Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up is a pausable RTS / management sim / base builder set on the London Underground.
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Available: 2018/2019


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June 7

'Brute' behaviour tested in crime-and-punishment update

Following our success at the EGX Rezzed gameshow in London - and a month of "refactoring" the core rendering code to improve performance - I have finally been able to return to the fun part: adding new features! I am in what we (myself and Sarah - gf and game artist) call Stage 0. This is basically the final phase of the game dev before we hit alpha or minimum viable product, or whatever you might want to call it.

Anyway, new behaviours have been the focus so far, especially related to crime and punishment. First up is ''brute' - which is basically when a commuter enters a frenzy and punches anyone around them. You've had a commute like that - right..?

Anyway, you can check out some footage on twitter. The idea is staff can 'cuff brutes when their HP is worn down. When they get 'cuffed, i'm not 100% sure what will happen. Possibly they just stand there until you call the cops (if that feature is added). There has long been a plan to be able to build prison cells, so when that is implemented, crimnals can go there. This would make a nice balance, meaning you don't have to pay out for police, and can use your cells instead, which I think could be fun.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or the behaviour thread in the steam discussion forum!
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June 5

Fascinating trailer analysis by Schematics Team

Up-and-coming YouTube channel Schematics, a team of creative people who share a passion for management games, have dissected the Overcrowd Coming Soon video in an intruiging 'trailer analysis'.

While pausing, rewinding, zooming in and generally examining the trailer from all angles, the team do a great job of picking out some of the features you might not have noticed before. They also make some really interesting suggestions that I will certainly consider in the future. Note to self: do people really want to see urinating commuters!? Check it out and then let me know in the steam discussion forum!

Overcrowd | Schematics Trailer Analysis
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“Hugely satisfying ... Overcrowd seems likes a great spin on the Theme template, and I can’t wait to try it again”
Kotaku UK

“Overcrowd is a fantastic looking new isometric real time strategy/business management game”
Alpha Beta Gamer

“Overcrowd is an awesome little indie isometric strategy game. It’s a “Commute ’Em Up!””
Peach's Castle

About This Game

Deep beneath the city, a war is waged. It's called the commute.

Every day, millions crowd the tube in a desperate bid to get to work. Can you build and run the perfect metro station to help them make it on time?

Overcrowd is a tactical management sim set on the London Underground. Blending base building with pausable real-time strategy, Overcrowd offers a unique mix of spatial puzzling, strategic thinking and split-second choices.


  • Detailed micro simulation > emergent gameplay
    Everything from bin emptying, generator refueling, power, litter collection, commuter AI and staff activities are simulated down to the individual level. The huge range of interacting systems gives scope for emergent and unpredictable gameplay.

  • Procedural spatial puzzles
    Each level has procedurally generated terrain, offering a fresh spatial puzzle about which to design and run your station. With a choice of entrances and tracks, physical obstacles, and limited space and money, you'll have to weigh up your decisions carefully.

  • Unique multi-floor building
    Sculpt your station concourse down to 4 levels underground. Escalators and lifts are planned for Early Access.

  • Tactical staff deployment
    In Overcrowd you have direct control over your staff. You’ll need to assemble a crack team, tool them up and deploy them to run your station in real time. You can also assign them multiple jobs with different priorities. Pausing the action by hitting space gives you time to react and plan.

  • Handmade isometric pixel art
    Overcrowd uses high res, handmade pixel art with no 3D engine shortcuts. View from four angles with high level zoom to see all the detail.

  • Heat signatures
    Anyone who’s ever travelled on the tube in summer knows the heat can get out of control. Overcrowd models temperature and gives you thermoimaging, air con and fans to help keep your station cool.

  • Unique crowdflow mechanic
    Manage the flow of your commuters via station layout, user-defined directional signage or by ushering them with staff.

  • Unlocking, upgrading, expanding
    Unlock better equipment, shops and tools via the procurement (tech) tree.

  • Turning a profit
    Overcrowd features an economy driven by live commuter purchasing. Set shop prices and restock rates in order to make a profit and expand your station further.

  • Commuter AI
    Commuters respond to their surroundings: different environmental insults will affect them in different ways - making them angry, panicked, unhappy or even diseased. Everything that happens affects your station reputation.

  • Criminality
    Early Access will see a range of criminal behaviours introduced to commuters including theft and fare dodging. You will be able to use staff to incarcerate or eject law breakers.

  • Staff behaviour
    Your staff have needs too. Build a comfortable and well stocked staff room to keep them happy, rested and nourished. They also have skills and attributes which can be levelled up or improved through practice.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: TBC
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: TBC
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: TBC
    • Additional Notes: TBC
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