Steel Division: Normandy is a tactical real-time strategy (RTS) game that pits players against AI enemies in a single-player campaign -- or against several opponents in massive 10-on-10 multiplayer battles.
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May 23, 2017

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May 17

Anniversary Update: Free Divisions and more!

How fast time goes by! Steel Division: Normandy 44 is about to turn one (aww), and it has been a busy year! First of all, we wanted to thank you all for your ongoing support during all this time. Thanks to your feedback and your involvement, we were able to continuously support the game with free content, including game modes, 6 Attack/Defense scenarios, Historical Mission playable in coop, new units, aces, and more!

Now it's time to celebrate this first anniversary properly with a gift: First Blood, the new free update available right now, adds two new divisions, the 1st Infantry Division "Big Red One" and the 1. SS-Panzerdivision "LSSAH"! And, cherry on the cake, we're also unlocking two aces, previously available for special events: Pierre Clostermann and Willy Kretzschmar!

We've also worked on balance with the help of selected members of our community, here's the complete changelog:

  • New Division: 1st Infantry Division "Big Red One"
  • New Division: 1. SS-Panzerdivision "LSSAH"
  • Unlocked ace: Pierre Clostermann (2e DB)
  • Unlocked ace: Willy Kretzschmar (12. SS-Panzer)

  • Fixed the issue with towed guns not apply low-resolution options.
  • Fixed the bug with the historical missions (Rangers lead the way)'s KM-Führer not providing command bonus.
  • Fixed the Panzer III's facing bug.
  • Fixed some typos...

  • Increased the map-controlled minimum ratio to score a +1 from 51% to 52%


  • Arm. Leaders now carry 3 smoke grenades

3rd Armored
  • Moved M1917 from phase B to A

4th Armored
  • Reduced Phase A Rifles availability from 5 to 4 per pack

6th Airborne
  • Reduced Tetrarch price from 55 to 45
  • Reduced CMD Tetrarch price from 55 to 50
  • Reduced Tetrarch Little John price from 60 to 55
  • Increased Phase A Typhoon with bombs veterancy from rooky to elite
  • Increased Phase B and C Typhoon and Typhoon AT veterancy from rooky to veteran

7th Armoured
  • Changed Phase A Staghound's availability from 2 packs of 3 to 3 packs of 2
  • Reduced Stuart V KRIH .50cal ammunition loadout from 600 to 300 rounds

2. Panzer
  • Reduced Phase A economy from 85 to 75

12. SS-Panzer
  • Increased Phase A Spahtrupp in SdKfz. 250 veterancy from rookie to veteran

116. Panzer
  • Increased Phase C income from 120 to 125
  • Increased Phase B Marder veterancy from rooky to veteran

16. Luftwaffe
  • Reduced Flak 88 availability in phase B from 2 to 1 per card
  • Reduced Flak 88 availability in phase C from 3 to 2 per card

352. Infanterie
  • Increased Phase A IG18 availability from 2 to 3 per pack
  • Removed Phase B IG18
  • Increased Phase B IG33 availability from 2 to 4 per pack
  • SPW 204(f) CDM now come one phase earlier (B->A ; C->B)
  • Increased Phase B SPW204(f) veterancy from rooky to veteran

716. Infanterie
  • Increased Phase A Grenadier availability from 4 to 5 per pack
  • Increased Phase A s.MG34 availability from 4 to 5 per pack
  • Increased Phase B Grenadier availability from 6 to 8 per pack
  • Increased Phase B Pionier availability from 5 to 6 per pack
  • Added One pack of 5 Grenadier Führer in phase C
  • Added One pack of 10 Grenadier in phase C
  • Reduced Italienische Freiwillige price from 30 to 25

Groß Paris
  • Increased Ju-188 price from 125 to 150
  • Reduced phase C Ju-188 availability from 4 to 3 per pack

Have fun, and again, a big warm thank you from the Eugen Systems' Team!
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February 13

Download Back to Hell now! Free Historical Mission also available!

