After the apocalypse, life continues in a world full of mutants, warbots, and REAL bloodsports drawing vicious audiences. You are a gladiator battling to escape this prison arena for the amusement and admiration of the bloodthirsty crowd.
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November 10

Friends & Family Patch 0.1.4

Major UI Overhaul part 2!
In the last few weeks, we’ve been concentrating on continuing the UI overhaul. You’ll see a ton of improvements and because of this, likely some polish issues - please do report them!
Additionally, Doug has been doing a ton of NPC work. Some of this you’ll see in the build, but others will be waiting until we build the next crop of rooms to place said NPCs in the game. Exciting times! And of course, our polish rounds continue apace, in large part thanks to your feedback. Speaking of which - feedback welcome, as always!

-- Encyclopedia and Identification system roughed in
-- Once you see an object in-game, its name will be shown in the Encyclopedia page (Y key/Gamepad Special Left by default, or now merged with the Character sheet)
-- Once you interact with an unknown thang in the game (items, creatures, etc.) - i.e. pick it up, wear it, kill it (for creatures), survive it (for viewer events) the full description will be available
-- Item nameplates will no longer show the description or stats of an item until after it has been picked up at least once
-- Encyclopedia has base rough functionality for displaying mutations, weapons, bosses, viewer events, and gadgets
-- I’ve only added more detailed flavor text for a few items so far - more to come
-- Nameplate overhaul - this will be becoming an interaction button to pick up mutations, interact with machines, etc.
-- Mutations now set their color based on their rarity
-- Completion meter now only accounts for achievements you can unlock in the current build vs. achievements for levels/bosses/content not yet enabled in F&F
-- Note - as we enable new achievements week to week, your 100% will drop down based on this!
-- Improved announcer system
-- Level greeter now uses announcer to announce new levels and buffs
-- Viewer gifts now use the announcer
-- Character sheet is now a bindable key - defaults to TAB/Gamepad Special Right (should map to Select on XBOX and Options on PS4)
-- Character sheet merged with new Encyclopedia
-- Created new combo tracker in the modern style attached to viewer widget
-- Cleaned up old fonts/etc on viewer event tracker and repositioned
-- Archived old style UI assets
-- Cleaned up viewer poll tracker and repositioned
-- Carnage Combo widget now animates, stacks similar elements, and handles cases more cleanly
-- Merged Fan Counter and Fan Goal widgets into a more compact entity
-- Announcer can now handle newlines
-- Announcer handles longer lines better
-- Widget placement improved on main HUD
-- Achievements now are announced via the Announcer Swoop
-- Made larger difference in color between enabled and disabled keys
-- Added ability to cancel announcements
-- Boss Room UI interacts better with other announcements

-- Increased the area of the highlight cambot's spotlight
-- All the various highlight cambot effects now properly enable and disable at the correct times
-- Changed the claw spider to be tiny and trivial, but also to attack faster
-- Spider skeleton is now set up for splitbody animations
-- Tar spiders now properly telegraph their attacks via animation whether walking or standing still
-- Mutant chopper will now sometimes choose to turn before he reaches a wall
-- Cleaned up the mini drone spawn effects
-- Slightly decreased the size of the mini drones
-- Fixed an issue where the oompa overseer was strafing for no real reason
-- Changed all normal wanders to double try further wanders
-- Increased the mini spike spider's wander radius and movement speed
-- The facehugger now does a wander / flee style behavior instead of just a normal wander
-- The facehugger now moves much faster when it runs to resurrect a corpse
-- Oompa grenadiers accurately calculate ballistic arcs for their mortar attacks if they have an AITarget
-- Fixed a bug where some creatures continued to fire even after it lost sight of you
-- Added proper LoS data checking to both of the "Face" ai trees
-- Fixed several units that were not set to require LoS when they actually should
-- Oompa grenadiers now strafe
-- Shotgunners and Grenadiers have better blend spaces set up so they move and strafe without floating along
-- Updated the WanderDelay AI tree to use NPC data instead of a hard coded delay value
-- Switched both drone factories to use the new WanderDelay tree (much more interesting base movement)
-- Enemies will no longer forget who you are if you walk behind a rock
-- Cleaned up a bunch of AIData breaks that have expanded with unnecessary extra data over the last few months
-- Tweaked how the Oompa Grenadier works in several ways to get it to work a bit better
-- Added a firing distance to the Oompa Grenadier based on its Far stat
-- The Oompa Grenadier now only shoots at you if he can reach you with his mortar
-- The Oompa Grenadier now adjusts his goal distance from the player to be equal to his mortar's range
-- Mortar projectiles now arm at the peak of their arc
-- Tweaked the goal radius and far stats on the Mutant Shotgunner to cause them to engage at more range
-- Turrets now split-body animate properly, have telegraphs, and have fire animations
-- Oompa diggers now use powerattacking to keep drilling you as long as you are in melee range
-- Fixed up Driller blend space for more visible feet motion
-- Added new firing nodes for Digger V1
-- Set up digger skeleton as a viable retarget option (English version - animations should no longer have them occasionally “float”)
-- Improved the charge path selection behavior so that charging enemies get stuck less
-- Marked various animations as being sized for the digger skeleton
-- Added ability to override firing node choices in CH_NPC
-- Oompa Diggers now destroy rocks with their giant drills

