Mechanic Miner is a 2D construction/survival game with mechanical steam-powered machines and physics. Gather resources, kill monsters, acquire new technologies and use your imagination to build crazy mechanical devices to conquer any challenges in your way.
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February 2019

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Available: February 2019


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August 9

Hotfix v.0.1.3b (09/08/2018)

• Changed the minimum supported resolution to 1280x720.
• Reduced the Mini-roach melee attack damage.
• Corrupted saved worlds will now automatically be deleted to prevent the game from crashing.
• Fixed a bug where the Sawblade were permanently immune to damage.
• Fixed a bug where the Ladders were immune to damage and didn’t destroy projectiles that would collide with it.
• Fixed a bug where jumping up into a ladder would cause John to collide with the ladder rather than grabbing on to the ladder.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to get a Sawblade stuck in the air by building it halfway down the ground attached to another object.
• Fixed a bug where the Ballista would not get the mouse input position when two or more cables was connected to the Ballista.
• Fixed a bug where the amount of “missing resources” in menu would not display the correct amount missing.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to remove resources from the game by placing a resource on top of an object that was being crafted in an inventory slot.
• Fixed a bug where moving a resource from one slot to another slot with a full stack of the same resource would cause the resource to drop on the ground and also return to its original slot (effectively duplicating the stack).
• Fixed a bug where the hitbox of the Maggot Nest was not correct.
• Fixed a bug where a saving of vegetation tiles would cause the game to crash.
• Fixed a bug where a blueprint on the cursor (a non-placed blueprint) would block projectiles.
• Fixed a bug where splitting a resource stack in the inventory and then dropping the stack in the world would cause it to drop 1-by-1 (should drop in a stack).
• Fixed a bug where the Evil Plants HP-bar was inverted.
• Fixed a bug where destroying a running Propeller would cause the Propeller sound to never stop.
• Fixed a bug where the game would crash when trying to fuse a plumbing that was damaged.
• Fixed a bug where the game would crash when the player was trying to use a plumbing that was being destroyed.
• Fixed a bug where the game sometimes would crash a few minutes after killing a Cave Squid.
• Fixed a bug where the game sometimes would crash when placing blocks in the ground.
• Fixed a bug where the Ladders were invisible when being placed.
• Fixed a bug where the Wrots’ HP-bar would be inverted depending on which way it was facing.
• Fixed a bug where the pressing “E” while holding a blueprint that has an “usable” part (lever, ballista, etc.) on the cursor, would cause the blueprint to disappear and appear once again when you move the cursor mouse.
• Fixed a bug where the far out terrain in the “crash landing scene” is not rendered.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to auto-walk by bringing up the menu (“escape”) while walking to either side.
• Fixed a bug where the cursor would show an animation of the player holding wood even when trying to pick up something from an empty slot using the hotkey.
• Fixed a bug where John would not play the “running” animation when repairing or trying to recycle while moving.
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August 8

Early Access Release, Pricing and Roadmap

As many of you know the development of Mechanic Miner was slowed down so much that we had to push the release of Early Access because of problems with an investment deal. Fortunately, the development of Mechanic Miner is now going smoothly, so last week we sat down to discuss the future development of Mechanic Miner in order decide a release date for Early Access. Here’s what we talked about:

So, because of the investment that we got we now have the necessary funding to actually develop a great amount of Mechanic Miner without the necessity of sales from Early Access. Essentially the investment is allowing us to take our time to create a much better and polished version of Mechanic Miner for Early Access release, which we believe is beneficial for the game in the long run.

On the other hand, we really want to do the Early Access release asap, so those in our community who really wanted to try out Mechanic Miner would get the chance to do so fairly soon. We truly believe that developing Mechanic Miner together with the community is the right way to do it (after all it’s you guys who’s going to play it) and getting more players through Early Access would surely benefit the amount of community feedback

In the end we chose the middle road and so we have decided to release Early Access of Mechanic Miner in February 2019, and until then drastically increase the scale of our closed alpha to get as many testers going as possible.

Giving us approximately 6 months before Early Access will allow us to add a lot of core features and content including an overhaul of the performance, Mod-support, Lootification, Multiplayer and more acts. You can read more about this in our new and revisited Roadmap.

We know this is really frustrating for all you guys who really hoped for Early Access to be released soon, but in the end, we’ll have to do what’s best for the game. At least now you’ll have a much higher chance of trying Mechanic Miner for free, since we plan on increasing the scale of the closed alpha drastically over the coming months.

On another notice, when Mechanic Miner hits Early Access in February it will be purchasable on Steam for 15€. This price is based on a comparison with similar games and the amount of content that will be in Mechanic Miner when it hits Early Access. After that, we plan to raise the price of Mechanic Miner as more content will be added.

Team Mechanic Miner
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About This Game

Mechanic Miner is all about designing, building and constructing steam-powered machines in a 2D pixel art world with physics. Gather resources, kill monsters, acquire new technologies and use your imagination and wit to build crazy mechanical devices to conquer any challenges in your way.

In Mechanic Miner you can construct any kind of machine of your own design - and any kind of machine can be simulated by the game's physics engine - and of course, designs can be shared with your friends through Steam Workshop. Build a catapult, a submarine, a battle tank or a air balloon - Mechanic Miner has over 50 different parts and building blocks for you to play around with, and we’re constantly adding more. Get creative, get better, build more advanced stuff and become a mechanical mastermind to conquer any challenges that may lie ahead.

In story mode you’re stranded on a strange and forbidding planet, where survival is made difficult by hostile animals and plant life. From your home world you did bring a multitool, which is able to craft any kind of machine part - provided the requisite raw materials can be found. Relying solely on the technology you brought, you set out to explore a whole world.
But the road isn't paved with ease. You will face bosses, waves of monsters and the harsh obstacles offered by the environment surrounding you will show no mercy. To survive and advance the storyline you must acquire the necessary steam-powered technology, that will allow you to delve deeper into the diverse biomes of the planet, and perhaps, ultimately, discover the means to escape.

In creative mode you can let out your inner mechanic shine. With unlimited resources at your disposal, immortality and the ability to fly, you can create anything - only your imagination is the limit. Creative mode is great for those who just wants to let their creativity flow without anything stopping them, and with the blueprinting tool you can easily make a copy of your creations and recreate them in story or survival mode (TBA) if you have the resources for it.

  • Explore randomly generated open worlds with both sandbox and story driven mode/play.
  • Gather a variety of useful resources.
  • Construct your own unique mechanical steam-powered machines and devices with only your imagination as the limit.
  • Test your mechanical constructions versus monsters and bosses, will you survive?
  • Create blueprints of your mechanical constructions, use them later or share them with friends and prove who’s the mechanical mastermind.
  • Acquire new technologies with the experience / level-based progression system.

Mechanic Miner is still in development and there is so much more to come including survival mode and multiplayer/co-op. In addition to that we have so much more planned:

  • More acts in the story mode
  • More technologies
  • More monsters and bosses
  • More challenges
  • More fun!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 64-bit
    • Processor: Core i3 2.4 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 400 series and newer, AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series and newer
    • Storage: 400 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: OpenGL version: 4.4

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