Play WITH YOUR FRIENDS locally or online in this fast-paced party brawler. Compete against each other in this fun filled, hilarity ensuing, adrenaline pumping, caffeine consuming, all out brawl fest.
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Jul 18, 2018

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July 6

Apocalypse Update!

Hey everyone, we've been hard at work and wanted to bring to you our biggest updates!

7 new weapons!

It wouldn't be an Apocalypse without a demonic weapon!
  • Primary Attack : Swing your scythe and heal for half the damage you deal
  • Secondary Attack : Drastically slow down the movement speed of nearby players
  • Ability : Deal damage to every player, if this damage kills them, gain permanent health for the round

Divine Intervention at its finest
  • Primary Attack : Slam down, knocking players infront of you into the air
  • Secondary Attack : Release a nova that will send players flying
  • Ability : Summon a Divine chain that will either drag a player to you or you to a wall

Zork's famous minigun, used during his last stand
  • Primary Attack : Spray n Pray baby
  • Secondary Attack : Slam down, knocking back nearby players and dealing heavy damage
  • Ability : Explosive rounds for a short period of time

I am the Law! (Don't sue us, this is entirely a parody)
  • Primary Attack : Block all damage from infront of you
  • Secondary Attack : Fire your gun
  • Ability : Change the fire mode of your gun (Rapid fire, Grenade, Double Whammy)

America's favorite past time, as a weapon
  • Primary Attack : Swing, knocking back anyone you hit
  • Secondary Attack : Slam down infront of you
  • Ability : Knock back nearby players, if those players hit other players while flying, they get knocked back too! Mayhem!

We made a weapon in the memory of Shenobi
  • Primary Attack : Slash
  • Secondary Attack : Block, if you are dealt damage teleport behind the player that damaged you
  • Ability : Fire 9 Kunai in a 90 degree arc

We thought we'd weaponize Stanley The Pimp into a pimp cane.
  • Primary Attack : Swing your cane wildly
  • Secondary Attack : Keep that pimp hand strong
  • Ability : Summon Succubitches above each player, when they land they deal AOE damage and leave behind sweet sweet cash

a new hat

The foam finger is a reward for anyone that logs in before we hit full release on the 19th this month!

New Feats
  • Thorns (Reflect 25% of the damage you receive)
  • Necromaniac (Summon a zombie upon death)
  • Chronologist (Reduce Cooldowns by 40%)
  • Venture Capitalist (Earn 25% more money)
  • Swindler (Gain money equal to 5% of the damage you do)
  • Entrepreneur (Players you kill, drop a pile of cash)

Damage system Overhaul

Stagger System
If a player takes more than 8 damage from a source, they will be staggered for a short duration. While Staggered they cannot use their first or second attacks. Timing your attacks is much more important now.

Improved Damage Detection
Taking 8 damage or more will cause a player to be knocked back (scaled based on how much damage is being dealt). To improve this system we now feed the actual location you were damaged from. This creates a richer experience as you can now control where you knock players into.

More impactful kills
Killing a player now slows down time and desaturates the screen for a short period of time.

Cooldown adjustment
Cooldowns now carry over between deaths, to prevent spawn spamming.

More ways to make Space Bucks

For an easy payment of $9.99... just kidding!

You now earn whatever space-bucks you gained during the tournament, no more arbitrary values!

To help make money, we've added 5 Money Events! These are events that randomly happen while playing the Live! gamemode

  • Zombie Invasion (summons zombies that drop cash on death)
  • Sqorble Slayer (Summons a cute defenseless creature that drops a pile of cash when you murder it)
  • Madness (Randomly become confused but always drop cash for a medium duration)
  • Money Pool (A money pool spawns, stand on it to make the big bucks!)
  • Mystery Crates (Break open the crates, some have dynamite while others have load of cash!)

Diva gives 50 space bucks per tick as well!

While playing, you can use your in match Space Bucks to buy from the shops that are around the map!

Weapon Adjustments
C'thonic Horror
  • Changed primary attack to stagger bouncing, along with averaging wall normal and angle to nearest player in order to allow for more hitting.

  • Changed secondary to stay locked on even if you're not looking at the player, as long as they stay within range of you. It also heals you now.

  • Changed ultimate to make the Fear Object fly away from you, forcing nearby players to walk towards it.

Magic Cookbook
  • Changed secondary attack to be one big biscuit to lower screen clutter.
  • Changed the Clif'Skitter to deal damage to everyone infront of it.
El Pollo Loco's Belt
  • Changed animation for both primary and secondary attacks, also added a cool knockback effect for secondary.

