Welcome to the harsh and unforgiving world of a space western! Explore a wild and dangerous planet, become a mercenary for a soulless corporation or ally yourself with oppressed free colonists. Join the new Gold Rush and fight for your life.
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Dec 9, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Exoplanet: First Contact is a complex and multifaceted indie project that requires a significant investment of time and resources. With your help and feedback, we will not only finish the game as it was planned, but also improve it.

Please note, that currently the game has bugs and placeholders, and numerous game mechanics are implemented in part, or some not at all. Nevertheless, we are going to improve performance and add new features with regular updates.

If your goal is to only play a final and finished product, then early access is probably not for you. It makes sense to purchase Exoplanet: First Contact in early access if you want to support the development of the game and take part in it with helpful feedback, or to jump straight into the unpredictable and dangerous world of this space western as soon as possible.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“A good RPG is defined by a multitude of crucial factors:

  • a big and interesting to explore open world;
  • remarkable characters and dialogues;
  • exciting and balanced game mechanics.

That’s why the final stage of the development is going to be influenced by players’ feedback. Early Access will last long enough for all core planned game mechanics and storyline to be developed properly.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The final version of Exoplanet: First Contact is going to have a complete singleplayer campaign, lots of side quests with different creative solutions, a balanced perk tree system with various specialties and synergizing skills, unique and creative character builds, new locations with distinct biomes and much more.

One of our main tasks is the creation of an atmospheric and living world. Our NPCs are going to have their own daily routines. The wildlife as well as NPCs will have an improved and natural AI with different distinct behavior models. Plants will react to the time of day and surrounding weather conditions.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Currently, players can explore a big location with many areas of varying verticality, hidden places, canyons and valleys with intertwined and twisting mountain paths.

Our system allows flexible and non-linear quest design. We have also prepared several quests utilizing the new system, each with various solutions and relying on different new game mechanics to give you a taste of things to come. Additionally, there are different armors and weapons for the player, as well as new crafting recipes. With frequent and regular updates, we are going to constantly add new content and improve on existing game mechanics as well as adding new ones.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The game price might increase at a later point, closer to the final release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Feedback is always welcome and we’re going to carefully consider every idea and suggestion from the community. You can share your ideas and suggestions on our official forums and also in social networks:

Thanks for your support!”
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May 29


Hey! As we promised before, in the latest update, we are going to share news about Exoplanet’s development, its progress, and future changes, and this post is the very first in a row. So what do we do now?

This is a sneak peek at some assets we are working on at the moment, its development from concept art to models. Some of them are already available in the game, some will be pretty soon, and some will appear a bit later.


As you may know, the starting area lacks a lot of assets so far but we are working on new ones all the time to make it more interesting and immersive. For example, we put a lot of efforts to improve Outcast Camp, create a lot of assets for abori’s culture and life.

Old ruins, idols, graves, coffins, and tombstones—some of these culture objects you can already find in game but mostly we are saving all that for the new tutorial, there will be an abori cemetery in the area.

There are some assets for everyday life, of course. First of all, tables and chairs. Since Outcasts are working with scrap metal, almost everything in their camp is made with available materials. But there are also some tables and chairs carved out of stone, a legacy from old days.

Another thing for decorations is drapery. These cloth are not yet final but it will make a fine adjustment for abori dwellings in Outcast Camp.

Abori dwellings are pretty empty at the moment, so it would be nice to create a bunch of small assets for detailing like this utensil:

Of course, we are also working on assets for detailing the starting area. So far plants, mostly.

This is twisted cacti, an unpretentious plant which can grow even on infertile soil like the one in Anomaly Lake area.

Next one is resinous plant which is actually a mushroom. It emits tar you can use for crafting. Perhaps, we will make it explosive in future, but it requires bigger ones species due to the fact these mushrooms are pretty small and would be hard to hit.

Another new asset is desert corn. You can find both normal plants and dry ones that have ceased to bear fruit. Corn is a good meal. And probably it can be used for making booze as well?