-- Added WallBouncers for your bouncy wall desires
-- Spikes extend on spikeballs only when walloped
-- Updated physics movement of spikeballs to be much bouncier
-- Spikeballs when spiky can now damage barrels and other occluders that take Physical damage
-- Added always-on spikeballs for trap rooms
-- Added the Shocker carnage item - a frequently usable low-damage stunning attack that refuels after only a few stylish moves (about 12 carnage points). If folks like this, we’re likely to move many more of these items over to a usable-a-few-times-per-combat design instead of the current use-every-few-rooms design. Either will still be possible, but we’ll treat the Carnage Item most often as a cooldown-based Ult more frequently than the expensive and rare utility item that the first few were filling the space of design-wise. Thoughts definitely welcome.
-- Shocker is now (temporarily?) the default carnage item for Decimus
-- Added spiked walls
-- Raised spawn rates of rocks vs other occluders to make bombs/hover/etc. a bit more valuable
-- Re-raised rate of random spikeball occluders (was set to trivially low for early F&F since they were unfun)
-- Added Wallbouncer/Shotgunner/Spikeball bounce fest room
-- Added propping for start room
-- Added blueprints for TVSet boom mic and crane camera
-- Added TV_Camera_Occluder
-- Main TV Stage set up
-- Added new spotlight occluders
-- Added collision to various stage meshes
-- Tagged up all stage assets and added to SpawnLeaves
-- Added (temporary) Oompa cameraman to the TV Camera

-- Added ability to select walls/view wall info to Room Editor
-- Added ability to add tags to walls and tiles to Room Editor
-- Cleaned up Room Editor old code
-- Room Editor can now set tags to use when using AutoWall
-- Added Room Editor buttons for Add/Delete rows and columns
-- Added IDamageable::IsCorpse and implementation on BaseCharacter

