Oi, Innkeep! is a first-person, cooking, farming, tavern-management game. Provide food, drinks, and entertainment for your customers while getting to know them and their problems. Don't forget to pay rent though, or you'll be forced to close up shop and the dream will be over.
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18. januar

Dev Log #11 - New Cooking Process and Stuff!

Hi guys and welcome to another dev log for Oi, Innkeep!

For this dev log, we're going to go over a few little things that we've changed + talk abut some systems and stuff we've got planned.

First off, how we've changed the cooking process: it used to be that you just had to take an ingredient to a cooking station (pot or oven), but we wanted to expand that out a bit more. So, we changed it so if you want to make a carrot soup for example, you first have to go to a work bench, place a carrot down and then grab a cleaver and hit the carrot a set number of times. Once you've chopped it enough, the carrot or whatever ingredient you have there, will turn into a chopped version of that ingredient. You then take that ingredient and add it to the pot or oven.

Here's a quick look of the new system in action:

This is going to add a fair bit of depth to the cooking system, which we felt it was sorely lacking. Also, there will probably be other kitchen items you'll have to use. Some possibilities include: rolling pins, beaters, etc

Next up, plants:

We've shown plants before I think, how you have to water them or they'll die over time. One thing we're wanting to do here that is new is that we want to make it so you actually buy a vase separate from a plant. You then get a seed and place it in the vase and it'll grow. It'll take some work on our part to ensure that all plants fit all vase sizes, but we'll hopefully figure it out.

Here's a new vase/plant combo we have made recently, which is part of the ocean-themed kit we're making:

We're making plenty of themed items that you can decorate your inn with. These items come from different, related characters. For example, Hunting Harry will provide animal mounts and rugs; Katrina, a local witch and cat-lady will provide witch and cat themed items, Joshua the Executioner will provide dungeon/torture themed stuff, etc.

As well as selling you fish, Cliffy the fisherman will sell you some ocean themed stuff such as these chandeliers, decorative anchors and ocean themed pots:

I think that'll do it for now. Expect plenty more updates now as we get closer and closer to our Early Access release!

If you're interested in Oi, Innkeep! please add it to your Wishlist on Steam + do the following:

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7. januar

Dev Log #10 - What's We're Cooking Up!

Hi everyone!

So, it's been over two months since the last dev log and we thought we better give you guys an update.

Rest assured, we're still working non-stop on Oi, Innkeep! and we're sorry for the lack of communication lately.

We finished up the tutorial section of the game, but we also went through some design revision and decided our plan going forward for release, which is what this dev log is mostly going to be about.

Originally, we didn't want to do Early Access. We thought we'd be able to just get everything we have planned out in one release, but we soon realized that just wasn't going to happen, not with a 2-man team and zero funding.

So, now we're thinking that in early 2019 we're going to release Oi, Innkeep! into Early Access on Steam.

We plan to launch the core of the game. From there we can build on it and release new content over time. Here's a rough idea of what systems and activities we'd likely launch with:


Lots of different recipes to discover and cook up.

Limited Unique NPCs.

If you've been following the dev logs, you would've seen some of the characters we've been showcasing. We have about 20 of these thought out with storylines. We won't launch with all of them. We might start with around 5 and then release them as we make them and put in their storylines.

In addition to these unique NPCs, we're going to have randomized NPCs as well. These won't have storylines, but they'll probably come in with traits. So, on a rowdy night you might get in a random who is just itching to start a fight or get drunk or whatever. It should add a lot of emergent play to the game and keep things from getting repetitive.

Unique NPCs will have schedules that they stick to, but randoms won't.


You'll be able to plant seeds and grow your own crops. Not all crops will be available, but a lot should be. There won't be any animals, at least not initially, but that's something we'd certainly like to include later because having cows and stuff is pretty cool.


This is ready to go now. You can decorate your inn with a variety of things including lights, rugs, wallpapers, props, furniture, etc.

We'll just keep adding more and more items to this.

Random Events

These would be things like a vampire plague, war tax, King's edict, etc that spice up gameplay from time to time.

For example, during a vampire plague, the King might order every inn to serve food including garlic for a week or they will be fined.

So that's what we want to launch with. Here's some ideas for different things that we want to include over time.

  • More unique NPCs.

  • Farming with animals.

  • Fishing.

  • Hunting.

  • A small city hub that you can walk around in and buy ingredients, tools, etc from.

  • Possibly other locations.

  • Festivals.

  • Boxing/Combat

    So, yeah, if we can get most of that in, we reckon we'll have a pretty neat game on our hands (and in yours).

    Again, we're sorry about the lack of communication lately. We'll be back with regular, weekly dev logs from now on. I was going to show some cool new stuff that we've added, but I'll keep that for next week's dev log, as I wanted this to be about our plans for Oi, Innkeep!

    Take care, people!

    If you're interested in Oi, Innkeep! please add it to your Wishlist on Steam + do the following:

    Find Bad Bandit Games on twitter Here!

    Like and share Oi, Innkeep! on Facebook Here!

    + Tell all your mates!

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Om dette spil

Enter a world of food and magic!

You're the owner of an old, rundown magical tavern and it's up to you to clean the place up and restore it to it's former glory. Let Geoff the Magic Painting guide you as you cook, farm, manage, decorate, and get to know what makes your customers tick as they keep coming back and slowly become regulars.

Key Features:

  • Turn your rundown Inn into a thriving business!
  • Keep customers coming back by cooking delicious meals and serving drinks!
  • Customize your place with heaps of different themed furniture and decor!
  • Get to know your customers and their problems.
  • Grow your own crops and use them in cooking.
  • Experiment with combining ingredients and cooking stations to discover loads of new recipes!
  • Rent out rooms to weary customers!
  • Keep the place tidy by making beds, wiping cobwebs, clearing dishes, and cleaning up various messes your customers make.
  • Unlock new rooms to grow your space!
  • Change your food menu to reflect the time of day, season, and weather!
  • Deal with drunk, troublesome guests!


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