A 3D shooter made in the spirit of the the 90s' FPSes. Atmospheric pixel graphics, fast-paced action, focus on pure gameplay, made using a software renderer written from scratch.
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9 mei 2017

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Autumn Night 3D Shooter kopen

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Over dit spel

First and foremost, this game is an experiment in coding a software renderer. It's an engine that renders the image via CPU, without involving the graphics adapter, much like the 90's games did. I wanted to find out if it's possible to code an engine like that from scratch nowadays, and if it can run at 60 FPS on a modern PC. It was a self-imposed challenge.

Once I finished the engine, I thought I could make a game with it, an FPS like the early shooters from the 90's. I have to say I was quite impressed with them back in the day, and I've been looking to recreate them for a long time. Thus, this game is a 90's FPS. A simplistic story takes a backseat to pure run-and-gun gameplay.

On graphics and visuals: I was creating the visuals based on the imagery from my dreams. I tried to convey the mood and atmosphere of my dreams through level design. I feel like I did a particularly good job on this aspect.
I'd be happy to hear some feedback from you on my humble little game!


    • Besturingssysteem: Windows XP 32bit
    • Processor: 1.5 GHz single core CPU
    • Geheugen: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafische kaart: any
    • Opslagruimte: 110 MB beschikbare ruimte
    • Besturingssysteem: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 64bit
    • Processor: 2 GHz multi core CPU
    • Geheugen: 1024 MB RAM
    • Grafische kaart: any
    • Opslagruimte: 110 MB beschikbare ruimte

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