-- Added a few new ambient audio tracks to the project and set them up for use
-- Unified how ambient tracks are spawned and played during play
-- Added a system to swap between standard and crowd cheering ambient tracks depending on how close you are to a starting room, arena room, or boss room
-- Fixed inconsistent audio (and unimportant functionality) in the character select menu
-- Fixed an issue with attempting to change the game difficulty without missing saved run data
-- Removed the open floor arena sand pile decor pieces
-- The arena occluder sand piles now clear out when the occluder is destroyed
-- Added a sand pile to the arena spawn pod
-- Telekinetic Weapon's holder is now informed when you pick up/drop a weapon
-- Telekinetic electric sword has a custom trail displayed at all times for visibility
-- Fixed the fact that Orbit would sometimes not properly apply on walloping an enemy for the second time
-- Shover shield lights up when it blocks movement as well as when it blocks damage
-- Prevented infinite-bounce case for projectiles and wallbouncers
-- Bouncers no longer trigger on creatures that are immune to Movement, Walloping, or are undamageable
-- Bombs could occasionally still collide with player after expended (fixed)
-- Cleaned up Zap Sphere and added an easy Zap helper function to handle zap visuals
-- Added ability for Active Items to have their own animation notify so as not to confuse your current weapon with other attacks
-- Updated our wall decals to properly call out the current floor for all prison and security floors
-- Health bars for armored mobs are now grey (thanks @Seebo and @loginerror)
-- Fixed the custom render depth for several enemy weapons
-- Removed some edge tiles from the center of the compact arena room since their material fade does not work like the rest of the floor tiles
-- Fixed some issues with the oompa digger and his contact damage component
-- Added more consistent callbacks to the contact damage component
-- Hooked the new digging particle effects to the digger
-- Door cleanup
-- Cleaned up hierarchy/simplified between base doors, spiked, and locked doors
-- Added custom "spiked door" gate asset
-- Floating text cleanup - found and fixed that annoying persistent "sometimes the outline doesn't fade but everything else does" bug at long last
-- Fixed some issues with various firing nodes looping forever instead of firing once then stopping
-- Account item unlocks now work consistently on new runs
-- Fixed rare potential race condition in AudienceManager startup/FanGoal
-- Buff manager now saves and loads buff redirectors (unlocked viewer events didn’t always enter the spawn pool properly)
-- Fixed Boombadier mutation issue where both bombs spawned in the same space as each other
-- Bombs now collide with other bombs/movable occluders again
-- Fixed minor timing/visual issue with harpoon projectiles and Exit Wounds mutation
-- Fixed some pathing issues that had cropped up on several of our test levels
-- Horns now has a custom socket on the Warbot skeleton for Power Armor
-- Announcer Swoop can now parse messages and has various levels of overriding tags and text
-- Oompa cameraman better tracks player
-- Added ability to turn off player tracking for Boom mic
-- Fixed potential race condition on new account file
-- Fixed some issues with BuffStackGroups
-- Added logging to buff helper functions
-- Cleaned up buffs applied by HighlightCambots
-- The Highlight Cambots now fly away when combat ends in the room.
-- Made some quick changes to highlight cambots and scannerbots to let them work with short, reapplying buffs instead of permanent buffs they apply and remove
-- Merged Character Sheet and Encyclopedia
-- Added ability to list consumables and other items
-- Fixed tag error from minimap when dropping Shocker in a room
-- Started adding flavor text for more items
-- Fixed some issues with enemies not rotating to face you if they were standing right in your face
-- Fixed issues with the oompa digger getting stuck underground
-- Shocker no longer leaves you paralyzed if interrupted
-- Audience voting for items or viewer events unlocks them as "seen" in your encyclopedia
-- Turned off sparks/melee damage on Bombardier fists (since he no longer does melee)
-- Doors now properly lock down if there will be combat in the room immediately instead of waiting for the first enemy to spawn
-- Added ability for announcer to have blank messages and insta-interrupting priority announcements
-- Created new viewer event widget based on more modern style
-- Made viewer event widgets overlap with each other and boss room widgets
-- Locked door cages now block flying players from getting near the door
-- Lock failures now can no longer rapidly spawn multiple "Need Key" style texts
-- Removed old tags/code for Tutorial room controllers
-- Cleaned up (somewhat) announcing the end of arenas vs. Viewer Gifts
-- Fixed an issue that was causing broken rock pillars to slowly travel lower and lower into the ground each time you saved then loaded
-- Added attenuation to Bouncer sounds
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October 25

Friends & Family Patch 0.1.3

Major UI Overhaul
-- Based on feedback from y’all, we’re driving home more heavily our streaming/broadcasting arena theme in our visuals. This is most obvious now in the UI overhaul we’re doing, but soon you’ll see more in-game props and objects as well!
-- This overhaul is about 50% complete, so please excuse our dust with different widget funkiness in this pass.
-- The announcer can now pop up to, well, announce things! He’s announcing your boss battles, and will soon appear in other areas.
-- The audience members you earn are now called Fans as opposed to Viewers - these are the folks that like the cool moves you pull off (and carnage you generate) and send you gifts, etc..
-- The new UI elements should read as more clean and streamlined in various areas.
-- We’ve added a Fan Challenge widget (prototype implementation) to make it more obvious when your fans are getting ready to send you a gift.
-- Character Sheet visuals are improving.

