As Item-Seeker Eveline Spiritbird, you must hone your abilities, collect swathes of loot, traverse dazzling geography and forge friendships in the pursuit of a mythical artifact known only as an "Aural Mirror".
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Mar 12, 2018

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“The scope for FARIA: Spiritbird is quite grand, particularly so when you factor in that the game is being developed by one sole developer. That's me.


Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“With how development has proceeded so far, I currently estimate another twelve months is needed to fulfill my vision for what I want FARIA: Spiritbird to become.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“What I am ultimately hoping to achieve, is the prospect of embarking on a journey with the players. Grand adventures don't occur overnight, and as you help shape the future and evolution of the game, it will be a road we will have both shared together. It will be a long process, but I am fond of the idea that when the game is finished, you can look back on the quest you took with Eveline Spiritbird and I, and it will have been one that took a whole year.

In the future, what you can expect is expansion. More of Faria and The World will be available for exploration and with it, the story. There will be brand new gameplay additions and systems, and there will be polish and added depth brought to the current features.

In terms of locations to be added, you will eventually be brought from the sunny coasts of the Gold Coast and Shores of All to frigid tundras and ice-capped mountains. There will be rocky highlands, glistening desert sands, tropical islands and far more; including grander cities such as the Voluminous City of Ava.

Each new area will include new enemies to fight, loot to collect and dungeons to plunder. Populated areas will provide stores to sell treasure and purchase equipment or replenishment items. Each added town will also offer (at least) a new house to buy, new clothing stores to peruse and tasks to accept.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“It is solid.

Glitches and bugs are almost non-existent. You can purchase the game and hop right in without fear of anything technical marring your playtime. There are certain performance issues in populated area such as Port Faria, but I expect these will be ironed out before release.

What is available right now is a firm and flavoursome slice of the finished product. All of the features listed on the store page are currently in and ready for you to enjoy. That includes the fighting, the fishing, the shopping, the dungeoneering... if it's there, it's in. For obvious reasons, the full story isn't included; but there's still a decent chunk of its first few hours for players to absorb themselves in.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“It most likely will.

I will be spending a LOT of time developing a LOT of content for Spiritbird, and I would like that to be reflected in the price. This is only the beginning.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“There is no game that is ever truly finished; only released.

With this being said, I still want it to be as close to "finished" as possible. I am a sole developer and I am hoping that those who purchase Spiritbird can provide feedback on how to enhance the current offering and also report any bugs or errors that may exist; no matter how miniscule! For future content, it is my desire that the community can help drive its creation with their input and support.”
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May 5

"Happy Campers" update is out! (05/05/2018)

The patching spree continues today, dear Farians. And with this latest update, a swathe of hearty improvements come to everyone's favourite (and only) party camp in FARIA: Spiritbird. Furthermore, a much-desired feature has been implemented. What is it? Let's find out!

1.) Fast Travel

Praise the Goddess, yes. Previously, you had to walk around everywhere. There did exist the function of warping back to Port Faria through interacting with Raine Meadowlark at the party camp, but needless to say, it was quite limited.

With the way it was, you still ran the risk of running low on supplies and having to walk a good deal just to get back to where you came from. Prior to release, I did have Amber run a makeshift apothecary at camp to mitigate the issue which stemmed from an absence of proper fast travel, but it wasn't enough.

Never to settle for half-measures, cue the "whynotboth" gif.

Talking to Raine Meadowlark now presents you with the opportunity to select a fast travel destination. Bear in mind, however, the offerings aren't granular. I still want players to walk and explore the world, and so the fast travel locations are associated with key areas of the game.

Primarily, towns and the ends of "spokes". Town are self-explanatory, but by spokes I refer to places such as the Tanglewood, which resides at the end of a chain of locations.

There is a big dungeon there, as well. So if you run short on supplies, the ability get out and get back in is far more convenient.

Currently, you can travel to Port Faria, the Tanglewood and Seabell (provided you have travelled there on-foot first). Acacia will be next, and she'll arrive in the next content update.

2.) Akitan Massages

Hawk Starlight, our errant-knight of the party, has learnt many things during his nomadic ventures across Faria. One art he has mastered in his journeys, is that of the Akitan massage.

Ordinarily, you can choose to revive and restore the health of your party at any restoration node in the wild (or an inn at town). After unlocking the party camp, the option still remains there at the node. If you would like to heal your party at camp instead, before venturing outwards once more, this option is now there for you.