Quality of Life
  • Added the settings menu to Lobby page
  • Changed player circle image to a hexagon with a dot
  • If a player gets knocked back, they will now have a trail to make it easier to follow
  • Added a number value on the health bar for easy readablity
  • Added damage numbers to players taking damage, damage they take is their color
  • Removed unique skin colors and replaced them with player colors, this allows for easier tracking of your character
  • Player Blood is always red now, the varied color before was causing players to get lost in a sea of wtf is happening
  • Players now have a fresnel on them with their player color
  • Added the ability to change the Resolution Scale percentage, this is the easiest thing to change if you have low frame rates.
  • Removed bot banter to prevent screen clutter

  • Players joining in late keep teleporting between pads
  • Some weapons were damaging the owner
  • a bug that made people permanently invulnerable
  • a bunch of CTF related bugs
  • a bug where players in lobby would just turn around
  • a bug that made hazards not deal damage
  • showing DWU when first joining
  • where powerups would give the wrong powerup
  • shotgun was auto aiming
  • players were getting hit by dead players (Spooky)
  • some walls were missing a special NonFloor trace channel
  • the train was only dealing 100 damage, so some players were living past it.
  • a bug where bots would look at you but not attack
  • front menu had an overlap for the accept/cancel buttons
  • damage numbers were not showing proper values
  • a pretty nasty bug, if a player was afk for more than 90 seconds they would get deleted...harsh
  • power ups didn't have names
  • Flag attacks were missing sounds
  • Some objects were not being rendered in a custom depth buffer
  • Honey would spam sounds and cause my ears to bleed
  • Gym ropes did not bounce you if you stood on top of them
  • a bug that caused players to spawn inside of each other...intimate
  • some menus would stay open when the round would start
  • Murder room had a countdown prompt
  • Right click on Cthonic was not setting Last Hitter
  • Music was restarting every time someone took a massive amount of damage
  • Controller was skipping first section of feats in the shop
  • Overhead lights in lobby was washing out player 2
  • Some items were not getting darkened after purchase
  • Character Skeleton was missing two bones
  • Player stats were not getting reset
  • D'anos Sword was dealing 10x damage it should have been
  • Scoring was not properly working at the end of round
  • Bear Trap wasn't replicating properly
  • Victory camera wasn't resetting when winner died
  • Kill Z Volume was too high
  • The word dead was backwards for player 2 and 4
  • Kill feed was showing up during victory and stat screen
  • Bloom was super high in a few levels
  • Player was spawning without a head in the front menu
  • Players would sometimes float away....gtfo rapture
  • Players were not properly getting points for scoring in CTF
  • An infinite loop would happen with reflect damage
  • Was unable to put a password in to join a game
  • Some damage volumes were blocking projectiles and traces
  • Players would be larger than life in menu sometimes...egotistical bastards
  • If diva quit while everyone was alive, the game would break
  • Players would get stuck in winning podium
  • Hit detection for melee weapons was absolute shit for Clients
  • Returning to lobby showed a "press a to join" even if a player was there in local matches
  • Idle voice lines would carry into the match
  • movement on the X-Axis was un-clamped and lead to weird angles
  • Grinder has some weird collision in it
  • Confusion wasn't working properly
  • Volumes for voices were not normalized or mastered
  • Was missing Onslaught music
  • Announcer voice wasn't being lowered
  • Player 3 circle was pink not yellow
  • Repeater sound had no attenuation
  • Some hats were missing invulnerability FX

Other Adjustments
  • Tenacious prevents being staggered
  • Remodeled the Stylish Hair
  • Updated the visuals for the Murder Room and Omega Station
  • Invincible's FX has been updated
  • Added a EULA

Updated Coldsnap

Updated Gridlock

If you would like to join our Discord, join us at
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March 22

Resurgence Update

Hey everyone!

I've been hard at work on this patch!
A lot of stuff has been re-balanced / fixed / destroyed / eaten.

First the juicy new stuff!

A new game-mode

Onslaught : Players have infinite lives, but each time they die their respawn timer increases. The match ends when 1 or no players are left alive at any point.

3 new hats!

A brand new feat system, unlock feats to cater game-play more to your play style!

Instead of having just the boring health, we've implemented a power up system.

New Maps!?

Grinder : Fight near a giant conveyor belt that will drag you to your death!

Grid Lock : Battle on top of a building top with a low hazard environment!

Cold Snap : Watch your step, because the ice cubes sink as you stand on them!

CTF Fixes!

We fixed up the effects for the flags along with making the flags server authenticated to ensure weird stuff happens less often. We also broke up the path to the flag so that it's not just a spam war anymore.

Tiki - Madness

Island Siege (probably going to get renamed soon)

Patriot Falls

Alright now lets get to the technical stuff!


C'thonic Horror
Primary - Increased damage, beam will bounce on second bounce towards nearby players.
Secondary - Longer beam.
Ability - reduced frequency of zapping but increased damage.

Primary - Damage reduced to 3 per shot.

Secondary - No longer insta-kills people.

Frying pan
Secondary - No Longer insta-kills people.

