GORN is a ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator, made by Free Lives, the developers of Broforce and Genital Jousting.
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18 iul., 2019

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19 iulie

Update 19/7/2019

Small update today to fix the missing default input bindings for WMR. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!
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18 iulie

GORN 1.0: The Final Battle

To celebrate the launch of GORN 1.0, the game will be 25% off across all platforms.

It’s finally time for GORN to break out of Early Access. After two years, we’re ready to launch 1.0: THE FINAL BATTLE.


Before we jump into new features, the Free Lives team want to say a massive THANK YOU to the GORN community who have supported us throughout this process. Your willingness to give input, to test builds, and to stick with us over the last two years has made GORN so much more special.

Here’s what you can expect from GORN 1.0: THE FINAL BATTLE.


A grand finale: Finally, you can face off against ALIMTA himself. Once you’ve beaten all of his champions, he has no choice but to stop you himself.

New weapon: An actual, literal hand cannon. Enjoy!

SteamVR 2.0 Input and Index Knuckle Support: You can now rebind the controls via Steam’s interface if you dislike our defaults. And while we don’t have finger tracking, the game now also supports the Index controllers.

New giant enemies

New bonus objectives for each trial

Fixes for all known bugs, including many performance improvement and visual updates


Once the launch dust settles, we’re going to be taking a short break to recover and flex our creative muscles. Though we are exiting Early Access, this won’t be the end for GORN. Our first priority will be to get the game to as many platforms as possible, and we already have plans for a small post-launch update.


The 1.0 launch is not the end of the road for GORN, so please keep sending us your feedback. To talk to other GORN fanatics, and to find out more about what Free Lives is doing next, join our Discord and follow us on social media.

Free Lives Discord: discord.gg/freelives
Free Lives Forums: https://freelives.net/community/gorn
Twitter: @FreeLives, @GORNVR
Subreddit: gorn.reddit.com

We are going now, bye!

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Despre acest joc

GORN is a ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator, made by Free Lives, the developers of Broforce and Genital Jousting. Featuring a unique, fully physics driven combat engine, GORN combatants will be able to creatively execute their most violent gladiatorial fantasies in virtual reality. Savagely strike down an infinite supply of poorly-animated opponents with all manner of weapons – from swords, maces, and bows to nunchuks, throwing knives, massive two-handed warhammers or even your blood-soaked bare hands. The only limits to the carnage are your imagination and decency, in the most brutal and savage VR face-smashing game ever produced by man.

Descrierea conținutului pentru adulți

Dezvoltatorii descriu conținutul astfel:

Acest joc poate include conținut neadecvat pentru toate vârstele sau pentru vizualizarea la locul de muncă: Violență sau sânge în mod frecvent, Conținut matur în mod general

Cerinţe de sistem

    • Necesită un procesor și sistem de operare pe 64 de biți
    • SO: Windows 10
    • Procesor: Intel i5-4590
    • Memorie: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafică: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
    • DirectX: Versiune 11
    • Stocare: 2 GB spațiu disponibil
    • Necesită un procesor și sistem de operare pe 64 de biți
    • SO: Windows 10
    • Procesor: Intel i7-4770
    • Memorie: 16 GB RAM
    • Grafică: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
    • DirectX: Versiune 12
    • Stocare: 2 GB spațiu disponibil

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