Within the Cosmos is a single-player first-person sci-fi RPG. You awaken from cryogenic sleep, and shortly after, you and your crew get attacked by an unknown enemy. As you explore multiple planets to try to find answers, your choices and actions will determine how the story unfolds.
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August 30, 2019
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14 Tháng 8

Delayed until 30 August, and changes based on feedback

Hi everyone!

Over the last few weeks, I've received a large amount of feedback from the 8 minute gameplay video I uploaded. Since then, I've been taking all of that feedback, and have been using it to improve the game.

Changes based on feedback include:
  • AI: Added cover system for AI.*
  • AI: Enemies now vocalise their state changes.
  • AI: Enemies react to being hit, as opposed to just taking the damage without much of an indicator that they've been hit.
  • AI: Enemies accuracy has been changed. They are now less accurate.
  • Animation: Facial animations have been improved*
  • UI: Improved visibility of the hit marker.
  • UI: Damage indicator no longer makes the screen flash red. It now only flashes the edges of the screen, and the intensity of the red has been dialed down to be less jarring.
  • UI: The Inventory UI has been changed, as the one in the trailer was simply a placeholder.*
  • Sound Design: Footsteps, and dialogue used to drown out the background noise/background music. This has been improved since then.*
  • Sound Design: Gunshot sounds were drowned out by ambient sounds. This has also been improved.*

* - Still being worked on

Thank you to all of you for the feedback!

The process of optimising the game has taken a bit longer than I expected. I have decided to delay it by 2 weeks, until the 30th of August. This additional time will be used to continue polishing the game, as I work on nailing down the system requirements. I understand that this delay (and the last 2 delays) could cause some frustration to those who are interested, but I hope you can understand that my intention is to release this in the best state it can possibly be in, and I don't want to rush this.

I was hoping to update the release date a couple of days ago, but the process of changing the date on Steam is a bit more time consuming now. As the game is nearing its launch, and as a solo-dev, time is certainly not something I have in abundance at the moment. I apologise for this last-minute change.

(I've already submitted the release date change, just waiting for them to update it.)

Thank you all SO much for all the support, feedback, and interest in Within the Cosmos! I'm looking forward to the day you all get to play it, and when we can shape the future of this game together!

I hope you'll look forward to the launch trailer!

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28 Tháng 7

8 minutes of gameplay, and a slight delay

Hey everyone!

It's time to finally show you all some gameplay! I was hoping to record this earlier in the month, but I had some unfortunate setbacks. Either way, here's an updated look at Within the Cosmos, along with its new release date. The video is just under 8 minutes long. Some things are still being worked on, mainly the UI and audio. I hope you all enjoy it!


Now, regarding the release date change. About 2 weeks ago or so, UE4 crashed while I was working, and it corrupted one of the files that included one of the planets. I had to revert to an old save I had of it (about 2-3 weeks old at the time), and I've been working all day and night, re-doing all the work I've done since then. I was hoping I'd be able to make up the lost work, and still finish on time for the 1st of August, but I now see that that's impossible. As a result, the game will be delayed by roughly 2 weeks. The new release date is 16 August.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and for the short notice. I hope you'll still look forward to the game!

Thank you all for your lovely comments, and wishlists! <3

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Về trò chơi này

Within the Cosmos is a single-player first-person sci-fi RPG.

The year is 2278, and humanity is on the verge of extinction. You are one of 500 people who work for UESA (United Earth Space Agency) who were put in cryogenic sleep and sent to the planet 'Berith II'. You were sent there to preserve the human race, as they are fighting a war they will not win. Berith II is a planet that is tucked away in the Adallio star system, a system that is hidden, and far from the war. However, once you arrive, you and your crew come under attack by an unknown enemy, and it is up to you to figure out who is behind the attack, and why.

  • CREATE YOUR CHARACTER: With the ability to create your characters appearance, and customise the various armour types available, you can truly create a character that is your own.

  • ATTRIBUTES: Distribute your Attribute points to help shape your characters skills. Want to solve things scientifically? Increase your intelligence! Want to make an agile, stealth oriented character? Increase your Agility! How about resolving potential issues through dialogue? Increase your Charisma!

  • FACTIONS: Encounter factions with different ideals, beliefs, and morals. Join them, betray them, or fight them. It's all up to you!

  • EXPLORATION: Explore hand-crafted planets in the Adallio star system. As you try to unwrap the mystery that has befallen you and your crew mates, you will make choices which will affect the way the story develops; along with how your companions and others perceive you, and end game scenarios.

  • CHOICES: There are always choices, and multiple approaches to complete objectives. Approach NPC's to try and extract information through dialogue, take the stealth approach and sneak behind them, or simply shoot through your enemies using a wide variety of weapons.

  • WEAPON CUSTOMISATION: Weapons can be upgraded, and customised to your liking. With various skins and attachments, you can easily customise the weapons to suit your play style.

  • PERKS: Modules will allow you to upgrade your character in various ways; giving you multiple new abilities and perks you can use in and out of battle. Obtain modules by completing missions, finding them in the world, or by leveling up!

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