New Features
-- Implemented Hard Mode basics. Not recommended for non-masochists with the current balance (everything but you goes faster). This will have content added going further.
-- Implemented New Run/Character Select prototype screen, during which you can select your difficulty mode. No other characters available (yet!)
-- Added Achievements Completed percentage bar to main menu.

-- Many animation tweaks - please keep an eye out for animation related issues - thanks!
-- First pass on adding various types of hazard pathing information so that enemies can avoid walking into traps like morons (unless they are flagged to be morons).
-- Poppers live fast, die young, and don't leave a corpse.
-- Drones break up better on death.
-- Spike Traps should be easier to see and telegraph their attack more clearly.
-- Animation revamps on the PC and various creatures.
-- Animations are properly marked with retarget sources. This should help some of the "floating" animations we see from time to time.
-- Juggernaut Boss attacks have been improved.
-- Juggernaut Boss bolas now spawn little lightning vortexes instead of fire as per his bigger attack.
-- Juggernaut Boss bullet-hell projectiles no longer allow "nice dodge" stylish moves.
-- Some cleanup of Juggernaut Boss locking rotation and location during various attacks.
-- Juggernaut Boss cleans up his AOE spell spam on death in a rough fashion.
-- Added martial arts animations for the claw attacks for Claw Gladiator and a future player claw weapon.
-- Some tweaks to root motion on some attacks.
-- Fixed issue with root animation and Powered Attack on Decimus.
-- Bombadier no longer has Rain of Rockets attack affected by Bounce viewer event. (rockets no longer wobble like Weebles on the ground, bouncing on their nose cones)
-- General rework of how psychic shields (and other sphere-based attachments) are handled for buffs. Keep an eye out for buff attachments acting unusually!
-- Updated the Drone Factory to always spawn its minions in the direction of the player.

-- Stopped the shopkeeper from cloning himself when the game saves.
-- Health machine still has some collision after it explodes.
-- Fixed two different bugs caused by using both the mouse and a controller at the same time in the main menu.
-- Bullet Time glow particle now cleans up after the projectiles expend.
-- Fixed long-standing potential bug with innate armor and saving -- please keep an eye out for issues with innate armor.
-- Shrapnelproof said it would give an innate armor but it did not.
-- Mutant Shotgunner heads no longer poke through their psychic shield.
-- Zooming during the tutorial monologue can no longer mess up the camera placement.
-- Arena camera zoom had oddness with zooming to the wrong spot.
-- Fixed hidden issue where if you could trigger a machine while it was mid-spawn it could end up in an odd state.
-- Killing yourself while playing with a Genetic Surgery will no longer put you in an odd paralyzed lifeless limbo, even though personally that seemed a fitting punishment for being so greedy. Admittedly it was a bug.
-- Arena edge tile skirts now hide themselves if over a pit.
-- Fixed a very subtle bug with healing from buffs that occasionally made levels 2+ have creatures explode like blood pinatas on spawn.
-- Shovers were dealing movement damage with their shield attacks, which is one of the kinds explicitly not blocked by post-hit immunity on the PC. In normal speech, this meant they could hit you many times on one shove. Fixed. Thanks @Justice and @Seebo.
-- Sand piles properly load when you come back from a save.
-- Fixed issue on the Oompa Digger that was allowing it to occasionally take damage while burrowing underground.
-- Fixed an issue where Oompa Diggers would never decide to dig under the ground until they had manually walked close to you at least once.
-- Fixed an issue with the Shover where it was setting its charge move mode after it had already chosen its path instead of before.
-- Fixed an issue where Highlight Cambots would target your little following camera drone.
-- Changed the AI package the Mini Spike Spider uses to a new one that has a delay between movements. Also slightly increased their Zip to help offset this additional slowdown.

