A modern tycoon-style sim where you design, build, and manage every aspect of an airport. Build your terminal, hire your staff, choose airlines to work with, customize flight schedules, build out infrastructure, and manage your airport -- from the ground up.
Скорошни рецензии:
Много положителни (25) - 80% от 25 потребителски рецензии в последните 30 дни са положителни.
Всички рецензии:
Предимно положителни (1,357) - 76% от 1,357 потребителски рецензии за тази игра са положителни.
Дата на излизане:
6 март 2017

Впишете се, за да добавите този артикул към списъка си с желания, последвайте го или отбележите, че не се интересувате от него

Игра в „Ранен достъп“

Получете незабавен достъп до играта и се ангажирайте с нейното развитие.

Забележка: Докато трае разработката на тази игра от „Ранен достъп“, е възможно по нататък тя да се промени или не. Ако не сте въодушевени да я играете в текущото ѝ състояние, тогава ще е по-добре да изчакате. Вижте дали тя ще придобие по-завършен вид. Научете още

Какво имат да кажат разработчиците:

Защо „Ранен достъп“?

“The foundation is in place and incredibly solid -- now for the real fun to start! We need your feedback & support to help bring SimAirport to the next level.

Our goal is to develop the best modern tycoon style building & management game -- we need your help to do that. We need the community, you the player, to be our direct feedback loop. Get hands-on with the game, provide your feedback, and guide us towards making sure that SimAirport is the tycoon game that you've dreamed of ever since you were a kid.”

Приблизително колко дълго тази игра ще бъде в „Ранен достъп“?

“We anticipate being in Early Access at least through mid 2018 -- if not substantially longer!

It will of course depend on the level of community interest and engagement, but we're incredibly passionate about SimAirport, just as many of our supporters are. We hope to work on the game, hand-in-hand with the community, for as long as we possibly can!”

Как ще се различава планираната пълна версия от тази в „Ранен достъп“?

“We've already got a really great foundation to build on, and there's no shortage of ideas. With your guidance, our goal is to implement as many of them as we possibly can and to let the community play a key role in crafting the future of SimAirport.

Roadmaps are released once every few months, and they give you an idea of the things that we are actively working on and that you can expect to see in the game over the next couple of months. Check out the Latest Roadmap, SimAirport Late 2017, to see what you can expect during the remainder of 2017! (or view the prior SimAirport Early 2017 Roadmap to see what we've already accomplished so far!)

Updates to Edge happen almost every single day, and 'Default' updates roughly once a month. Updates typically feature new features, new content, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and general gameplay enhancements & improvements.

We really hope to be working on SimAirport for a long time into the future, and while we may not get to all of these, we do hope to get to many of them -- several are even on the current Roadmap for 2017! In no particular order, here's a very small sample of the ideas and concepts that we'd love to have the chance to tackle, though there are many other ideas too (and we often see an idea in a forum post and we jump on it, we love implementing community ideas)!

Some Ideas...

  • Random Events
  • In-Game Tutorial
  • International passengers & layovers
  • Additional terminal content (bars [drunk passengers], lounges, smoking areas, etc)
  • Cargo operations
  • Parking Garages
  • More aircraft models & airlines
  • Staff Scheduling & Duty Assignments
  • Multiple level terminals [Coming in 2017!]
  • People-Movers (moving walkways, trams / intra-terminal transit, etc) [Walkways coming in 2017!]

Какво е текущото състояние на версията в „Ранен достъп“?

“SimAirport is completely playable and all major functions are there, and they function well -- from building an airport to scheduling & operating, you can do it all.

The game is NOT finished however -- there is no tutorial, some UIs are ugly and poorly explained, it's not well-balanced, and there are plenty missing gameplay elements. You will also undoubtedly encounter some bugs -- and it's possible that future updates may introduce new ones, too.

Generally though, SimAirport is very playable and is ready for new & more advanced features to be added!