3.) Amber-tinted Glasses

It's a lame pun, but it is what it is. Amber remains as she ever has been, with no changes. I just felt guilty not having a bullet-point concerning Amber, whereas Raine and Hawk have one.

Remember; if you ever need a couple of extra potions, an arch gem or maybe just some fishing bait, nip back to the party camp and go see Amber.

4.) Jingle All the Way

I would be surprised if you had not noticed it, but everytime you warp to the party camp, a delightful little jingle would sound. It's great, except it would overlap whatever background music was currently playing. The clash of the two could often resulting in a grating noise, but no longer!

Now, the jingles can sound in peace.

5.) Outfit Realm

This has been in the game for some time, but I don't believe it has been highlighted in a previous update announcement.

The outfit realm can now be accessed from camp. Previously, you could only access it from the wardrobe in your bedroom. Now, you can change your outfit whenever and wherever you desire. Return to camp and nip in the tent!

6.) Environmental Improvements

It's an ongoing process and it may seem like I mention something of the sort each and every week. Well, that's because there are constant improvements going on.

This week, some incorrect textures were corrected and certain maps have had their unplayable areas expanded to give players a greater sense of scale, and have them avoid seeing "space". The panorama-look of maps may have a certain charm, but I'll be doing more of this going forward.

7.) Ladder Fixes

Remember that all-important ladder improvement from two updates ago? Well, some ladders didn't receive their new animations. Now, they should all be done!

8.) Future Additions

If you have reached the later parts of the current release of Spiritbird, you may have been introduced to a few more of the main characters that will accompany you in your search for an Aural Mirror. Namely, Eden Spiritbird, Yoko Celeste and Moxxi the Demon.

The max party size is four, but if the story has these characters accompanying you, their presence will be reflected in camp. Do bear in mind this is not in your build of the game right now.


I spent an hour and a half composing this announcement, but I did it in the steam client. After a disconnection issue from publishing the update, I lost every last word of this announcement! This is a hasty rewrite, but I do not believe I have missed anything out.

Regardless, if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen a thing or two about what's coming to Spiritbird in the next content update. If you haven't seen it, allow me to introduce the "Painted Meadows".

That is an NPC-less, first take of the Painted Meadows hub area in Acacia. The Painted Meadows will be a procedurally-generated gauntlet of small zones. There are five random challenges you must overcome, but once they have been completed, you are rewarded with loot.

You'll fight wicked fiends, solve puzzles, test your luck and battle bosses. Current prototypes are showing a lot of promise, and it's something I'll be developing and refining for a while yet.

The randomised loot on offer is not too dissimilar to the Giving Grove, except you can run these dungeons as often as you want and not just once every real-life day. I also aim to add unique loot, like the magic shield you can find in Earthspoil Dig.

Well, that wraps up today's update!

Faria x
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April 30

"Shiny" update is out! (30/04/2018)

Hello, Farians.

I have a smaller update being deployed today, that addresses a few of the leftover bugs in the game. Also, a brand new opening cutscene!

1.) New Cutscene

Let's start with this, shall we?

The opening cutscene of the game is a little "tame", so to speak. I'm very much the sort of person who appreciates a slow-boil. I like stories that take time to get established, and the same goes for characters that drive such tales.

Of course, there are those who think such an approach is boring. And that's fair criticism. But I decided to create an opening cutscene that is a lot more meatier. Many of the scenes allude to the closing events of FARIA: Starfall's ending, redone in 3D (Spiritbird starts off before Starfall).

Starfall's Ending: Reclamation of Fort Solitude (which is lost after Renee leaves with the Heart) with Highlander, Knight Ari, Wavemace, Ivy, Baldrick, Xander, Skargron and the armies of The Legion of Steel, Flames of Liberty, Rangers of the Song, Knights of Eternity and Protectors Guild right before the Black Star comes and stars fall.

Also, Blackheart breaks the Aural Mirror, trapping Skye and Lollipop --somewhere-- and leaves Princess Luna, Gob, Fiona, and Kristian with the Mekolo Demons (but are later saved by Zula).

What happens with the Fellowship of the Heart (Renee, Sarah, Bear, Linda, Thaddeus and Alvea) and their deliverance of the Heart of the World is not touched upon, however.

Anyway, this was such a good idea! While it does not contribute much to the grander scheme of this game's development, it's a lot more interesting than what it's like currently.

It's not perfect, but it's much better and will most likely see further improvements in the future when I have more assets and recreations of certain Starfall stuff in 3D.

