Crash-landed on a surreal, low-poly world filled with freakish inhabitants, choose between permadeath and non-permadeath modes and embark on an epic (and ridiculous) survival adventure. Will you manage to stay alive as you unravel the mysteries of Wrongworld and search for a way home?
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May 11, 2018

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November 13

Update 1.2.2 (13th November)

I've just pushed out Update 1.2.2, but it's nothing to get particularly excited about... It's just a few minor fixes, all relating to the way house building works.

I've been aware of a bug for a while now that could potentially cause you to teleport up into the roof of your house after crafting a structure while indoors, generally resulting in you getting trapped and being unable to move, which was less than ideal! Well, I'm 99.9% sure I've finally got to the bottom of it, and this update should (hopefully) fix that issue once and for all. Hurray! :)

I'm still hard at work sorting out the Mac and Linux versions, but, as they were taking a little longer than expected, I didn't want to delay getting this fix live, so I thought I'd push out this update now instead, pathetically small and uninteresting though it is!

So, that's all for now. Fingers crossed, it won't be too long now until I get the Mac and Linux versions out and get back to working on new content, but, in the meantime, if you have any feedback or encounter any problems, please just let me know. And feel free to come and say hello on the Wrongworld Discord.
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October 26

Update 1.2.1 (26th October)

Update 1.2.1 has arrived, so Steam should do its thing and download it for you soon. Here come the details:

----- CUSTOM GAME MODE -----
As well as the usual Easy/Normal/Hard/Creative modes, you'll now find a "Custom Mode" option when starting a new game.

In this mode, you can tweak a bunch of different settings before starting, like World Size, Day Length, the rate of Hunger Loss, whether Permadeath is enabled, and a bunch of other settings about the world, player and beasties.

If you keep Permadeath enabled but lower the difficulty using any of the other settings, you'll still be able to earn XP, but at a reduced rate.

I'll most likely be expanding on the range of customisable settings some more in future, but this hopefully gives a nice starting point.

Once you've built an Electronics Workbench, you'll now be able to craft an Indoor Lamp to brighten up your home.

These lights will only work when placed in your house, and they will never cast shadows (for performance reasons).

A few other crafting recipes have been renamed:

- Spotlight > Security Spotlight (to help clarify it's designed to be an outdoor light that scares off Slug Beasts).
- Stone Wall > Garden Wall (to help clarify that it's an outdoor thing and is not designed to be used to wall-off a Modular House Tile... I've seen a few people do that before they realised they needed to use Construction Mode to add walls).
- Wooden Fence > Garden Fence (just to help bring it in line with the new name for the Stone/Garden Wall).

You can now use the Settings > Graphics Menu to toggle Motion Blur independently from the other Post Processing settings.

I've made a few changes to the way the house editing system works when using Construction Mode to interact with a Modular House Tile:

- While editing a tile, the walls will no longer block the camera (so you have a better view of the changes you're making).
- If you're stood on top of a tile when you rotate it, it will no longer rotate the player along with it... You'll remain in the same location/rotation instead.
- After making changes to a tile and closing the House Editing UI, the game will move you into the middle section of the tile if it detects you could might be potentially obstructed by a wall.
- I've extended the interaction range of Construction Mode, so you can stand a little further away things now.

I'm also aware of a rare intermittent bug that can cause you to teleport up into the roof of your house after building a structure inside your home, resulting in you being unable to move. While I continue to look into squishing that naughty bug, I've made it possible to open the House Editing UI by interacting with the flat roof section of your house, not just the floor tile. In other words, if you do end up trapped in the roof of your house, you can simply enable Construction Mode, look down, and edit the house, temporarily removing the roof as necessary to set yourself free!

Oh, and I've also fixed an issue that may have caused the windows to misbehave, remaining hidden when they should have been visible.

The style of the marker that highlights your lock-on target has been updated... It's now 4 little arrows surrounding the target rather than 1 above them. The arrows are now also visible through things, so you can keep track of your target even if it wanders behind scenery.

Also, there was previously a slight flaw in the logic used to determine which enemy to lock on to, meaning that it didn't always target the nearest enemy. That's been fixed now, so it should always reliably target the nearest enemy.

If the game detects that a player doesn't seem to be using the Auto-Collect system (holding RMB to automatically pick up nearby items), it'll pop up a new style of tip that should (hopefully) be impossible to ignore.