Key Items Not Implemented or Lacking

  • Random events not yet implemented (security breaches, emergencies, incidents, VIP movements, etc)
  • No In-Game Tutorial
  • Player defined Pathfinding ("arrivals only"), one-way doors, and Staff Only doors
  • General aviation not implemented
  • Gameplay balance is not fine-tuned
  • Passenger & Airline 'Feedback Loop' is unrefined

Limited Content

Even some fully implemented systems have a limited amount of content or are not completely finished. While the vast majority of the content works very well already, our motto is that everything in SimAirport is subject to change -- we listen closely to player feedback and we have no problem making changes based on the community's collective wisdom.”

Ще има ли разлика в цената на играта по време на „Ранен достъп“ и след това?

“We plan to raise the price gradually over time as the gameplay experience expands and improves, and as the game becomes more complete in general. We will post an announcement on Steam letting you know of any upcoming price increase prior to it going into effect.

We anticipate the first price increase will be in 2018.”

Как се планирате да ангажирате общността в процеса Ви на разработка?

“Community involvement is crucial to ensuring that SimAirport continues to mature & evolve into the incredibly fun and engaging experience that we strive for.

Our Participation

We're extremely active participants on the community forums, and we frequent our subreddit often. We have been & will continue to work directly with the community to develop new concepts and to refine existing ones, in order to achieve our stated goal -- ensuring that SimAirport is the best tycoon-style management game it possibly can be, that it lives up to its full potential.

Community Involvement is Critical

The community involvement in SimAirport is the key to making SimAirport into the game we want to achieve in the long-term, and that's our sole goal: to create the best modern tycoon game we possibly can.

It is critical that the community actively participates and provides feedback to help us achieve this!
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Закупуване на SimAirport


Скорошни обновления Всички (35)

6 април

Multiple Floors! April 2018 Patch

We are thrilled to bring MULTIPLE FLOORS to you on the general release default branch! Building an airport across 5 different floors is truly a game changer and it brings a completely new & unique gameplay experience to SimAirport.

MULTIPLE FLOORS!!! Escalators, Stairs, Moving Walkways, and more!
This single update, known as the Multi-Floors Update, quite literally contains a higher number of features & additions from the "big stuff" category than any update that we've released prior.

Moving walkways are consistently a top request and while it wasn't an easy one to implement, that is indeed what we've done. The ability to build vertically -- to take your airport from the world of constrained simulators, and to instead step into the realm of real-world possibilities -- that has easily been the most desired feature, and one that we've been vocal in our desire to tackle. That's precisely what we've done and we're excited to bring it to you. Tonight we invite you to the next level.

Build your airport with real-world possibilities and reach new heights!

What's Next?
Of course the first question that we hear after releasing any update, including huge updates, is what will be next! It's a great question and it is one that we are excited to answer. We're especially excited to continue our ongoing collaboration with you, the community, and in order to better facilitate that ongoing collaboration we're rolling out a few more new things to make things easier going forward.

  • SimAirport Survey - 2018 Edition
    If you've been with us since release you may recall that we ran a survey early last year to better understand the community and get a feel for what everyone was looking for out of the experience that is SimAirport. It's back! Similar to the first but updated for relevance. Your feedback is what allows SimAirport to flourish, so please consider taking a few moments to complete the survey. By doing so you'll be playing an integral role guiding the future of SimAirport's development.

    Take the SimAirport 2018 Survey Now >>

  • SimAirport Roadmap - Updated & Interactive for 2018
    We have historically released a new roadmap every few months, but the document often is quickly and it really doesn't contain everything that we're thinking about or that's on our proverbial 'primary radar'. Tonight, we're including an extra fix -- we're fixing the Roadmap itself!

    Official SimAirport Roadmap >>

    We will continually keep this roadmap updated, in 2018 and beyond, and we invite you not only to take a look -- but to actively participate as well! You can check out each card, vote on them, read & post comments with your ideas & details, and really get hands-on with the future of SimAirport's development process.

