Match-them-all to progress through strategy and skill challenges! Matchy Star is a casual action puzzle journey in space with dapper ships, perky stars, and a lot of tactical fun. Cruise the Alpha System all the way to Xanadu. Get your Matchy on!
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November 14

Matchy Star Match-Them-All

We announced Matchy Star in early 2018 and people have started reaching out to us about the game already. We have no official launch date just yet because we want to finish up the game first, so we decided to share game game development notes to talk more openly about Matchy Star game design as it comes along.

When we decided to create Matchy Star, we were hoping to build a casual yet charming match 3 experience with a little bit of personality. It has been a continuous process of design, in which we are still trying to find that just right balance of elements. At first, we experimented with having the game strategically place new gems based on how the board is laid out, we wanted to make it much more fun though. After letting some time pass, found more games like Lemmings and Chu Chu rocket to get inspiration from, and finally a lot new ideas were implemented in Matchy Star making it an interesting ‘Match-Them-All.’

In Matchy Star, it is possible to move pieces around unlike other match 3’s because it is not about matching a set number of matches to get through the level. Instead it is about doing the massive matches on the ship's path, and keeping up the ship's fuel which is what determines if you make it through the level. It is not a linear swap and match. Instead, it is a puzzle to optimize the best way to match given the grid opportunities per level and the paths that the ships will travel on. These design choices make Matchy Star a challenge that demands skills, rather than luck.

Matchy Star is not a single-dimensional Match 3, it has the core mechanics of a Match 3 and at the same time it has multiple elements from different genres. There are advancements that come with content, from the typical bonuses and itemization, all the way to clicker mechanics to interact with the game differently.

We continue to work on the different layers fleshing out ideas till the game feels as fun as it gets. Matchy Star is still in development and you can support us by wishlisting the game right here on Steam ~☆
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October 29

Silverware Games Discord

Hello citizens of the Matchyverse! We are now launching a discord chat to allow players to connect and to help build up the community for Silverware Games.

This server will be primarily used to give players beta access to in development games but it will also be a place share screenshots, post derpy art, celebrate the special uniqueness of what you’ve named your MatchyGotchy pets, and create collaborative spoken word albums. You can join up right here:

This will also be leading in to the MatchyGotchy Z beta test. We haven’t sent out the invites to the beta, but we know some of you have already reached out to Say expressing interest. If you still haven’t, get in touch with her so we can consider you for the special MatchyGotchy Z beta channel in the Discord. Hope to talk to you soon!

Silverware Games, Señor Cheezoid
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About This Game

Matchy Star is a twist on the classic match 3 game style where players must collect matches based on the ships' pre-set path. A vast galaxy to explore, all the way from Star Base to the legendary Xanadu with 46 levels throughout 11 systems, and colorful little stars derping all over the place. The game includes 30 items with a hundred different stat boosts to collect for your bubbly and swanky ships: Zippy, Skippy, and Bob. They're fancy and special, so they need their proper swag.

Zippy, Skippy, and Bob are not alone! They have the help of 7 rocket surgeon stars, supporting them along the way: Matchy Star, Spacey Galaxy, Speedy Sputnik, Doctor UFO, Guru Moon, and Pirate Planet. These familiar faces are from Matchy's Kooky Cookies and MatchyGotchy, and they are coming back to the rescue.

Help Matchy Star complete all these puzzle challenges and make it all the way to Xanadu, because last time he was there he forgot his wallet. It is time to get your Matchy on!

Meet The Ships

To reach Xanadu, Matchy Star has taken up the help of his three most efficient ships: Zippy, Skippy and Bob. The three ships must meticulously follow their flight plan based on the available path, extending their range with the help of the stars they collect along the way. In order to move forward, you must match as many stars as possible in the ship's flight path. The faster you string gigantic matches together the better.

Zippy is the largest and slowest ship, but he makes up for it by baking the best cookies ever. Skippy is mid-sized and goes second, holding the record for eating the most cookies under a minute. Bob is the smallest and fastest, and for some unknown reason he likes burnt cookies. However quirky their relationship with cookies might be, they all agree in their love of wearing items that helps them improve their stats. Get yourself a crown, a monocle, a beard and a sword! Turn your ship into the most stylish cool kid in the galaxy.

You can collect special power ups too, which provide important help to your space exploring efficiency. The number of victory stars you collect throughout each level determines their power level including: gem score bonuses, speed regulation, fuel consumption and buffer alerts. Advanced levels can get a bit difficult, so items and power ups can make a difference.

If you enjoyed MatchyGotchy and Matchy's Kooky Cookies, then we invite you come along with Matchy Star once more into the game that gave birth to this new colorful world.

Matchy Star is an original game by Silverware Games bringing a world of cuteness, random silliness, and interactive fun. We welcome you in this journey along with us, and invite you to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the fun.

Thank you for playing! You are what keeps Matchyverse alive ~☆

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7+
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo / AMD® Athlon™
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia® / AMD® with 1 GB memory
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 512 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® 11 compatible

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