Clans of Reign is a multiplayer online brawler with fast paced action oriented combat, in a rich medieval fantasy world. Face off against your foes in arena battles and master combat to win fights!
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Q3/Q4 2019

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Vad utvecklarna har att säga:

Varför Early Access?

“We are a 2-men team and strife to make an awesome game, which is hard because of our tiny team and capacity, but Early Access lets us do that with the community together!”

Ungefär hur länge kommer det här spelet att vara i Early Access?

“The Early Access will last up to a year, depending on progress and community feedback.”

Hur är det tänkt att den fullständiga versionen ska skilja sig från versionen i Early Access?

  • Arena matchmaking plus leaderboards

  • Additional weapon classes to choose from

  • Additional maps for PvP gamemodes

  • Cooperative PvE maps with various objectives

  • More character customization options

  • Official game server renting for ranked community servers

Hur är det nuvarande läget i versionen med Early Access?

“The game is Alpha right now many things are missing or are a work in progress.
Currently we have the following things in the build of the game:

  • A combat system with which we are for the most part quite happy with, but we continously add and tweak things!

  • Three weapon classes to choose from

  • Two maps with more coming soon!

  • A few character customization options

  • A functional server browser

  • A simple PvE horde mode

Kommer spelet att prissättas annorlunda under och efter Early Access?

“After Early Access we plan to increase the price of the game to reward the customers who trusted us with our work.”

Hur planerar ni att involvera gemenskapen i er utvecklingsprocess?

“We will listen and take any feedback the community gives us into consideration while further developing the game throughout EA and afterwards!
This is a passion project for us and we want the community to share this passion with us!
You can give us your feedback here at the Steam Discussion board or at our Discord:
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Det här spelet är ännu inte tillgängligt på Steam

Planerat lanseringsdatum: Q3/Q4 2019

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Om detta spel

Clans of Reign is an isometric melee slasher game with an action oriented combat system. You can combo your attacks with correct timing, parry and block incoming attacks or avoid them by rolling out of harm's way!
Roam the Arena to pickup health-orbs to prepare for the next fight or collect some mighty powerups!

◆ Features ◆

  • Online play: Fight intense, up to 16 players online battles in Deathmatch and Team-Deathmatch game modes.

  • Cooperative play: Play together with your friends against AI in objective based levels.

  • Classes: You can choose from various classes with different weapons and combat-styles, from one handed swords to huge battle hammers!

  • Customization: You can unlock many gear and equipment options to customize the look of your character the way you want.

  • Visceral and intense combat: Strike your enemies, feel every blow you land and even send some limbs flying when you finish them off!

Beskrivning av vuxet innehåll

Utvecklarna beskriver innehållet så här:

Graphic Violence, Gore, Mature Language


    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Dual-Core 64-bit Intel or AMD processor, 2.0 GHZ CPU
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafik: 4 GB DirectX 11 compatible video card
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Nätverk: Bredbandsanslutning
    • Lagring: 3 GB ledigt utrymme

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