  • Update Video
    We just barely had enough time to squeeze the video in this month while sticking to the deployment schedules, burning through bug fixes, preparing the roadmap, attending to our personal schedules (and getting taxes done!) -- it's been a whirlwind as we work to wrap up this monster update. Unfortunately Rob was tied up on the day of video capture, which means that you're stuck with Arthur -- who's been known to be a bit wordy & opinionated -- but the show must go on! Hope you enjoy, and Rob apologizes in advance for not being available to control Arthur's rambling!

    Multi-Floors Update Video, for April 2018 >>

  • Existing Saves & Backwards Compatibility
    This update IS backwards compatible though there are a few things to note when bringing an existing save into this patch. Additional details can be found below, and in the full change log as well.

    • Gates (XL and L) now require second floor doors; gates from existing saves will work on the first floor however, and can also be one-time transitioned to being second-floor.

    • Baggage System has changed substantially in the latest version. When loading an existing save, all baggage-related conveyors & objects will be removed upon initial load. For baggage guidance we recommend A-Train's fantastic baggage video. Thank you @A-Train for being such an asset in the community!

    • Fuel Pipelines have changed only slightly but will also be removed upon loading existing saves. Pipelines now require floor -1.

Full Change Log - Multi-Floors Update, April 2018
Finally, the juicy details in all of their glory! Below you will find the full patch notes for tonight's update!

    Multiple Floors - Core Details
    • Adds floor selector on right side of main HUD UI
    • Default hotkeys are page up/down keys - can change in preferences
    • Adds new floor transition objects: Escalators & Stairs
    • Small Aircraft Gate requires a ground-floor door; can also purchase 'Stairs' gate upgrade to make it 2nd-floor accessible instead
    • Large and XL Gates require 2nd floor door for the jet bridge
    • Baggage Carousels requires connection from "below" ("same level" and "above" varieties to come soon)
    • Preliminary luggage movement visuals have been re-added

      Note About L/XL Aircraft Gates in Existing Saves
      ALL gates in existing saves will continue to work on the Ground floor. You can make a one-time transition on Large & XL gates from existing saves by selecting the gate and clicking "Set to 2nd Floor". New LG/XL gates built will always require second floor doors and cannot be changed. Small gates require a first floor door (and second floor door when stairs upgrade is present).

    Utility Network Changes
    • Conveyors and baggage objects (except Baggage Depot) require indoor areas
    • Draw validations reduced for conveyors; 3-way intersections allowed
    • Conveyor segments limited to 1 "consumer" per segment; connections must still pass through a hub
    • Adds Conveyor Transition objects which allow conveyors to move between floors
    • Conveyors are considered as non-walkable tiles
    • Fuel pipes now require outdoor areas; fuel pipes are limited to being on Floor -1
    • Note: Existing saves will have all baggage & fuel related objects removed upon initial load

    Moving Walkways
    • Use the moving walkway tool to draw & extend walkways (similar to runways)
    • Select a walkway and click "switch directions" to invert walkway movement direction

    Bonus Money for 100% Boarded and 100% On-Time Flights
    • Bonus begins at $200/flight and can reach $2k/flight max
    • Max bonus is reached after 15 consecutive "100%" days
    • Any delayed or cancelled flights, or any pax missed flights, causes bonus to reset
    • Calculated & credited in the early AM each day, for the prior day; completely tax free!

    Translation Support
    • Full in-game translation & localization support
    • Four complete language packs included
    • Chinese, German, Dutch, and French
    • Change languages via: Options -> Gameplay -> Language, then restart SimAirport
    • Public repository for adding new language packs & submitting improvements

    Gameplay Balance
  • Increases initial starting funds -- starter airport +$200k, from scratch +$250k
  • First $10k of daily net profit is now exempt from income tax
  • Reduces the base tax rate on property/land value
  • Reduces and adjusts prices for Administrators
  • Reduces hourly costs on multiple objects
  • Reduces kiosk worker hourly costs
  • Airport Pricing no longer requires research
  • Adds estimated taxes to cashflow estimates on top HUD money hover
  • Adds 'Airport Valuation' report to Finance Hub, display only (future uses: taxes, sell airport, etc)
  • PA Speakers now substantially more effective at getting passenger attention

    Passenger AI
  • Major passenger distance heuristic improvements
  • Improves Utilization and awareness of garbage bins vs dropping litter
  • Overall passenger object/action selection quality dramatically improved
  • Information need no longer impacts Pax desire to get tickets, now primarily impacts pax post-security
  • Tweaked passenger departure attenuation, resulting in more urgent desire to handle departure-related needs
  • No longer consider objects that could get them stuck or that have no exit path
  • Less likely to leave a secure area to use a non-secure object when otherwise “starved” for something to do
  • Pax AI Report improved: while active, hover gates or aircraft to highlight the pax for that aircraft/gate (very helpful!)

