a game. We are making the background art for upcoming sandbox party racing game Fromto.

From the beginning the whole concept of working with my kids, using their untamed expression, seemed super logical.

I have a background as a contemporary artist. A Pigheaded one, even for contemporary artist’s standards. Always just following my gut. Making giant ugly installations, sculptures for the public space, paintings, drawings, animations, comic books, you name it I tried it. I never really felt at home in the world of Art with a capital A. As a result, a few years ago I decided to jump in the world of game development. It took years to master the coding and all the other skills needed. I tried to stay in the art scene with one foot for a while, but it just didn’t fit anymore. The change resulted in little income from some side jobs, so it took even more dedication and patience from my family (my wife Marijn in particular). But after a few years of studying and experimenting I felt confident enough to start working on a real game. I had plenty ideas on the shelves, but made the mistake of thinking too big. I was alone, and I had to come up with something doable. When I realized that, the idea of Fromto came along.

The Fromto blueprint drawn by Erik in his early days

When my kids started to make their first drawings (scribbles) I wondered how my own childhood scribbles looked like. I went to my parents and they gave me several boxes with many drawings that I made in my early days. While going through them I found a drawing that triggered the idea for Fromto. Well, actually it is a blueprint for Fromto – a drawing of a small race car going through an obstacle course on one sheet of paper. Awesome!

At that moment everything fell into place. I was going to make a game, a childish game. The way kids play with toy cars in a sandbox was going to be the experience. And to emphasize this childish aspect I would ask my kids to draw the backgrounds. And I would draw the rest of the game in a doodle scribble style to glue it all together.

Eriks children creating background art for Fromto

I never wrote it down in a game design document whatsoever (Pigheaded artist). No, I was going to do it may way. I just started working on it, created some track parts, some doodle cars, some basic controls and there we go. Let’s play! From that point in time it took me almost two years to make it the game it is today. By trial and error. Test and improve, listen to advice from friends and use inspiration from other games.

One of the games I played a lot with friends is Worms Armageddon. Therefore, you might could get the same kind of vibe in Fromto. Fromto became a ‘turnbased strategic racing’ game because of that, I think. All players race an unfinished track in turn. When everyone fails all players must ‘work together’ to modify the track before they try again. Think strategic, build sneaky routes and trick your opponents with nifty traps and obstacles. Experiment endlessly with tons of track parts and win in unthinkable ways. Another inspiration is Ultimate Chicken Horse where players also can modify the level in game and race to the finish.

Fromto is the result of a creative process almost the same as making a piece of Art. I believe Fromto became my masterpiece (If I may say so myself) because all the pieces of the puzzle just fitted together so well.

The pieces of art my kids made had to be filtered. By now they have created over 500 drawings, but for the game I had to scale down to about 80. The first selection we did together. This was difficult because I wanted more abstract works. My daughter, who is starting to draw more figuratively, wants puppets, trees and stick figures in Fromto. I truly love those too; however, the game is already pretty chaotic and I felt it was better to stick to abstract scribbles. It must be weird for her. The other kids from school starting to dislike these ugly scribbles and I love them. I sometimes wonder if she would be drawing differently if I hadn’t encouraged the expressive scribble style so much. Joep is now 2 years old and totally knows what I am talking about.

The last two years became increasingly busy and the amount of work started to grow as the game’s potential became clearer. Ironically, I spend less time with my family as before. My day with the kids became a workday. I am glad that the studio is next door and that my kids can barge in at any time.

I am super proud of them and hope that you can experience their childish super powers in Fromto.
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2 Mayıs

Fromto Open Beta is live!

All you lovers of crazy car action take in your starting position and warm your engines because the Fromto Open Beta is live for the next 7 days RIGHT NOW!

If you want to participate save your personal key at our Fromto Discord Community

In the Open Beta you're going to play some brand-new levels with up to four drivers - offline and online. More specific Open Beta information:
  • 25 single player levels
  • 10 multiplayer levels
  • Lots of secrets
  • About 50 different parts to manipulate the levels!
  • 10 different cars to unlock
  • Destructible terrain
See ya on the track, peeps!
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Fromto on Discord

Join our Discord community:

A Word From The Dev

"Fromto was inspired by a drawing I made myself as a kid. A drawing of a small race car making it through an insane obstacle course on one sheet of paper. Of course I blended some inspiration from other games in the mix. Comparing Fromto to other games is hard - it's like Ultimate Chicken Horse on wheels or Worms meets Trackmania. Anyway, to emphasize the childish aspect of the game I decided to ask my kids to draw the backgrounds. Fromto is for (grownup) kids age 8 – 108."

Erik Habets, Lead Game Designer & Developer

Bu Oyun Hakkında

Fromto, oyun içinde pist oluşturabildiğin dehşet eğlenceli biraz da çocuksu bir 2D sandbox (kum havuzu) yarış oyunudur. Tüm oyuncular tamamlanmamış bir pistte sırayla yarışır. Herkes başarısız olduğunda tüm oyuncuların tekrar denemeden önce pisti ‘birlikte çalışarak’ değiştirmeleri gerekir. Stratejik düşün, sinsi rotalar hazırla ve rakiplerini akıllıca yerleştirilmiş tuzaklar ve engellerle kandır. Çok sayıda pist parçasıyla sürekli farklı kombinasyonlar dene ve kimsenin aklına gelmeyecek yöntemlerle kazan. Aksiyon dolu bu canlı oyun alanında en fazla dört kişi (çevrim içi veya çevrim dışı) oyna. Tüm arkadaşlıklarınızı bozduktan sonra tek kişilik hızlı bitirme meydan okumalarına atıl.


  • En fazla 4 kişilik Çevrim içi/yerel çok oyunculu mod
  • Tek kişilik meydan okumalar
  • Bir oyun kolu veya klavye ile çok oyunculu oynamayı sağlayan Sıralı oyun modu
  • Defalarca oynama imkanı
  • Tek kişilik meydan okumalar için çevrim içi sıralama.
  • Oyunlarını kaydet/izle.
  • İzlemesi eğlenceli!
  • çok sayıda farklı araba
  • Son derece esnek oyun ayarları. (sandık/mağaza/süre/puan/hasar ayarları)
  • Tam oyun kolu desteği
  • Akıllıca yerleştirilmiş sırlar
  • Çok, çok fazla pist parçası
  • Parçalanabilir zemin
  • Bir kısmı küçük çocuklar tarafından yapılmış eşsiz çizimler.
  • İlerledikçe arabaları, engelleri ve seviyeleri aç.
  • Muhteşem müzik albümü

Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows 7
    • İşlemci: 1GHZ+
    • Bellek: 2 GB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: A dedicated video card is recommended
    • DirectX: Sürüm 10
    • Depolama: 800 MB kullanılabilir alan
    • İlave Notlar: Fast internet is required for online multiplayer.
    • İşletim Sistemi: windows 10
    • İşlemci: 2GHZ and up
    • Bellek: 3 GB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: nvidea GT 600 series / AMD Radeon HD 7000 series and better
    • Depolama: 800 MB kullanılabilir alan
    • İlave Notlar: Fast internet is required for online multiplayer.
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