The Shadow Temple has fallen and needs the aid of the other Temples. Play as various female characters from Elemental Temples to defeat Umbra, an ancient Masked One who seized the Shadow Temple from its depths.
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Jun 21, 2018

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October 7, 2018

Update 4 (Live 10/7/18)

Level Expansion:

-Cave Level 1 has had an increase in size by roughly 60%, adding a new platforming section with more enemies.

-Cave Level 3 is now much darker and has been expanded on by roughly 40%, adding a new portal section with mantis enemies.

-Temple Level 5 has had an increase in size by 60%, adding a new platforming segment with enemies.

Difficulty Increase and Rebalancing

Max Health Adjustment

-Ruby and Ami now have 425 max health, down from 450.

-Lira and Vanessa now have 550 max health, down from 575.

-Terra max health reduced from 725 to 700.

Healing Balancing

-Terra max mana reduced from 55 to 45, ether stasis mana cost increased to 25.
Terra had insane burst healing, she can still burst heal, but it costs MORE than half of her mana.

-Lira passive heal rate reduced by roughly 40%.

-Ruby passive damage to heal conversion reduced from 17.5% to 15%.

-Ami heal on kill reduced from 40% to 25% of max health.

-Vanessa arcane damage on some attacks has slight increased healing, she actually has the worst healing due to it being tied to her mana, so she burns through many quickly to have good healing and damage, but must conserve her mana bar.

Damage Balancing

-Ruby's fire magic damage has been increased and balanced to her mana cost, range, and activation time.

-Terra Axe attacks now inflict more force and damage, to match how slow and heavy the animations are.

-Ami now attacks faster so she needed a durability nerf to compensate for her insane DPS. She is now high risk high reward, or high skill high reward.

Enemy Balancing

-A lot of enemies now have increased health and poise, so a lot of damage and poise numbers have been adjusted on characters for balancing.

-Most enemies are more durable, but attack less often, or with less frequency.

New Enemy Variants
-New Mantis Mini Boss, Predator
-New Rock Horror Mini Boss, Ghost Horror
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August 25, 2018

Update 3 Overview (Live Sept. 5th)

New Music
-5 new songs have been added to the game in various areas.

New Enemies
Spirit Crab:
-Ghost crab added to the game, can be found in later Cave levels.

Dark Prisoner:
-Specter prisoner enemy added to the game, can be found in later Temple levels.

-Base heal on damage rate increased from 15% to 17.5%

Fire Magic:
-All fire magic spells heal on hit.
-Flare activation time increased, damage increased from 100 to 120, cost
increased from 10 to 15

-Flame Wave activation time increased, duration reduced from 1 second to 0.75 seconds, cost increased from 15 to 20, damage increased from 135 to 155

-Flame Orb mana cost increased from 25 to 30
-Incinerate activation time increased slightly, cost increased from 15 to 20
-Inferno cost increased from 15 to 25
-Flame shot activation time increased

-Forceful Heel damage increased from 135 to 155
-Heavy Impact damage increased from 155 to 175
-Heavy Knee damage increased from 105 to 125
-Meteor Heel damage increased from 115 to 145

-Backlash aftercast increased so that spamming it isn't viable, and it is only useful to finish or temporarily control enemies, opening up more viability for buffed fire magic

-Ruby Healing rework/addressing a problem with her playstyle
Ruby wasn't able to heal off of fire magic, forcing her to use whip attacks and kicks for most encounters to heal, this has been addressed

-Spear Swipe damage increased from 115 to 135, y force reduced from 15 to 12, activation decreased by 20%

This attack is just currenty underpowered and needs addressed. It activates very slowly and is going to be getting a damage/activation buff. It also inflicts high Y force which would allow easy juggling, so this is being reduced as well.

-Hail Storm activation decrease by 20-30%, damage increase by 5 per proc
Hail Storm is pretty strong at the moment but it generally can't be used against aggressive enemies without kiting, and in most cases you're better off Deluge Stabbing or Ice Stomping a foe. I want Hail Storm's very high mana cost of 20 to be justified so it will now activate slightly faster and deals slightly more damage.

-Increasing Max Health from 475 to 500
-Increasing kill to heal health returned from 35% to 40%

Quality of life buffs to Ami.

-Increasing the damage of Arcane Slash from 115 to 135
-Increasing the damage of Arcane Release from 225 to 275

Arcane Slash costs a lot of mana, and if you don't execute the timed attack, you more or less waste 1/3 of Ami's mana bar. It has been buffed to justify its high cost.

-Impale damage increased from 95 to 105
-Blade Release damage increased from 205 to 255
-Heel Kick damage increased from 195 to 205
-Repeating stab damage increased from 185 to 200
-Step Slash damage increased from 185 to 205
-Upstab damage increased from 195 to 200, stun duration increased from 0.225 to 0.25, stun magnitude increased from 200 to 225.