    Quality of Life / UI / UX
  • Build Menu searches both name and description, uses localized/translated version
  • Adds gate size filter to the Airlines UI
  • Adds 'See Interested Pax' button to smart objects, shows which pax considering the object & how strongly
  • Adds user setting for disabling shadows & ambient occlusion (Graphics tab)
  • Adds setting for disabling day/night cycle (Graphics tab; time still moves without getting dark)
  • Adds user setting for Zone alpha transparency (Gameplay tab)
  • Zone Toggle preference/hotkey now only toggles zone text
  • Adds 'Kiosk Scheduling' button to retail kiosk objects & adds a 'selected object' highlight to the scheduling UI
  • Improves the scaling of assignable object dialogs to reduce overlapping bounds
  • Selecting Fuel Pipe will now change the view to -1 (the only valid level for fuel pipes)
  • Secure area reporting now differentiates between 'Secure' (behind a security zone) and 'Protected' (unreachable by insecure)
  • Hides the Flight Crew checkbox when queue is assigned to a “Not Applicable” object (e.g. Ticketing Desk or Gate Agent Desk)
  • Adds a yellow highlight & active notification to aircraft with delayed departure due to late flight crew boarding
  • Added tooltips for Dirty Floors, Garbage Bags, Baggage Car/Hangar Vehicles

    Misc. Changes & Improvements
  • Zones now periodically re-validate while game is paused
  • Door placement is now blocked by pending construction
  • Passengers now must always have some route to leave the airport -- including prior to finishing security (which must be a fully non-secure when pre-security)
  • Construction workers now escort stuck pax out automatically; pax in "leave airport" state are eligible for escort (ie arrival pax & missed-flight departure pax); workers take 1 pax at a time
  • Construction now requires explicit removal of foliage/decor objects, no longer cleared automatically
  • Removes separation forces from laborer to improve their reliability when doing low-distance tasks
  • Gate to Ticketing Zone assignments are now be applicable on both ticketing desks and kiosks
  • Aircraft can now choose new departure runway if the original becomes inactive due to maintenance
  • Visual improvements for the base grass underlay
  • Roads now form a sector, improves pickup & dropoff pathing/behaviors
  • Large & Specialty hubs have been removed in favor of Small hub (continue to function when placed in existing saves)
  • PAPIs now limited to 2 per runway
  • Minor wording changes/adjustments on New Game UI screen for UX purposes
  • Updates taxiway, gate, ramp, and fuel port sprites for a bit better aesthetic 'fit'
  • Adds taxiway-to-gate easement sprite for visual improvement, updated fuel port sprite to match
  • Adds small angular sway to the luggage vehicle trailer
  • Improved positioning for luggage vehicle during loading/unloading aircraft

  • Construction map invalidation, path cache re-generation, improves RAM usage & churn
  • Airline detail UI
  • Window environment calculations
  • Shadow geometry calculations
  • Passenger crowd audio initialization
  • Road rendering
  • Baggage network state refresh calculations
  • Grid line rendering when drawing Roads and Taxiways
  • Removes multiple legacy assets to reduce total RAM & vRAM usage