- Rabbit Beasts should be less inclined to lurk up on the roof of your house indefinitely now. They might still end up on a roof, but they'll be quick to teleport back down if they detect the player is outside and in range of their attacks but they don't have line of sight.
- When Trees/Rocks wobble while being harvested, they should be less likely to punt nearby items into the distance.
- Added a bit of text next to the Hotbar to help clarify it exists.
- Opening the Inventory/Crafting Menu now cancels Interacting (e.g. chopping a tree/smashing a rock/moving a structure via Construction Mode).
- Pressing LMB to confirm the location of a craftable structure while the Inventory/Crafting menu is open will now automatically close the UI.
- The stack size of items is now shown when targetting an item (e.g. "Grab 10 Wood").
- Reduced the potential maximum speed for vertical movement of the camera when the Inventory is open.
- Updated a few tips to explicitly state the control in question (e.g. "Hold Right Mouse" instead of "Hold Interact"), and refocused all tips to explain only keyboard controls (eventually, I'll have the game detect if a controller is being used, and update the tips accordingly).
- Added a few new tips and changed the timing of a couple more.
- Added a sound effect that plays when a Getting Started Tip appears.
- Fixed an issue that I added in the last update which may have caused equipment visibility issues the first time you equipped something.
- Fixed an issue that caused the crafting progress bar to disappear if you opened the Inventory or Crafting Menu while crafting something.
- Tweaked the way the ship controls work during the Credits (previously, the speed of the rotation of the ship changed depending on your frame rate, but it should now be the same across all frame rates. Also, I've changed the way the ship rotates towards the direction of the ship's velocity, because I've seen it freak out a little in various YouTube vids... I've never been able to recreate that myself, so I'm not sure if the changes I've made will make any difference, but it certainly shouldn't make things any worse! I'll have to keep an eye on any new videos to see if the problem crops up again).
- It is no longer possible to mount the Hamster while Contruction Mode is active.
- Fixed an issue with the Jet Pack which may have prevented you from avoiding a face-plant by pressing Space if you had any fuel remaining.
- The Jet Pack fuel now recharges much faster in Creative Mode, and the Teleporter recharges almost instantly too.
- You can no longer stand on Boxy McBox's head. He didn't like it.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the removal of the Robot's Room Status UI if he kicked you out of his lair.
- Fixed an exploit with The Sword In The Slug (rapidly equipping/unequipping massively increased the chance of its special anti-Slug effect triggering).
- Updated the collision of the Boxing Ring mesh to (hopefully) help prevent beasties from getting knocked through it.
- Reduced the Health/Hunger penalty for quitting while in a boss lair/cave.
- Fixed an issue that caused weapon effects to temporarily remain visible after boarding your ship and beginning the end-game cut-scene.

That's all for now! Next on my to-do list are Mac and Linux versions. I was initially planning to have those ready in time for this update, but the Custom Mode things took a little longer than expected. Fingers crossed, they should be ready in the next week or two.

After that, it's time for me to start work on 1.3, the main focus of which will be a big chunk of new content/events/POIs etc... I think :)

As always, if you have any feedback or encounter any problems, please do let me know. And feel free to come and say hello on the Wrongworld Discord.
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“A free-roaming survival game that’s easily the best I’ve played in years.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“A game that you should experience, even if you feel as if you have already experienced everything that this genre has to offer.”

“Wrongworld is better than sleep.”
Gaming Nexus

About This Game

Crash-landed on a surreal, low-poly world filled with freakish inhabitants, choose between permadeath and non-permadeath modes and embark on an epic (and ridiculous) survival adventure. Will you manage to stay alive as you unravel the mysteries of Wrongworld and search for a way home?


Thrown in at the deep end, you'll have to figure out the world for yourself, while hopefully not dying in the process. But you probably will. That's okay, though - just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try to learn from your fatal experience. And with a choice of permadeath and non-permadeath modes, you can tweak the difficulty to suit your needs.


Gather resources from across the land, craft all kinds of awesome gear, and build yourself an epic new home. From basics like campfires, simple tools and cooked meals all the way to jet packs, magic potions, nuclear-powered vacuum cleaners and maybe even a replacement rocket ship.


It might be a brutal world, but you may as well chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all as you go. Obliterate trees with your forehead, fast travel as a non-human cannonball, and become best friends with a cardboard box.


The world is completely randomly generated with every new game. And with a bunch of random events to discover/be subjected to, you're likely to face different hurdles every time you play.


"I don't think I've been this excited for a game in a while... This is just so much fun!"

"Better than it has any right to be."
Jim Sterling

"I love your game."

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Yes, a processor is required. My 2011 middle-of-the-road laptop can just about cope. But to err on the side of caution and also try to sound a little less clueless about hardware, I'll say an Intel i3 or better is probably wise.
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: You don't need a beast - as mentioned above, my ancient laptop (it's called Larry, by the way) has something known as a Radeon HD 6520G stuffed inside it, and it can just about deliver 30fps with all the settings on "Low". Definitely wouldn't want to go older/lamer than that, but the fact you're actually looking at 3-dimensional games on Steam makes me think you've probably already got that covered. But it is quite important that your graphics card supports DirectX 11. Things can get a little wonky on DX10.
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: As far as I can tell, any on-board chip should work. At least, none of the test machines I have access to have had any problems with sound.

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