Now Slide Kick -> Upstab is a stun opener, while Impale -> Blade Release deals drastically more damage

Wind Spike rework:
-Wind Spike damage decreased from 145 to 70, now travels 25% slower and deals 70 damage every 0.5 seconds, x force reduced from 12 to 7, stagger magnitude reduced from 145 to 70

I'm actually pretty excited about this change, because I discovered a weird combo with Ami where you Wind Spike into Wind Step/Kick combo then do any chain as Wind Spike catches up to you. The new Wind Spike will basically deal more damage up front, as all DoT deal its initial damage then the over time damage at an interval, but it will also allow an Ami player to combo off of a Wind Spike, or keep an enemy being damaged by it.

-Lunging Stab arcane damage increased from 25 to 45, base damage increased from 125 to 170, mana cost increased from 5 to 10, activation time decreased by ~20%

-Advancing slash stagger magnitude increased from 175 to 250, stagger duration increased from 0.2 to 0.25, mana cost increased from 10 to 12

Both of these attacks deal similar damage and function currently. I want each attack to have a unique function, so I'm making Advancing Slash a stun opener, and Lunging Stab a fast damaging dash stab. With this new change, Vanessa players can use either attack depending on which would be better in a situation. Lunging will be mostly used for quick entry/finishing, while Advancing will be used to start a combo, or open with a stun.

-Dash Slash arcane damage increased from 30 to 35, base damage increased from 95 to 115

This combo felt underwhelming so dash slash has been buffed slightly

-Arcane Diamond damages every 0.75 seconds and deals 25 damage a trigger, but its healing increases by the damage amount, so the first trigger heals for 25, then 50, 75,etc, allowing Vanessa to leech a lot of health. Its cost has been increased to 25 from 15 because of how powerful the healing at range can be.

Utility moves are neat

Umbra Boss:
-Changed the boss layout so that you start out a short distance from Umbra
-Added Dark Prisoner and Apostle spawns to give Umbra time to summon things.

-Updated Umbra spawns so that she spawns Dark Prisoners instead of Goo Girls, for a better boss fight cycle with more interaction

-Decreased the timer to spawn second stage enemies (Dark Prisoners)
-Initial Reformed One spawns at 25 seconds, subsequent spawns occur at 20
-Dark Prisoners spawn every 25 seconds when Umbra is below 50% HP

This is to address Ami's inability to heal without killing things, it is the same reason every boss spawns enemies in some way.

Seer Boss:
-Seer Health increased from 2500 to 4250
-Seer starts with two Dark Prisoners on either side of him

Enemy changes:
Ravager: Health increased from 550 to 600

Rock Horror: Health Increased from 650 to 800

Urchin: Health increased from 650 to 750, poise increased from 150 to 200, urchin damage increased from 25 to 35

Gore Giant: Poise increased from 425 to 650

Apostle: Poise increased from 275 to 325, Flay damage increased from 87 to 97, Poke Damage increased from 63 to 73. Switched the ranges at which apostle uses flay and poke, it will now poke close foes to push them back, and flay at range to prevent the player from closing distance.

Apostle could be safe spotted at point blank. this is no longer possible.

General Changes:
-Fixed an animation visual bug that caused the idle animation to play when moving after an attack, creating a weird looking transition from attack to idle to move animation, the move animation now correctly plays when moving immediately after an attack ends

-Fixed a bug that caused the music volume slider to not work properly

-Fixed some visual bugs, Temple level 5 has some layering issue where death pillars (pillars with mines on them) are behind walkable platforms instead of layered on top of. Temple Level 6 has layering issues with the lanterns and moving platforms near the skull ring as well.

-Improved wind object collision on caves 7 so that the wind jump can be made more consistently

In other news
I'm currently learning Zbrush/Maya/Substance Painter/UE4 to make 3D games. If all goes well my next game will be a 3D, 3rd person shooter with very fast movement and projectiles, if not, I'll make a few more small scale 2D games as I develop 3D skills.

I might be interested in making content addons for Apostasy outside of just patches/polishing, it really depends on if I can get the game more exposure, reviews, players, etc.

I'd love to hear what players think about the game or be informed of any balance issues, exploits, overpowered/underpowered enemies, attacks, etc.
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About This Game

The Shadow Temple has been invaded by masked horrors from its depths. The other Temples have answered a call for aid.

A powerful entity that calls herself Umbra has seized control of the Temple.


-Five playable characters!
-Each character has a unique fighting style and movelist!
-Each movelist consists of 15-18 unique attacks!
-Interact with NPCs through dialogue trees, be nice, rude, or neutral!
-Collect artifacts that give your character various stat buffs!
-Timed attacks that activate when properly executing an input during a small timing window!
-Combo system that allows you to fight enemies with tactics!
-Each character has different health, move speed, range, etc!
-Mana system used for special attacks/abilities!
-Unnecessarily thick playable characters!
-10-20 hours of gameplay with replay value!
-14 levels and 4 boss levels!

This game was made by one person, but any bugs/major issues will be addressed, including balance issues.

If something happens let me know and be very specific with what occurred if anything did.

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

Contains suggestive content and violence.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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