  • Fixes administrator wages not being included in top HUD Estimated Cashflow hover
  • Fixes a bug that allowed bypassing research requirements for OpsCP
  • Fixes bug with sector visual warnings that caused them to not be hidden for fully-isolated sectors
  • Fixes leftover bags on carousel if dismantled while running
  • Fixes a bug with Aircraft Gate hovers; always shows flight vs schedule times and asterisks indicate it differs (player changed schedule)
  • Fixes aircraft stuck upon deserialization in a particular state of Takeoff
  • Fixes “Repair Now” maintenance projects should always run through to completion, regardless of the maintenance window
  • Fixes depth sorting for benches
  • Fixes aircraft sometimes taking off in the wrong direction / facing
  • Fixes financial report categorization for several hourly expenses
  • Fixes bug preventing runway extension projects cancelation post-deserialization
  • Fixes staff appearing under ticketing desk “back” facing
  • Fixes Runway ILS object properties so that other objects can't be built on top of the ILS
  • Fixes agents arriving so early they remain unmotivated to proceed through the airport
  • Fixes a bug that caused task starvation (workers not building things), caused by maintenance tasks requested outside of the maintenance window
  • Fixes a golf cart related pathfollowing bug
  • Fixes a bug that caused stuck passengers on specific layouts with walls near LRT platform road frontage
  • Fixes agent visibility issue during deplaning process
  • Fixes an issue when retail delivery box ends up on a wall or has a no-path condition
  • Fixes vendor worker sometimes being double-flipped on the X axis when working at kiosks with certain facings
  • Fixes issue that could cause stuck janitors due to unexpected state transition during game load
  • Fixes agents sometimes going around behind body scanners to use them
  • Fixes sound settings in user preferences
  • Fixes a wall avoidance bug that could cause agents in narrow corridors to “cut corners”
  • Fixes wall-inset for some objects that only use two sprite rotations (garbage bin, etc)
  • Fixes one-way road arrow sort orders that could sometimes be wrong
  • Fixes usage markers not being removed properly on some objects (inaccurate "Blocks nearby object")
  • Fixes placement of retail inventory box sometimes being outdoors
  • Fixes a bug when cancelling a retail kiosk project when the workers have already spawned
  • Fixes News Vending worker appearance being being outdoors vs indoors lighting
  • Fixes Planning buttons all showing up as white
  • Fixes a bug with stuck maintenance projects (those committed to serialization)
  • Fixes Gate Desk to Gate assignment, works in both directions
  • Fixes bug that sometimes caused maintenance to not be performed as expected
  • Fixes an error when creating a zone when editing assignments is active
  • Fixes a bug preventing demolish road/taxiway tasks from starting
  • Fixes Administrators not showing up in Manage Staff
  • Fixes a demolish road bug that could result in invalid state, duplicate projects, and airport operational side effects
  • Fixes Fuel Delivery Truck stuck at spawn in a lane that doesn’t connect to target
  • Fixes Foundation not drawing walls at map boundary
  • Fixes numerous road related issues -- graph generation, invalidation, traversal/recovery, serialization -- improves vehicle reliability
  • Fixes Clear tool not running can-be-dismantled validations
  • Fixes fuel HUD being 1 game minute behind the true market price
  • Fixes a small memory leak on save/load game UI
  • Fixes airline details fleet pane scroll reset bug when switching between airlines
  • Fixes a bug with the 'corrupt save' dialog triggering when it shouldn't
  • Fixes a bug that allowed clicks to sometimes 'bleed thru' on selected object UI buttons
  • Fixes a race condition in vehicle map invalidation that could cause stuck vehicles
  • Fixes agents stuck on no-path to baggage for long periods of time without giving up
  • Fixes bug with aircraft pax timings report that caused report to get stuck and stay open
  • Fixes placement validation bug that allowed some objects to be placeable on foliage/decor objects
  • Fixes several vehicle sort order & occlusion issues when behind large objects
  • Fixes money description being empty for retail (Cafe) food income
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7 март

Happy Birthday!

SimAirport's birthday is/was today! March 6th! Happy Birthday!! :)

At this time last year we were nervous & flooded with emotions, the hours & days leading up to the release were tense & challenging, thrilling even, though absolutely nerve wracking to say the least. Release day, and the time that followed, would prove to be an incredibly unique experience for us -- one filled with a wide array of emotions, numerous challenges to face, and plenty of mountains to climb.

