Oi, Innkeep! is a first-person, cooking, farming, tavern-management game. Provide food, drinks, and entertainment for your customers while getting to know them and their problems. Don't forget to pay rent though, or you'll be forced to close up shop and the dream will be over.
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19 травня

Dev Log #3 - NPC Personalities!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the third dev log for Oi, Innkeep! Today we're going to look at what goes into our NPCs + provide an overview of how the game is shaping up.

We'll probably feature a few more of these NPCs, but for now, meet the fearsome, bearded warrior who hails from the lands to the distant north. His name is Ragnah Bad-Breath, but his boys call him "Ragz' for short.

(NOTE: The artwork for Ragz is not finished.)

Ragz is one of many unique NPCs that you'll meet in Oi, Innkeep! Most will have their own unique appearance and storylines that you will be able to progress through at your own pace. With Ragz, he came to these shores to do do what he loves best: raidin' and murderin', but things went south for him and his crew and they abandoned him here. It will be up to you to help him overcome his anger-management issues and fit in with society.

You progress through these storylines in different ways such as giving advice, providing certain foods, giving money or simply just listening to what NPCs have to say.

There are also special, unique rewards for going through different character storylines. For example, progress with Ragz long enough and maybe he'll ask you to sponser a raid back on his homeland or other places. If successful, he might bring back some items that you can use in your inn.

Here's some - but not all - of the northern themed items you can get:

Different characters will give different things for their storylines. Carpenter Kate will give you access to new furniture, Huntin' Harry will provide new mounted animals for your walls, Pierre the Painter will sell you new paintings to art the place up, etc.

Some characters will give decorative items, but others will provide new cooking recipes and other upgrades.

In addition to storylines, characters all have personality traits, occupations and shedules that define and bring them to life.

Occupations influence schedules. Blacksmith Barry and the Bennet triplets working at the mine might only come in of an evening after work. Ragz is unemployed, so he might drop in for a beer any time of the day.

Ragz has personality traits like Violent, Heavy-Drinker and Dancer. These make him more likely to start fights, drink lots of beer and bust a move. Meanwhile, the quiet, shy witch, Sola, is less likely to chat with others and is far too scared to dance.

All these different traits come into play when characters interact with each other as well as the player. Sola doesn't like violence, so if Ragz starts talking to her about it her opinion of him could decrease and she might walk away.

NPCs that chat about topics they both like will get an increase of their opinion of one another. Eventually, they may become friends and visit your inn together. With a little prodding from the player, some may even fall in love - or out of it.

Ragz enjoying a meal with Carpenter Kate.

Traits are dynamic, so maybe in time you'll be able to rid Ragz of his violent ways, or talk Sola into finally having enough courage to brave the dance floor.

There's more to it, but that's enough for now and we hope you like the idea of what we're cooking up!

At the moment we're figuring out the storylines and traits for the NPCs. We really want to make it so these NPCs are dynamic and feel alive. We have schedules and occupations and everything mentioned above already in and working.

We're also getting art done. At the moment, we're focusing on different themed kits that you can get off different NPCs like the Northern themed stuff you see above.

We're also working on getting the Magi-Tab up and running. I briefly mentioned it in the last dev log, but the Magi-Tab is basically like a magic powered tablet that does some very cool stuff in Oi, Innkeep! Hopefully that will be in a more polished state within the next week or so and we can cover it in another dev log.

Thanks for reading!

If you're interested in Oi, Innkeep! please add it to your Wishlist on Steam + do the following:

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+ Tell all your mates!

- Hayden
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4 травня

Dev Log #2 - Decorating Your Inn!

Hi everyone. Welcome to the 2nd dev log for Oi, Innkeep!

Today I'm going to give a quick overview of how decorating works. At the bottom of this, there'll also be a quick summary of what state the game is currently in.

Decorating Your Inn!

Decorating is pretty simple. You enter decorate mode with TAB/Select and you will get a menu that looks like this.

From here you can navigate different categories of decor to find what you want. You can highlight objects and sell them or send them to storage where you can get them back out later.

There's a heap of options, from different floors, wallpapers, paintings, banners, flags, decorative swords and shields, animal mounts, sconces, chandeliers, chairs, tables, and more!

If you're familiar with the building system from Fallout 4, then the way it works in Oi, Innkeep! is very similar.

Here's a sped-up gif of decorating in action:

Where to get new stuff?

I'll be going into this in way more depth in future dev logs, but to give a brief explanation: there are currently two ways to get new decor.

1. You're going to meet a lot of different NPCs. Once you do, they'll let you buy standard items related to them. For example, our Blacksmith NPC sells swords and sconces and stuff, while the Carpenter sells chairs and tables. All of this is unlocked via the MagiTab, a digital tablet designed by a wizard way ahead of his time.

2. Through NPC story-lines. I mentioned characters. Many of them will have different storylines and problems they need help with. The more you help them, the more items related to them you'll unlock.

Some examples: want new paintings? Pay for Paintin' Pierre to go to art school and buy the paintings he produces. Want some unique items from faraway lands? Get to know the northman, Ragnah Bad-Breath, and maybe he'll let you sponsor one of his raids and bring you some loot when he returns. How about some new animal mounts for your walls? Huntin' Harry can hook you up.

There's a whole lot of these different NPCs with unique story-lines and rewards. Next week, we're probably going to highlight one of them and show how they work and look.

We hope that gets you excited for now though!

Current state of Oi, Innkeep!

A lot of systems are coming together. We have cooking, mixing drinks, farming, serving, and a lot of what we need to implement all the NPC story-lines in place. I've been writing and implementing the NPC story-lines. Rich has been making unique looking NPC models and fixing some bugs with the dialog system.

Thanks for reading.

Also, if you're interested in Oi, Innkeep! please add it to your Wishlist on Steam + do the following:

Find Bad Bandit Games on twitter Here!

Like and share Oi, Innkeep! on Facebook Here!

+ Tell all your mates!

Take care!

- Hayden

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Про цю гру

Enter a world of food and magic!

You're the owner of an old, rundown magical tavern and it's up to you to clean the place up and restore it to it's former glory. Let Geoff the Magic Painting guide you as you cook, farm, manage, decorate, and get to know what makes your customers tick as they keep coming back and slowly become regulars.

Key Features:

  • Turn your rundown Inn into a thriving business!
  • Keep customers coming back by cooking delicious meals and serving drinks!
  • Customize your place with heaps of different themed furniture and decor!
  • Get to know your customers and their problems.
  • Grow your own crops and use them in cooking.
  • Experiment with combining ingredients and cooking stations to discover loads of new recipes!
  • Rent out rooms to weary customers!
  • Keep the place tidy by making beds, wiping cobwebs, clearing dishes, and cleaning up various messes your customers make.
  • Unlock new rooms to grow your space!
  • Change your food menu to reflect the time of day, season, and weather!
  • Deal with drunk, troublesome guests!

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