-- Bombs no longer spin away if you are too close to rocks when placing them.
-- Removed the "free crate" from the first room and replaced it with an audience gift delivered at 10 fans.
-- Crates sent by the audience now have a “Fan Goal” meter making it more obvious when they are coming.
-- Tweaked where we aim the character in relation to where the mouse is pointing - helping melee swing accuracy.
-- Added new turret room to level 1 and 2 that is less tedious than the old one.
-- Increased the spawn rate of the cheering prisoners and adjusted the ratio of large to tiny prisoners.
-- Significant repair and clean-up to how tiles identify how far from the walls they are.
-- Cleaned up how the arena edge tiles place their skirt decor so it no longer interferes with the ability to place normal floor decor.
-- Added an additional variable to all tile decor placement so different tiles can use different exponential drop-off values.
-- Adjusted the various random decor values for arena tiles so that their floor decor looks good.
-- Added a new piece of arena decor... the spotlight!
-- Scaled up all elevators by 25% as they looked a little small and +50% looked too big.
-- Arena spotlights and prison security cameras now track movement better.
-- Added occluder sand piles to the arena.
-- Updated player character mesh and skin weights.
-- Added gold door material to vault doors.
-- Switched the fire jets to a more efficient particle setup.
-- Removed the AO from the spinning door lights to stop them drawing weird shadows on top of their doors.
-- Updated both current arena rooms to no longer spawn cages near you when you hit the start button to prevent you getting trapped by them.
-- Turned health bars back on for trivial (one-hit) enemies as not having them was confusing.
-- Disabled various VR plugins that were turned on in our project by default. (Thanks @loginerror!)
-- Slightly adjusted the pathing cost of hazardous tiles after playing around with several test cases.
-- Fixed issues with multiple bomb rock, fuse, or explosion sounds stacking on top of each other so much that it becomes painful to listen to.
-- Fixed an issue with two different occluder hit and death sounds that was causing them to stack too many copies of the same sound at the same time, resulting in a very bad sound.
-- End of room audio should step on each other much less frequently.
-- Added new cheering and ambient sounds.
-- Resetting account data resets your run settings and re-enables the tutorial mode.
-- Fresh installations should default to "Tutorial Enabled" for the first run.
-- Arena ambient cheering sounds can now play before the room is revealed.
-- Fixed some scaling and alignment issues with the TutorialMC's floating platform.
-- The elevator particle should no longer flicker. (the elevator was occluding the particle system)

-- Added machines to the debug spawn menu.
-- Manipulating life while not returning from a save will check to see if it kills you in more cases.
-- Fixed an issue where dev god mode was being half forgotten when you went down floors, putting it into a broken state.
-- Cheating more keys/coins also gives you more bombs.
-- Added ability for doors to choose whether or not they can unlock mid-combat. (we’ll be tweaking this somewhat going forward)
-- Added logging to track down a bug where Win Streaks can increment by 2. (please send repros if you find one!)
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About This Game

After the apocalypse, life continues in a world full of mutants, warbots, and REAL bloodsports drawing vicious audiences. You are a gladiator battling to escape this prison arena for the amusement and admiration of the bloodthirsty crowd. Your key to freedom? Win over viewers with crazy combos, earning strands of the Mutation Virus. Slaughtering with style generates the carnage needed to Go Viral.

Gone Viral is an over-the-top, randomly generated action melee/shooter with heavy roguelike elements, coming to Early Access in 2018. Unlock scores of mutations and weapons that fundamentally change your gameplay, doubling down on unique synergies and combinations of powers for a deep and deadly rogue-lite experience.

  • Pinball Combat: Weaponize your enemies by walloping 'em into other combatants and deathtraps to REALLY get fans excited. Is it a shooter or a melee game if you're using bad guys as projectiles?
  • Kill with Skill: Crazy combos earn the carnage your unhinged viewers love. They'll send you creatively deadly weapons, oddball gadgets, and strands of the Mutation Virus.
  • Go Viral: Mutations alter you and your attacks in fundamental, combinatorial ways. Every arena run and every near-inevitable death can be a unique experience.
Put the MUTATE in MUTILATE and the GORY in GLORY!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / 10 (64 bit only)
    • Processor: X64 Dual Core CPU, 2+ GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Discrete Non Mobile GPU with 1 GB Ram
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
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