Helm your own ship, battle for supremacy in a multi-faction war, and conquer the cosmos in this science fiction turn-based strategy game. Select from more than 100+ diverse star ships and fight for territory across a 2D hex-based grid.
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8. des. 2017

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Hvorfor tidlig tilgang?

“The game is still in beta, even though all the major bugs have been eliminated in internal beta. The game will have two playable races for now, and two others are in progress. Also several features, such as clans, tournaments, and more monetized ship skins will be developed through Early Access.

More players will also help test the gameplay balance, as well as server load, map size and activity per in-game sectors.”

Hvor lenge antas det at dette spillet vil være i tidlig tilgang?

“About 1 year.”

Hvordan er det planlagt at fullversjonen skal være forskjellig fra versjonen i tidlig tilgang?

“Full version will have all four races playable (currently there is two), with all intended features intact.
Examples of Features: Clans, Tournaments, Improved GUI, Greater Selection of Ships, More Monetized Skins.”

Hva er nåværende tilstand for versjonen i tidlig tilgang?

“Fully playable with leaderboard and statistics sections, well tested out in internal beta for the last 6 months, game breaker bugs eliminated, all ships balanced and playable but with only two races (Sol Imperial Worlds, Genari United Empire).”

Vil spillet være priset annerledes under og etter tidlig tilgang?

“Prices will be lower in Early Access, with a lot of skins and ship variants free for now. Once game is complete, all ship variants and skins will be monetized.”

Hvordan planlegger dere å involvere samfunnet i utviklingsprosessen?

“We have a very large members area forum, where discussions take place; and this game is a free to play MMO, so the bigger the community of active players, the better. Players help test the game balance, test edge cases, find new bugs, and give feeback on the every aspect of gameplay (RPG skills, ship styles, race attributes, map design).”
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14. august

New Ma'Alaketh Ship Models

The Blockader and Interceptor Classes Updated

The following ship models (and their variants) have been updated:
Centurion Blockader Class IV
Legionnaire Heavy Blockader Class V
Intrepid Heavy Interceptor Class IV
Tetrarch Light Cruiser Class VI
Archon Heavy Cruiser Class VIII

The Ma'Alaketh ships look sexier than ever!

Ma'Alaketh Introduction Video Added
The introduction video when you start a Ma'Alaketh character has been updated, which gives you insight into their intentions on dominating Sol and Genari.
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30. juli

10 Days Later: The Ma'Alaketh Invasion

Ma'Alaketh Players Advance...

85% of the players have chosen Ma'Alaketh since it went public 10 days ago; those who wanted a big challenge chose Sol or Genari to counter this Ma'Alaketh onslaught.

The map below shows big movements by the different races:

As you can see, large Ma'Alaketh incursions have taken both Sol and Genari regions, while Genari has made its own push against Sol, while defending against Ma'Alaketh where they can. Sol is currently in the weakest position. Hive has also made its advances into enemy territory, and for the first time ever, had direct contact with Ma'Alaketh.

Here's the original, starting map for reference:
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Om dette spillet

Space Wars: Interstellar Empires is a turn-based tactical strategy game where you side with a powerful galactic faction, each with its own fleet and play style, and gain access to hundreds of distinct space crafts.

Choose a starting ship and set off on a sprawling map filled with distinct locales, tactical advantage points and enemy worlds. Conquer galactic territories through combat, complete missions, and use the experience gained to upgrade your crew and ship or acquire more spacecraft.

Fight alongside your faction to claim every system in the galaxy, one planet at a time. Work with allies to forge new friendships and clans, or go rogue and discover worlds on your own. Either path will lead to tense battles for enemy space … or to defend your own.
Once an invading force conquers a region, that faction’s map is updated to include the area. Each race must take the war to their enemies and overpower other species to win total control of the universe.

  • Explore a massive intergalactic map made up of multiple regions.
  • Enjoy stunning high-quality graphics with intricately-detailed and distinct ships.
  • Currently Playable Factions: Sol Imperial Worlds and Genari United Empires
  • Choose from more than 100+ spaceships.
  • Participate in a universe where hundreds of battles may be going on at once
  • Manage the captain and crew of your ships with dedicated skill trees.
  • Strategize your moves in turn-based combat and revel in immersive tactical mechanics

The Sol Imperial Worlds represent the human race; they have sturdy, well-balanced utilitarian warships with a focus on plasma weaponry and strong force fields. Their technological advantage also excels in propulsion, as the Sol’s ion drive technology surpasses the Genari’s fusion drives. Their officers focus on defensive skills.

The Genari United Empire are falling behind in the technological race, but have more maneuverable ships with advanced armor. They also have marine pods, which offset their disadvantage by boarding onto enemy ships and either causing crew casualties or capturing the ship outright. Their officers focus on offensive skills.

The Ma’Alaketh Confederation wield technology that is centuries ahead compared to Sol and Genari. Little is known about them other than their minimal interest in the conflict between the warring races. They have more distinct long-ranged weaponry and dampening fields that make them harder to hit. Their officers focus on technology-based skills.

The Hive are sentient creatures that live and die in space. Starting as spores, they use absorbed energy from solar radiation and organic matter captured from enemy ships to grow into larger forms. Their weaponized nature stems from a need for self defense, causing them to produce lethal defense mechanisms that develop as they advance. They have no crew but improve through growth and absorption of defeated races.


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Prosessor: 2.4 GHz CPU or greater
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: Intel HD 4000, GeForce GTX 760M, Radeon HD 7730
    • Nettverk: Bredbåndstilkobling
    • Lagring: 5 GB tilgjengelig plass
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Prosessor: 2.6 GHz CPU or greater
    • Minne: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: GeForce GTX 760, Radeon HD 8990
    • Nettverk: Bredbåndstilkobling
    • Lagring: 5 GB tilgjengelig plass
    • OS: Sierra
    • Prosessor: 2.4 GHz CPU or greater
    • Minne: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: Intel HD 4000
    • Lagring: 5 GB tilgjengelig plass
    • OS: High Sierra
    • Prosessor: 2.6 GHz CPU or greater
    • Minne: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: Intel HD Graphics 630
    • Lagring: 5 GB tilgjengelig plass

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