After the apocalypse, life continues in a world full of mutants, warbots, and REAL bloodsports drawing vicious audiences. You are a gladiator battling to escape this prison arena for the amusement and admiration of the bloodthirsty crowd.
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January 3

Friends & Family Patch 0.1.7

Content and Polish Patch!
This week, we’re doing a relatively light patch as we’ve been doing holiday and New Years stuff with families. Even with that caveat, you should see some of the fruits of us entering a new content phase! Besides some polish and bugfixes, you’ll find a number of new rooms that showcase the enemies and traps on which we’ve been working. Enjoy!

-- The Champ now switches between weapon art and stances easily
-- The Champ handles his weapons properly during death and resurrection
-- Cleaned up some oddness in the rocket gladiator
-- Fixed several small issues and inconsistencies in the various gladiators
-- Fixed a few trails issues with the claw gladiator and the Champ
-- Fixed an issue where the claw gladiator would knock you around while you were invulnerable
-- Claw spiders are now stunned and drop their shields for 1 second on taking damage
-- Tweaked Claw Spider health down slightly
-- Adjusted npc data for all the gladiators and the champ

-- Added ~20 new rooms
-- Added mutation Pay2Win - Every attack attempt has a small chance to attempt to spend one coin. If the coin attempt succeeds, the PC gains Pride And Accomplishment (temporary boost to POW and reduction of "IT"). If it fails, gains L2P (reduces POW and raises "IT")
-- Added mutation Ossification - Lose a heart container for two innate armor (thanks for the suggestion @loginerror)
-- Added mutation Backstabber - Your attacks deal double damage when striking the rear of an enemy
-- Added mutation Headhunter - Bosses and minibosses lose 25% of health at the beginning of combat
-- Added mutation FTL - Dashes are now teleportation based!
-- Added gadget Portable Nuke - Just guess
-- Added gadget Lockpicks - Unlocks all unlockables in range (range extends with Gadgeteer)
-- Added gadget Magnetic Lure - Pull consumables from pits (or alternatively pull an entire combat room in towards you at once if you'd rather)
-- Rejiggered gadget spawn pools overall

-- Encyclopedia now shows stats for unlocked items
-- Moving pickup announcement to new style (not polished yet)
-- Fixed an issue with extra and unnecessary columns in the start room
-- Cauterized multiple areas where the old nameplate was in use for items (keep an eye out for oddness)
-- Set the proper class and attenuation settings in a sound that was missing them
-- Restructured attacks slightly across various characters - keep an eye out for possible minor issues
-- Fixed issue where keyboard focus could be stolen by various buttons in the character sheet/encyclopedia
-- Upgraded the ai tree that follows players to have a ton more functionality we can use for future mutations
-- Progress bar on main menu now brings up encyclopedia when clicked
-- Added map icons and display info for multi-bomb consumables
-- Made helper functions to set stencil depth values at appropriate colors
-- Made new version of WallShooter that always fires regardless of lockdown
-- Sawblade projectiles properly have their stencil buffer depth set
-- Split AI LoS into two different concepts for moving and shooting
-- Separated setting combat in AI into its own sub function that can be called independently
-- Fixed some bugs with enemies no longer turning to face you if you were already in movement range
-- Genetic Surgeries can now be used in combat by walloping/luring creatures onto them
-- Fixed a few bugs in CA_DripStuff that popped up when testing the new ftl mutation
-- Health Gamblers can now be used by NPCs in combat rooms
-- Removed the unused powerup tree from everything it had touched
-- Start screen progress bar now properly gives the content that you've interacted with as a percentage of total content rather than just sticking at 60% forever
-- Encyclopedia pages show how many entries have been unlocked fully/total entries per section
-- Fixed an issue where broken spike ball occluders were being saved as unbroken
-- Added error logging to failed ai movement
-- Fixed wrong font on Reset Save File button on main menu options
-- Polished reward pickup widget
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December 14, 2018

Friends & Family Hotfix


We had a few irritating bugs in yesterday’s patch and experimenting with our hotfix process is important as we move towards closed beta and eventually Early Access.

Bug Fixes
-- Made Projectile_Detector physics presets to attempt to fix a build collision issue with OrbitalShield
-- Character sheet mutations now bring up descriptions properly
-- Fixed a bug where the room detector for the shopkeeper outfit would block bullets in certain builds
-- Fixed an issue where applying a buff twice that had an ignore stack group would break certain builds

Other Changes
-- Slightly lowered the oompa grenadier's health to account for their innate point of armor
-- Slightly shortened the sword gladiator's sword as it was a bit too dangerous, especially during the whirlwind charge
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About This Game

After the apocalypse, life continues in a world full of mutants, warbots, and REAL bloodsports drawing vicious audiences. You are a gladiator battling to escape this prison arena for the amusement and admiration of the bloodthirsty crowd. Your key to freedom? Win over viewers with crazy combos, earning strands of the Mutation Virus. Slaughtering with style generates the carnage needed to Go Viral.

Gone Viral is an over-the-top, randomly generated action melee/shooter with heavy roguelike elements, coming to Early Access soon. Unlock scores of mutations and weapons that fundamentally change your gameplay, doubling down on unique synergies and combinations of powers for a deep and deadly rogue-lite experience.

  • Pinball Combat: Weaponize your enemies by walloping 'em into other combatants and deathtraps to REALLY get fans excited. Is it a shooter or a melee game if you're using bad guys as projectiles?
  • Kill with Skill: Crazy combos earn the carnage your unhinged viewers love. They'll send you creatively deadly weapons, oddball gadgets, and strands of the Mutation Virus.
  • Go Viral: Mutations alter you and your attacks in fundamental, combinatorial ways. Every arena run and every near-inevitable death can be a unique experience.
Put the MUTATE in MUTILATE and the GORY in GLORY!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / 10 (64 bit only)
    • Processor: X64 Dual Core CPU, 2+ GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Discrete Non Mobile GPU with 1 GB Ram
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
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