We worked hard through those first few days, finding bugs and sorting through the chaos -- often working through the night to ship another set of fixes. All told, we shipped 20 patches in the first seven days -- all while riding the emotional waves. It was truly unlike anything we'd experienced in our careers -- there's just something different about building a game that draws you in closer than in any other part of our careers prior.

While there are definitely things that we would do differently if we could, we're thrilled with the progress that was made in this first year. We consider ourselves to be incredibly fortunate for the support that many of you extended & continue to extend to us.

SimAirport's community, the level of engagement, the interest and intellectual discussions that we are so lucky to be able to spectate & engage with, on a daily basis -- it's incredibly humbling and is beyond anything we imagined or had hoped for. For that, we cannot thank you enough -- for sharing your time and your insights with us, and the community as a whole; for your support of not only SimAirport but also of us, the developers. We thank you, and we look forward to continuing to work with you as SimAirport continues to evolve into 2018.

What was accomplished?
SimAirport was a very different game one year ago and it continues to rapidly evolve -- we're incredibly excited to continue sharing that journey with you -- but we'd like to take a few minutes to reflect back on the first year to see what we've managed to achieve so far. Here are just a few highlights (more here too, though slightly dated), including some of our personal favorites, and a few charts to give some perspective on our development paradigm.

  • Continuous, Consistent, Unrelenting Development
    Let's visualize it: SimAirport Patch Releases by Day which also included patches on 218 days of the 365 days in the year!

  • Multiple Floors
    We'd never have imagined it'd be in already (edge only, so far)

  • Localization Support
    Chinese, German, and more (edge only, so far)

  • Completely Revamped UI
    Modernized and entirely redesigned UI for a this-century feel

  • Systems
    Fuel Systems, Baggage Systems, Upkeep Systems, PA Systems, Vendor Scheduling, etc.

  • Everything's Bigger
    Larger maps (up to 20X+), larger runways, gates, and terminals, and more.

  • Aircraft & Airline Mods, Workshop Support
    Easily share your experience with the community

  • Numerous Reports & Heatmaps
    Night and day difference in management-oriented features since launch

  • Weather, Retail, Objects, Lighting, and More
    Plenty of refinements, too.

So, What's Coming in 2018?
Of course, this is what you came for -- you want to know what you can expect, where things are heading, and especially now that we're getting closer to moving Multiple Floors over to the Default branch! :)

We're still working on the next official roadmap and you can expect it to drop a bit after Multiple Floors hits Default but, in the meantime, here are some higher-level pieces that you can definitely expect to see us addressing as we move further into 2018.

  • In-Game Tutorial
    After a year, it's due time that we explained how to play instead of having to rely on YouTube! :)

  • Performance
    We'd like to see ~10k pax. No promises, but we know we can do much better than right now & we're certainly up for the challenge.

  • Gameplay Balance
    Should be a solid, ever-increasing progression ramp and not a single hurdle.

  • General Gameplay Polish
    Refine the user experience, fix the 'small stuff', finish the half-finished, update and improve tooltips, etc.

  • Smaller Additions
    Especially items that we have systems in place for already. EAM flights, passenger connecting flights, one-way doors, pricing imrpovements, deals/negotiations, etc.

  • Cafes & Duty Free/Shopping
    Fix and/or decide on the destiny of Cafes as the workings currently stand, re-implement new or fix existing to function better. Implement Duty Free and general shopping. Improve Passenger AI to utilize them appropriately.

  • AI & Behavior Refinement
    Shore up any recurring issues and rare problems, begin considering and initial implementations for random events.

  • New Gameplay Mechanics
    Government lobbying & grants; airline partners/relationships & negotiations; parking; transit additions/upgrades; scheduling; etc.

There's plenty more on our mind, too, but these are some of the things that we're really antsy to work on and get improved, fixed, or polished up. We'll get an official roadmap out soon to provide a more concrete timeline, and we're going to actively work towards a "live roadmap" both to save us time for future roadmaps and to improve our overall communication and invovement in the planning process on an ongoing basis.