Energy blades
Primary - increased damage to 20
Secondary - increased damage to 30
Ability - Increased cooldown to 12 seconds

Movement - increased movement speed

Weapon Adjustments/Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the queen bee to hit the shooter on clients.
  • Fixed a bug where rocket launcher was colliding with the rockets it was firing on clients.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the ray guns stun to not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Magic Cookbook's biscuits would not damage players. (damn unionized baked goods)
  • Fixed a bug with the Fear Object was blocking projectiles.
  • Added a visual indicator of range for Timed Explosives.
  • Increased the aim assist volume size for ranged weapons (RBW, Rocket
  • Launcher and Full Hog do not use aim assist(who wants aim assist on a shotgun anyways?!?!))
  • Fixed a bug where the queen bee was being killed by stingers

Gameplay Adjustments/Fixes
  • Cleaned up clutter by reducing time most particles stay on screen.
  • Players gib when they die, the blood they leave behind is their player color.
  • Added a slight slowdown and color desaturation when a player dies.
  • Removed a bunch of host options the adjust gameplay (Some of these were creating undesirable results and I would rather create custom gamemodes from them)
  • Added a brand spanken new in-game hud, where the players take up the corners of the screen.
  • Adjusted the visuals in the rest of the hud to have a more uniform design.
  • Adjusted ailment system so things like bleeding / stunning can be displayed better.
  • You can no longer join a game in progress ( once they've returned to lobby you're more than welcome to join them)
  • Increased the amount you get from tournaments to 7300-9000 from 4000 (make that money!)
  • Chat messages have a sexy fade in and out now.
  • Apparently local multiplayer was broken, fixed that, invite some friends over now.
  • Added a press "a" to join while in local multiplayer.
  • Adjusted player name sizes in game.
  • Added banter to lobby screen while waiting after a while.
  • Removed Ballhalla (its been a love hate relationship, and i finally said enough was enough)
  • Added audio ducking when the announcer talks

  • Completely streamlined customization to get rid of hiccups in both gameplay and lobby. (seeing an average of 30 fps gain)(really its a big deal)
  • Reduced texture sizes in a lot of areas to decrease texture memory usage.
  • Rewrote chat system so that lag doesn't delete your messages.
  • Changed when players saved so swapping stuff in lobby should feel smoother than a wet turtle.

I fixed a bunch of other stuff but i forgot to write it down because i'm more disorganized than a cat in a box factory.

Per usual, if you like our game or have a bug / complaint/ compliment/ clairvoyant moment join our discord at ask for Aaron he's a swell guy.

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About This Game


Play WITH YOUR FRIENDS locally or online in this fast-paced party brawler. Compete against each other in this fun filled, hilarity ensuing, adrenaline pumping, caffeine consuming, all out chaotic brawl fest.

Current features
  • 12 Exciting Maps
  • 5 Chaotic Game-Modes
  • 80+ unlock-able cosmetics
  • Over a dozen unlock-able weapons
  • Local or Online Multiplayer with your friends!
  • Player servers!
  • Partial controller support (Handles everything except kicking players and inviting/joining through Steam)

Everything was going well for The Host and Galactic Feud. So well, that the executives had approved the use of the Grab-a-Tron to get more contestants for future seasons. Only problem was, the increase in new roommates caused conditions to become disgusting and difficult. The Originals (the first contestants grabbed) had had enough. They were promised freedom for fighting and it didn't look like they were going to be sent home any time soon. Zork rallied his new friends and began their final fight.

The Contestant Rebellion of 2078xi ended almost as quickly as it started. The contestants had made easy work of all the untrained over-paid executives. That was until they stepped into the Host's office. Standing on top of his enourmous desk, The Host smiled as he held up a small remote device. His finger danced over the bright blinking red button. He taunted the angry rebels, trying to convince them he held their lives in his hands.

All the contestants looked to Zork for their next move. He knew they were tired and worn out; it was time to make a deal. Aiming high, he tried to gain everyone's release. By the end of negotiations he had garaunteed their freedom but only after the new season ended. It wasn't perfect, but it was something and the contestants knew if The Host didn't hold up his end of the deal they could just fight their way out.

They all started heading back to their chambers when The Host suddenly slipped trying to get off his desk. Everything happened in slow motion; he fumbled with the device, tossing and turning, falling through the air. It all ended abruptly with the sound of a button clicking. That's when the rhythmic beeping began. He looked over at his contestants, each one now had a green blinking light in their chest. Seconds later they all exploded into bits and parts.

At first, The Host was frantic trying to put all the pieces back together. It was impossible, nothing matched anymore and he just sat in silence thinking about all the money he lost. It took sometime for him to realize the potential of this ... opportunity, but once he did It didn't take long for The Host to pull the plug, or in this case push the button, on the rest of his staff. Now he could make his contestants look any way he wanted and the best part was the exploding microchip had fried everyone's hypothalamus, making them addicted to combat and competitions.


We would never have made it to this point with out the help provided by these wonderful people. Thank you so much for testing with us, telling us our ideas are terrible and being all around great people!

[TCI] Pillow - TheLoneK - Chaos4000 - KillerHippie - Wolfieboy21 - Apollyoned - Meximus -JosephSolar - FaceTheSound - Porty - ZhrChaos - The_Cliffy - Stumpt Games - ChaoticHD - Trinax - KIT - AKillerDogV100 - Dardanos_of_fate - MonkeyMan1520 - Wacky - Gornall27 - Gear - Nate -

The minimum requirements represent the absolute minimum specifications required to run the game, however they will not result in a perfect experience and you will have minor visual issues.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20gHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: The minimum requirements represent the absolute minimum specifications required to run the game, however they will not result in a perfect experience and you will have minor visual issues.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-875K CPU @ 2.93gHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
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