Back to Hell, the second major expansion pack for Steel Division: Normandy 44, is now available! It features 4 new Divisions, 7 new Historical missions, 2 exclusive aces and 7 new achievements!

Back to Hell
7 historical missions, including 5 in cooperative play: fight historically accurate battles, such as the Operation Deadstick, Operation Windsor, or Operation Bluecoat in this new set of missions designed to reproduce actual situations and order of battles on the eve of major operations. Play as the leader of one of the 11 never-seen before divisions (such as the legendary "Big Red One" - 1st (US) Infantry Division or the 1. SS-Panzerdivision "LSSAH"), and sync your actions with you allies' complementary divisions to win the battle.

4 new divisions, playable in solo & multiplayer skirmish:
  • 7th Armoured Division "Desert Rats"
  • Demi-Brigade SAS
  • 2. Panzerdivision
  • Festungs Gross-Paris
58 new units, including the famous Westland Lysander aircraft, the le.FH 16 field howitzer, the Dewoitine D.520 fighter aircraft, the Panzer IB light tank, and the 75mm SP Autocar... Use the new remote-controlled demolition vehicle Borgward IV to blow up your enemy infantry & light vehicles.

2 exclusive Ace models: Major Horst Rämsch and his Panzer IV, & the famous Major Howard, one of the first allied officer to set foot in Normandy during the Operation Overlord. Note: Major Howard will be unlocked when you'll finish "Operation Deadstick" in coop.

7 new achievements, for the "sense of pride and accomplishment".

Download Back to Hell now!

New Update: Bulls on Parade, featuring the Free Historical Mission
As announced yesterday, Bulls on Parade, the new update for Steel Division: Normandy 44, is also available now!

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MODS: All mods will be out of date and won't load, contact modder to ask them to update their mod so you can play again with them!

Here's the patchlog:

  • New Historical Battle "Operation Atlantic" available
  • Added Random map option in the lobby: pretty self-explanatory, with this option selected, the game will randomly pick a map for you.
  • Added Filter in the battlegroup list: you'll be able to display all your battlegroups, or to only display Breakthrough or Normal battlegroups.
  • Added Rebindable Situation Awareness key: for the ones who'd like to use the spacebar to... let's say... toggle the active pause, for example.

  • Fixed the UE 630(f) Wurfrahmen's icon.
  • Fixed the Universal Carrier (and variants)'s invisible passengers.
  • Fixed some strange AI behaviour on US solo mission #3.
  • Fixed a discrepancy between the number of soldiers in the Canadian Rifle Leader squad and its armament.
  • Fixed the Canadian Rifle Leader squad's picture.
  • Fixed a bug allowing artillery spotter planes to still call a strike even when routed & and breaking off.
  • Fixed the PzH Lorraine's top view image.
  • Fixed the Carrier Recce's (missing) panel order.
  • Fixed 2-man AT teams' strange movements.


  • Recon vehicles now gain accuracy and suppression resilience like vehicles.
  • Reduced damage taken by AT Guns from tank guns but still as many suppression (fire support vehicles/tanks still do as much damage).
  • Added 3 smoke grenades to Sturmpionier and FJ-Sturpionier.
  • Reduced price Lw-Flammenwerfer from 25 to 20.
  • Fixed Puppschen, Bk37 and BK75's damage.
  • Reworked lethality of AT weapons to be more effective against light vehicules.

4th Armored
  • Changed B-26B-10's armor to make it more vulnerable to suppression
  • Reduced B-26B-10 availability to one card in phase A
  • Reduced B-26B-10 veterancy from veteran to rooky in phase A
  • Increased B-26B-10 availability to 2 per card in phase B
  • Reduced B-26B-10 veterancy from elite to veteran in phase B
  • Increased Jeep Bantam price from 35 to 40
  • Removed Sherman 105 from phase A

352. Infanterie-Division
  • Removed one slot in the support category, added one slot in the AT category.
  • Added Pak 40 in two single cards in phase A.

