A Platform/RPG with Pixel Art graphics. Take control of Katyusha during World War II, as she is missing her beloved boyfriend who has left for the war. Level up Katyusha, spend attribute points, solve puzzles and use your eagle and his skills to fight your enemies.
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December 9

Katyusha v0.217: Random loot. armor and crafting - December upgrades


We have just updated Katyusha to v2.017 which includes the random loot system. Here are the patch notes:
- Random loot: You can now kill enemy soldiers and wolves for random loot. You can collect those items by pressing the Action button (E).
- Placeholders: You can collect 5 items in crates at the beginning of the level, using the action button. Those are just placeholders at the moment and will be removed in a future patch.
- Materials that you get from loot are used as armor, weapons and crafting materials. For example snake skin is used to make skin boots. Currently beside cotton used as crafting material for first aid, there is no active crafting for the armor and weapon materials. We are thinking of adding them either for direct crafting through inventory, or using crafting stations. This is under consideration/discussion with the community.
- Dynamic weather changes.
- Several improvements in A.I.: Increased visual detection and attack speed in some enemies (bear 1 at/sec and soldier 0.5 at/sec)

In the next December update we will add:
- Expansion of the first level so that it has a form which will be close to the one of the final version.

In future updates we will add:
- 2 levels (the final version of demo will have 2 levels).
- Plenty of items to find in random loot, such as armor, weapons and mods.
- NPCs and quests. Grandfather in the first level and various NPCs in the 2nd level will give you optional quests. Katyusha can either complete levels straightforward with only her quest to find her boyfriend or also do secondary quests.

Thanks for your support.
Please also support us in http://www.Loresoft.gr.
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November 19

Katyusha alpha features #1: Dynamic weather/camera, Advanced A.I./Stealth kill system

Road to alpha has officially begun!

Loresoft is proud to announce the new features of our current alpha version, which are now live on Steam!

The new Katyusha demo provides:
✓ Dynamic weather
✓ Dynamic camera
✓ New environment for the first level
✓ Vastly improved A.I. in enemy soldiers.
✓ Advanced stealth kill system.
✓ Sound effects for all characters and environmental sounds.

Watch our new gameplay trailer with all the new features.

Dynamic weather
Our dynamic weather system which is still in progress, will allow you to have a different experience each time. There are specific weather conditions for each level (sun, rain, snow or combinations of them), which occur randomly (in terms of both place and duration) as you play.

Advanced stealth kill system
Our new stealth kill system allows you to kill an enemy and do damage to him according to the accuracy that you have by pressing the use button ("E"). Loading the bar between 50-75% will allow you to do a single hit. 75-90% does critical hit while over 90% does instant kill. This applies to all soldiers in the game, as the wild animals (which mostly appear in the first level and pretty much less in the others) are getting killed more easily.

A.I. improvement
In the first demo of Katyusha the A.I. had a standard behavior. In the new early alpha version enemy soldiers are more aggresive and efficient. They have a random behavior when walking, while when they detect you they shoot way more often and constantly. The same goes with melee attacks as they become very aggresive when you are close to them, while at the same time they chase Katyusha. They will even shoot when they are next to you, so beware. The new A.I. mechanics will make the game more difficult but using stealth you can kill or avoid enemies by hiding in the environment.

The new early alpha demo (v0.21) is available now on Steam.
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About This Game

Katyusha is a 2D Platform/RPG with Pixel Art graphics, devoted to the popular character named in the original Russian song, written by Mikhail Isakovsky and composed by Matvei Blanter in 1938.

A character that has never been seen introduced before in a movie or video game, Katyusha was Russia's most popular song in World War II as it was encouraging soldiers between battles. The song describes a young girl named Katyusha. Who is Katyusha? Let's meet her.

Born and raised in Smolensk, hometown of the song's writer Mikhail Isakovsky, young Katyusha becomes an adult by facing humanity's worst fear: World War II. In 1940, standing by the Dnieper river, Katyusha says goodbye to her boyfriend who is leaving to join the Russian army. Her boyfriend fights in Russian battles during World War II. They exchange letters together but haven't seen each other for one year.

In 1941 Germany invades Russia. Katyusha lives near the borders. Her boyfriend advises her to leave and save her life. Katyusha leaves but her feelings won't let her abandon her boyfriend. She wants to find him. So she decides to leave on the east and join the Russian army. That would be her only hope of finding him back one day.

Katyusha is being developed around 4 pillars:

- An immersive World War 2 story.
- Usage of real-life letters from both Russians and Germans
- Meeting historic personalities

- Unique stealth kill system based in players' skill
- Pet companion that levels up like Katyusha and can be used in solving puzzles.
- Randomly generated levels
- Different outcomes between levels and multiple endings

- Intense battles with Advanced A.I.
- RPG elements: Quests, Trades and Crafting, all in one.

- Living in World War 2
- Missing and trying to find your beloved
- Reading real-life letters
- WWII atmosphere: Living emotional moments like love, starving and deaths.

Katyusha is a fast-paced Platform/RPG which contains lots of emotional moments. Take control of Katyusha as she has to survive in Russia during World War II. The combat system includes melee combos and ranged weapons, among with stealth kills. Real World War II weapons will be used for this purpose.

A levelling system allows you to gain xp, level up and train Katyusha to learn new skills. Katyusha's skills include healing, movement skills and weapon skills. Checkpoints are symbolised by mailboxes as Katyusha sends letters to save her progress.

Katyusha can also use her grey steppe eagle to attack her enemies. Her relationship with the eagle depends on her actions. You can choose to feed your eagle or order him to attack. A bar under the health meter will show your relationship with the eagle, which will affect his response in battle. Also, the eagle can gain xp, level up and unlock new skills.

Both Katyusha and eagle can level up and unlock new skills to attack their enemies. Katyusha will also use vehicles (including the 3 famous Katyusha trucks which were used during the war) and meet famous iconic people from World War 2, which either lived or died during the war. They will train her to reach her ultimate goal. Survive the war and meet her beloved.

Many of Katyusha's skills will be revealed in the future.

Real-life letters
When Katyusha's comrades are killed they drop letters. Katyusha will also find letters from German soldiers. All those letters are real-life experiences that soldiers wrote in paper and sent to their families during World War II. We also accept letters from any of you kept from your relatives. You send them via email and those will be posted, either with the original poster, or using alternate names. Photo of letters are required to prove the identification.

Katyusha's development started in September 2017. Loresoft is an indie development team which consists of 6 developers from various countries. We have plans of Kickstarter, release in consoles, as well as thinking about the possibility of making the game available via early access. All these points will be discussed in the future.

Katyusha is going to be released for PC (Windows/Linux) and Mac, as well as the most common platforms. Stay tuned for new updates, screenshots and videos.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core i7-5500U
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 920M or any GPU of at least 1GB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 190 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: Any Intel Quad Core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia or any GPU of at least 2GB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 190 MB available space

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