Fight to survive on a mysterious alien planet, outwit its vicious inhabitants, and do whatever it takes to find a way off that wretched rock.
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22 kwietnia 2019

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Kup Zombotron


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Zombotron Localization and Trading Card Update!

你好, Olá, Hallo, Bonjour!

We are happy to announce that Zombotron is now available in Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German! We’re excited so many new players will have the opportunity to play Zombotron in their native languages.

Additionally, we are happy to announce Steam Trading Cards, together with profile badges, background images and chat emoticons for you to collect. We wouldn’t have reached this tier without the support of you, our fans.

And now, for the last part of this update, the bug fixes!


* Added, Simplified Chinese translation.
* Added, Brazilian Portuguese translation.
* Added, French translation.
* Added, German translation.
* Fixed, if you finish the last level without a car, then there will be no car in the final cut-scene.
* Fixed, if you open a chest standing on the elevator and activate the elevator when dumping things, when the elevator is offset the position for resetting things will be updated (Commonly seen after Spider boss).
* Fixed problems with cut-scenes at Stone Golem Boss level.
* Fixed problems with the overlapping texts and interfaces with a large interface in some resolutions.
* Fixed some display issues on large interfaces.
* Fixed various errors in the text.
* Fixed issue with getting the elevator stuck on the Scavengers Base if you skip the cut-scene before the ambush.
* Fixed issue with camera getting stuck if you quickly leave the car and jump inside again.

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Zombotron Patch v1.1.1

Hello everyone!

It's been a whirlwind since Zombotron released last week! We're really enjoying the warm welcome Zombotron has received so far. Of course, some people had a bit of a rougher experience than others.

Since the release, we have carefully monitored everyone's feedback and comments, good and bad, all of which helped us identify some rough patches in the game that we had grown too accustomed to, as well as helping us track a number of bugs. Today we are pleased to present you the first patch that solves many of the reported problems. The update has made more than a hundred different changes integrating quality of life changes, bug-fixes, and balance tweaks.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for- Patch Notes for Zombotron v1.1.1

  • Added option that allows to disable the screen shakes.
  • Added option that allows to invert the axis for gamepads, as some gamepads may have incorrect inversion by default.
  • Added glyphs for the Nintendo Pro Controller.
  • Added glyphs for the DualShock (2-3-4) controllers.
  • Added glyphs for the Steam controller.

Gameplay Changes
  • Increased ammo, and healing item drop rate.
  • Decreased baseline enemy and boss HP and damage.
  • Randomized melee weapon attack animations.
  • Added delay to explosive barrels that are triggered by player melee attacks to prevent immediate death.
  • Players no longer lose equipment (helmet and current weapon) on death.
  • Barrels do not explode from melee attacks.
  • Added second checkpoint to the location with the Spider Boss.
  • Added stun and smoke grenades.

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Player Movement: Increased speed when walking backwards, decreased the input lag, improved the jumping system, fixed damage problems when falling from small heights, fixed hangs on the ceiling, removed unwanted friction with walls and doors.
  • Reduced chance of weapon stuck in the store dispenser.
  • Indicators for dynamic interactive things are displayed on top of all design layers and are visible anywhere.
  • Revamped pause system for the physical world that solves a lot of problems associated with the pause.
  • Adjusted Elevator puzzle, and added additional UI that shows where the buttons send the elevators.
  • Tweaked level design on the some levels.
  • Smoothed the difficulty curve on bosses.

  • Fixed issue of losing items during the final spawn on a checkpoint.
  • Fixed issues when switching the interface to large (interface elements did not update their positions with changes).
  • Fixed issue where Boss Spider did not receive damage from melee attacks.
  • Fixed issue where sound effects were not properly affected by the options menu sliders.
  • Fixed issue with the progress bars for the save slots.
  • Fixed performance issue in the later levels.
  • Fixed issues with third-party gamepads that resulted in a critical error.
  • Fixed infinite spawning of enemies in the Ambush level. Enemies should now be capped at 10.
  • Fixed minor text errors.
  • Fixed issue where items and experience would fall through the elevator.
  • Removed mines from the game.
  • And lot's of others minor fixes and improvements.

Thank you so much for playing Zombotron. If you previously had a less than amazing experience we do hope these changes help you have a great time with the game.

If you want to learn more about Zombotron before anyone else, join us in our Discord:
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“Zombotron is a definitely good side-scrolling shooter with an old-school feel to it mixed with modern elements and mechanics. Surely, a game to keep an eye on, and a safe bet for fans of platformers and shooters.”

“"Everything you've likely ever wanted from the series— and more."”
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O tej grze

A brand new entry to the Zombotron series!

Blaze Rush is a mercenary desperate for a job. In search of an easy payday he follows a distress beacon to the surface of a dangerous planet and the remains of an ancient crash site. There he finds a mystery that will test his strength, his resolve, and every gun in his arsenal. Zombotron features an arsenal of weapons and armor, enemies that hate each other as much as they hate you, and really nice explosions for an experience that’s out of this world.

Why go for headshots when you can drop a zombie down an elevator shaft? Or crush them beneath a pile of rubble. Or set of an elaborate daisy-chain of dynamite around them. Or run them over in an ATV. Or... you get the idea.


  • Crush foes with elevators, send them flying with explosives, run them down in vehicles, and much, much more.
  • Lock and load with a variety of weapons to become a consummate badass.
  • Discover the secrets of the planet Zombotron in an engaging, camp-tastic storyline.
  • Customize Blaze's armor to be the space-faring badass you've always wanted to be.

Ant.Karlov has been a game developer for 14 years. You might be familiar with some of his web-games on sites like Armor Games, Newgrounds, and Kongregate, including games like Fire Catcher, Alien Transporter, Mining Truck, Knighttron and Mushroomer. Zombotron is Ant.Karlov's first premium title and builds upon over a decade of gameplay and design experience.

Wymagania systemowe

Mac OS X
    • System operacyjny: Windows 7
    • Procesor: 1.8 GHz
    • Pamięć: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Wersja 11
    • Miejsce na dysku: 900 MB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • System operacyjny: Windows 10
    • Procesor: 2.3 Ghz
    • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
    • Procesor: 1.8 GHz
    • Pamięć: 2 GB RAM
    • Miejsce na dysku: 900 MB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • Procesor: 2.3 Ghz
    • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM

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