Have fun!
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“Relentless and unforgiving, Steel Division is a master-class in real-time war/strategy gaming that must be respected if it is to be mastered”
5/5 – Strategy Gamer

“Steel Division: Normandy ’44 really is my game of the year so far.”
9.5/10 – Game Debate

“Steel Division: Normandy '44 succeeds both at being an entertaining real-time tactics game and a compelling simulation of historical combat, which is a remarkable combination.”
8.7/10 – IGN

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of Steel Division: Normandy 44 comes with the following extras:

Art Book:

A detailed look at the art and making of Steel Division: Normandy 44

Tactical Guide:

A digital book getting you up to speed with the terrain and tactics of the game.

Six Exclusive in-game aces: Historical personalities you can deploy on the battlefield

  • Ernst Barkmann (Germany, Panther A tank)
  • Joseph Priller (Germany, Bf109A fighter plane)
  • Dick Winters (The USA, Paratrooper Battalion)
  • Wilfred Harris (The UK, Sherman Firefly tank)
  • Leo Major (Canada, sniper scout)
  • Kurt Knispel (Germany, Tiger II)

Battle Log:

Major maps of the game and how to fight them

Deluxe avatar and icon for the Paradox forums

Unique ringtones and text message sounds


Artwork from Steel Division you can use to decorate your computer desktop

Streaming Overlays:

Steel Division themed overlays for those who stream on Twitch or YouTube.

Feature List

Command Over 400 Historically Accurate Units:

Whether fighting for control in intense multiplayer battles with up to 10-vs-10 players going head-to-head, playing alone or working with friends in ranked matches, players will need to coordinate their selection of historically accurate infantry, tanks, aircraft, and support vehicles to counter enemy units in this Tactical RTS game.

Real-world Tactics:

Battles rage over three distinct phases, where different units unlock over time, mimicking the movements of real-world armies and adding variety to the ever-changing theatre of war. A dynamic front line illustrates the ebb and flow of the conflict. Pin down your opponent's infantry to gain the advantage and force a retreat, or push through with a perfectly executed plan.

Real-world Setting:

Using the latest version of Eugen’s IRISZOOM engine, players can smoothly zoom from a tactical aerial view all the way down to a single unit, and see 400 different real-world vehicles and units designed with careful historical detail and accuracy. Maps are designed based on actual aerial reconnaissance photos of Normandy in 1944, requiring real-world tactics and strategies to cover and control.

Outplan, Outsmart, Outgun:

From battlegroup customization to troop positioning and maneuvering, winning battles requires cunning and strategy, not just raw firepower. Each unit lost presents a growing tactical disadvantage, and players will need to fight to gain -- and keep -- the upper hand. From commanding historically accurate infantry, tanks, and vehicles, to troop positioning and real-time engagement with the enemy, players will need to be clever and resourceful in order to win. Every unit counts as the battle presses on, and raw firepower alone will not be enough to claim victory. Whether viewing the entire battle from an aerial perspective, or following a single tank into a firefight, players will need to cleverly manage the dynamic front line in order to execute ambushes and advances.

About This Game

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is a Tactical Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, developed by Eugen Systems, the creators of titles like Wargame and R.U.S.E. This new game puts players in command of detailed, historically accurate tanks, troops, and vehicles at the height of World War II. Players can measure their tactical skills against several opponents in big multiplayer battles or against enemies in a challenging single-player campaign. Steel Division: Normandy 44 allows players to take control over legendary military divisions from six different countries, such as the American 101st Airborne, the German armored 21st Panzer or the 3rd Canadian Division, during the invasion of Normandy in 1944.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 with Service Pack 1
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 (3.1 GHz) or equivalent
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB AMD 5570 or nVidia 450
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 32 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 with Service Pack 1
    • Processor: Intel i5-2300 or equivalent
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 2GB AMD 7970 or nVidia 770 or greater
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 32 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
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