2.) Accessory Fixes

Have you spent a good deal of money at Treasures of the World for an accessory, only to find that it doesn't work as advertised? Well, worry no longer!

All accessories should be working as intended now, with updated descriptions and revised prices.

3.) Misc Fixes

You know the dance. I know there's a bunch of other things, but I didn't list them!
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About This Game

In FARIA: Spiritbird you step into the role of Item-Seeker Eveline Spiritbird, as you hone your abilities, collect swathes of loot, traverse dazzling geography and forge friendships in the pursuit of a mythical artifact known only as an "Aural Mirror". With a complex, multi-layered storyline featuring a wide array of characters, FARIA: Spiritbird is sure to thrill and delight you in your journey throughout the Kingdom of Faria and The World.

. An open-world to tackle, explore and invest your time in; one that is filled to the brim with secrets, danger and love.

. Fulfill your role as an Item-Seeker, hunting down relics and items for clients that visit your establishment in Port Faria.

. Make your voice heard! ALL of Eveline Spiritbird's dialogue is chosen by you, the player.

. Want a new look? There are over seventy unique character customization combinations. Do you want a new hairstyle to go with your newly-purchased outfit? You got it!

. Is your house lonely? Romance certain NPCs to have them move-in with you, providing a range of benefits.

. Want a new seaside residence? As you travel, it is possible to purchase a number of new homes to operate from.

. Fancied yourself an angler? Buy a fishing rod, some bait and get out there! From babbling brooks to azure seas, you can catch up to twenty-six unique varieties of fish!

. Have you got a green thumb? There are plenty of berry bushes out across The World that await your prickled hands. You can eat or formulate jam with them!

. You are always able to retreat to your Party Camp for respite; a place where you may heal, fast travel to town or simply chat with your party members.

. Delve through a wide variety of dungeons that range from forgotten fortresses whose age-withered bricks are lost to moss and overgrowth, burrows consumed by the dead, and temple labyrinths created in honour of the star-soaring Evermore! There are loads.

. An enthralling combat system that is as deep as it is simple to grasp. With almost fifty monsters, each with their own unique skillset and item drops, battles are always as exhilarating as they are a pure joy to engage and watch unfold.

. As you level-up and earn coin, you can return to town and purchase new armour and weapons to kit out your party. Always put some money aside to purchase a healthy reserve of Healing Herbs, Focus Herbs, Remedial Moss and Arch Gems! Be prepared.

. Are you a night-Akita? At home you can sleep until the nighttime and explore Port Faria after dark. Certain establishments only open after hours, and places such as the Passing Bird Inn become far livelier. Outside, on the moonlit cobbles can be found a host of unique NPCs, too.

. The game is fully-3D and as a result, you can play from a first-person perspective or a third-person one. Change is only a button-press away.

. The game has full controller support and even displays the correct button prompts.

. The primary storyline has no world-saving antics. It is a deeply personal story that takes its characters on a grand journey, within and without themselves.

. There is a library called the Loreforge that connects to the Brewed Awakening cafe that holds at least twenty-five lorebooks for you to peruse. Their contents range from lengthy tales of heroic deeds to detailed descriptions of races or geographical locations. If you feel well-versed enough in the lore, feel free to take on a Pan-Pan in a quiz gameshow.

. There are real-life time-dictated events. The amount will expand in the future but for now, you can visit the Giving Grove once a real-life day to smash three barrels that deposit a randomized item for you to take with you. The drops you can receive range from a bundle of potions to wild single-use spellbooks. From Dreadwind Flasks to Zapwater Urns, from Pouches of the Wasted to Satchels of Errants, or from Evermore Tea to a vial of Tears for the Fallen; the loot pool is massive!

. There are relics to collect. They can be found in all sorts of places, and they provide nuggets of lore. In the future, a museum of sorts will be added for their placement.

. Your main party is composed of four classes. Eveline Spiritbird is a Paladin; Hawk Starlight is a Knight; Raine Meadowlark is an Archer and Amber Farfaith is an Aid Mage.

. Faria and The World is mostly a good place, free from roving bandits and political corruption. The Farian are loyal to themselves and adversity stems from the wild creatures of the kingdom and the Voidborn. The latter include vile orcs, vicious saurians, twisted demons, sickly trolls an many more. The universe is deeper than one may expect, as it straddles the line between high-fantasy and sci-fi the further you go.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.4GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Anything in the past decade.
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: You must have .net Framework 4.5 or later installed!
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: 2.0GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Anything in the past five years.
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: You must have .net Framework 4.5 or later installed!

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