Phantom Halls is a squad-based side-scrolling comedy-horror game. Play as a group of teens as they attempt to survive the night in a haunted mansion. Single-player and local co-op supported!
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31 окт. 2018

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21 ноября

Turkey Shoot

Happy Thanksgiving Slayers

Are you ready to battle the forces of evil once again in our Thanksgiving update that pits our squad of plucky heroes against... zombie turkeys? Of course, some genius decided to start a turkey farm on an ancient native burial ground leading to some... interesting results.

An outbreak of zombie turkeys has broken out across our haunted mansion which is threatening to spoil the whole festive season for everyone. So, gather your team and ready your plates because it's open season on zombie turkeys. Happy Thankskilling!

Just remember to bring a flashlight or it might be the turkey eating you this Thanksgiving!

22% off this Thanksgiving

To celebrate the day of giving thanks we'll be discounting Phantom Halls by 22% from 21st Nov to 27th Nov so all you slayers who haven't quite taken the plunge yet can get a turkey of a deal and join us in our monster hunting pursuits this Thanksgiving.

Join Evil Dead's Ash Williams and the rest of the gang as they try to carve up some festive turkey and put an end to the zombie menace that plagues our haunted mansion.

Until next time, RIP folks!
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31 октября


Today is the day Slayers - Happy to announce our V1 release!

We're dead happy to finally announce the full release of Phantom Halls this Halloween! We couldn't think of a better time to reveal our spooky survival horror to the world.

It's been one hell of a journey taking Phantom Halls from Early Access all the way to full release. Thanks to those of you who have followed along with us in our ambition to create a fun and challenging comedy horror that pays homage to the classics.

So, squad up and survive the night, but remember Slayers, don't forget to bring a flashlight!

Also, please let us know your thoughts on the game and leave us a review. You'll have our eternal gratitude!

Your opinion matters to us

Community feedback over our Early Access period has really helped shape Phanom Halls into the game we are releasing today and we want that to continue. Work doesn't stop here and your feedback is always valuable to us.

So get involved, whether that be through social media or right here on Steam, such as leaving a Glowing review or comment, know that we appreciate it.

What's new?

The full release features:
  • 13 playable characters
  • 24+ enemy types
  • 50+ weapons & items
  • 7 environments, Including the infamous Cabin from the Evil Dead series
  • 34 unique missions
And all this is all available day 1! We, of course, also intend to keep expanding and improving the game as we have done over the last year.

Detailed patch notes

For all you egg heads out there here is light bedtime reading showcasing all the things we've added, updated or adapted for the full V1 release.

- Overhauled all character voice-overs so that each character has their own unique voices.
- Added the ability to craft alternate skins for the playable characters after crafting a Wardrobe at the HQ.
- Added the Mechanic's Dia de los Muertos quest "You've Got Ofrenda Me"
- Added the LARPer quest "Bride of Frankenstein", which unlocks the Punk characters.
- Added Herbalist quest "World Wide Web of Wealth".
- Adjusted quests Sleepover, Pest Control, Dead Party, and Gourd Goring to allow different starting characters.
- Added the ability to craft cosmetic upgrades for the RV in the HQ.
- Added "Partially Complete" status to quest display for quests with multiple starting characters that haven't been completed by all of the characters.
- Changed quest Handyman, Handyman, Handyman to be a Hillbilly quest instead of an Ash quest.
- Adjusted game progression so that quests unlock more gradually through a path of character unlocks and base upgrades.
- Completely overhauled the artwork in the Headquarters screen.
- Adjusted the Health Boxes so that they're applied by dragging the item onto the character's slot in the inventory as opposed to having to equip and use them during gameplay.
- Added new music to the Cabin interior and Basement environments.
- Revised the Mansion entrance room.
- The flashlight is no longer equipped when scrubbing through weapons with the Next/Previous Weapon buttons.
- The spoils rewarded by a quest are now displayed on the quest description panel.
- Added windows to walls that allow the sky to be seen in the background.
- Added environmental weather effects.
- Revised the visuals on nearly all of the environments and props.
- Revised the Conservatory environment to add some animated elements in the background.
- Revised the icons that appear on the minimap.
- Improved visual fidelity and added animated elements to the Title and Headquarters screens.
- Increased the All-Star's basketball attack damage from 3 to 5.
- Nerfed the Gargoyle's attack cooldowns and adjusted the range of its flame breath.
- Reduced the number of Gargoyle spawns so that they only appear in quests with multiple floor counts.
- Adjusted enemy spawn rates so insects occur slightly less often.
- Adjusted the Flying Beetle's animations, hopefully fixing the issue where they appear to remain jumping if attacked in midair.
- Adjusted the lighting on the Flashlight so that the immediate surroundings are illuminated.
- Increased the radius of the escape trigger in outdoor areas where the player must interact with the RV.
- Added some additional dialogue for each of the characters.
- Fixed an issue where all of the audio was being output in mono instead of stereo.
- Characters now shake when they are struck by an attack.
- Increased the visual fidelity of the skybox.
- Fixed the positioning of enemies when they are spawned from a trap.
- Fixed the interaction highlight so that the entire model is highlighted.
- Added a sound and shaking visual effect when an item is looted from a container.
- Containers that are fully looted now dim out to indicate they are empty.
- Fixed visible visual seams in the Conservatory environment when transitioning from the greenhouse rooms to the garden shed room.
- Fixed an issue with characters teleporting off the ground when transitioning in the cemetery environment.
- Adjusted yearbook character select layout to allow more characters to be displayed.
- Added visual skid effect to tires in HQ departure animation.
- Added nighttime ambient noise to the Headquarters.
that's all been culled from the game repository. it's possible there're some other changes that slipped past undocumented in the repo

And breath, if you're living that is!

That's all, for now, Slayers expect more updates coming soon! Thanks for playing.

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Об этой игре

Phantom Halls is a squad-based side-scrolling comedy-horror game. A group of teens from the Occult Studies Club set out on an assignment, but quickly find themselves attempting to survive a night in a haunted mansion...

Prepare to face the undead terrors that stalk the phantom halls! Squad up to escape alive using whatever you can find, but remember - you can’t kill what you can't see, so be sure to bring a flashlight!


- Fast-paced, action-packed, squad-based gameplay
- Unique 3D papercraft visual style
- Play through the campaign in single-player or drop-in/out local co-op
- Various characters, quests, weapons and items to unlock
- Gather items and craft upgrades, from cosmetic improvements to party-wide perks
- Includes officially licensed Evil Dead 2 content!

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows XP SP2+
    • Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: Dedicated GPU with 512MB of VRAM and SM 3.0
    • DirectX: Версии 9.0c

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