Closing Thoughts
This first year went by so quickly, and it's incredible how much things have changed since the initial release. We're so fortunate we have the luxury of being excited about our work, and about what we're going to tackle each day. We're very excited for what 2018 holds in store and we hope you are, too.

We sincerely look forward to working with you this year, each and every day, to continue building SimAirport into the best game possible and ensuring that it lives up to it's fullest potential.

Thank you for supporting SimAirport, and thank you for supporting us.

-Arthur & Rob
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Всички дискусии

Докладвайте неизправности и оставете отзив за тази игра в секцията за дискусии

The Dev Process

We use a rapid & iterative dev process to keep you involved. The game has improved dramatically since release, and it continues to evolve rapidly -- we ship updates to the 'Edge' branch almost EVERY DAY! See also, the 'SimAirport 2017 Roadmap'

Updates & Steam Branches

  • Default -- The default branch, it is the most stable. Updates: ~1x/month
  • Experimental -- Newer features, generally stable. Updates: ~1x/week
  • Edge -- The latest & greatest, not always fully stable. Updates: ~1x/day

Относно тази игра

SimAirport is a modern tycoon-style simulation & management game where you design, build, and manage an airport.

You will construct an airport from the ground up, hire your staff, choose airlines to work with, customize flight schedules, build out your infrastructure -- baggage conveyer systems & luggage services, roads, fuel pipelines, runway upgrades, navigation aids, hangars and service vehicles, etc -- and much more.

Your Airport, Your Way. Built & Managed by You!

  • Systems-Based Gameplay: Everything has purpose
  • Infrastructure: Fuel & baggage, public address systems, flight info displays, etc
  • Details: Security, Check-In, Boarding, Food, down to first class & coach queues
  • Research & Advancement: Technology, transport, accounting tools, land expansion, etc
  • Two Gameplay Modes: Sandbox (unlimited funds) and Career (challenge yourself)
  • Play your way! Multiple concourses, or a single large concourse? It's your choice!
  • 15+ Airlines & liveries; 15+ Aircraft, turboprop to turbine
  • Steam Workshop Support: Hundreds of Custom Airlines & Airports to try!
  • Very Actively Developed - regular updates almost daily since release (Edge branch)! Developers that listen & who are very actively involved in the community on a daily basis.
  • Bottom Line: Fun, Engaging, Deep Gameplay.

    Where YOUR decisions truly make a difference!

Who Should Purchase?

We suggest purchasing if you are excited to play the game as it is today AND if you are interested in participating in the development process alongside our developers.

If you enjoy tycoon-style building & management games, you'll probably enjoy SimAirport. If you're not sure yet, we'd encourage you to take a look through our forums (especially the Edge forum!) to get an idea of how quickly player feedback makes an impact on the game & to get a feel for how much fun there is to be had!

We hope to see you in the friendly skies, and around our community forum!

Системни изисквания

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • ОС: Windows XP SP2+
    • Процесор: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher / AMD 3 GHz or higher.
    • Памет: 2 GB памет
    • Видеокарта: Any, Minimum 1GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: версия 9.0
    • Устройство за съхранение: 2 GB достъпно пространство
    • Звукова карта: Any
    • ОС: Mac OS X 10.8+
    • Процесор: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher
    • Памет: 2 GB памет
    • Видеокарта: Any, Minimum 1GB Video RAM
    • Звукова карта: Any
    • ОС: Ubuntu 12.04+ or SteamOS
    • Процесор: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher / AMD 3 GHz or higher.
    • Памет: 2 GB памет
    • Видеокарта: Any, Minimum 1GB Video RAM
    • Звукова карта: Any
Рецензии от клиенти
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Диапазон от дати
С цел да прегледате рецензии в даден времеви период, моля, кликнете и провлечете подбора на някоя графика по-горе или кликнете върху специфична лента.

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Рецензии — бета НОВО!
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Показване на графиката
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Вкл. е „Бета за полезни рецензии“
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Коригирайте филтрите по-горе, за да видите други рецензии
Зареждане на рецензии…