I guess that’s enough for today, feel free to share your feedback and ideas or ask questions. I will make another post like this in a few weeks. Thanks for your support.

Follow our latest updates on social networks:

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May 13

BUILD 0.32

Hey, everyone! The new build is here, and we do hope you won’t be disappointed. Of course, there are a great deal of under-the-hood changes which are very important for the game and future updates but doesn’t make much difference now. Still, this build has a lot of improvements in level design and a new quest.

Also, we managed to make a lot of other changes, improvements and assets for future updates. And since a lot of players asked us on forums and via PM to share more about our plans, we won't keep silence until these updates are ready.

From now on we are going to make posts about our development, and progress, and future changes, share concept art and assets with you. I believe it will benefit both players and us, devs, because we will keep you posted about everything what's going on with the game, and you can share your ideas and give us useful feedback on our drafts.:dwYellowStar:

If you are wondering about the star in the end of previous paragraph, it’s not a simple decoration. We always believed that it is very important to listen to our players and correct our plans according to their expectations and vision. And through the times in Early Access we've already made a lot of changes based on your feedback and very grateful for your impact, your thorough reviews and interesting thoughts. That’s why we decided to highlight changes made with your help. From now on, :dwYellowStar: means community choice, alterations made with your feedback.


Exoplanet’s roadmap also got a huge update. At the moment we decided to put our efforts into making the game a true RPG while postponed a few other tasks. Thus, you will have a chance to see the very first version of our role-playing system when it’s ready. If you never heard about our roadmap before, you can learn more here:

A few tips for Trello. Take a look at #1 on the picture above. There are some icons on the card. Thumbs up shows how many people voted for the card, next icons say that the task has description, a number of comments, attached files and related tasks, and a checklist.

At #2 you can learn more about the roadmap and also track every activity on the board. Usually I attach a few screenshots or artworks to show the progress on the task and then place a comment on the top with short description of what we did.

#3 has orange label which was added recently. It means that we worked on the card before, there is some progress on the task but it was postponed for some time due to other priorities. That doesn’t mean you won’t see these tasks done for a few years. For example, WEAPON UPGRADES on the picture and another task below, NEW BUGS, will probably hit the update before the Summer Sale if we manage to do it in time.

Speaking of thumbs up icon, another big change is voting system.:dwYellowStar:

Players asked us about it, and from now on, you can vote for any task you like. Unfortunately, this option available for Trello users only but you can easily register with your Google account. With a Trello account you can vote and also watch cards you like. Also, keep in mind that a lot of other games using Trello for roadmaps.

Voting system will help us to get your feedback about which features you’d like to see as soon as possible, so please, take some time to vote for tasks you’re fond of. You can do that by clicking cards and using ‘Vote’ button on the right. You can also ‘Watch’ any card to get updates on your mail.

Also, if you want to learn what we are planning to do with the game in the near future (brand new area with tutorial and quests, more assets to significantly improve the existing starting area, main quest and more), you can check this long read:

Thank you again for being with us, for all the testing and sharing, your patience and support. Your opinion is very important and we are always glad to discuss your ideas or answer your questions on forums, Discord and socials where we started to regularly post a lot of interesting things, join us:


  • improved Scalphunters’ Camp
  • improved Smugglers’ Camp
  • improved Big Hat dwelling (Big Hat's Secret Room)
  • improved Scrap Master’s Workshop
  • improved the cave with bandits and poisonous mushrooms
  • improved the cave with poisonous antigravium
  • improved a number of other caves
  • improved a number of areas by adding oases (The Big River, Hunting Grounds, The Crossroads)
  • improved a number of other areas
  • added idols of Gods-in-Earth to Outcast Camp and Stonehenge
  • added sprouts and young version of palms and other trees
  • added arphant’s bones to a few places

  • improved eating corpses by crucases
  • bonfires go out within 12 hours
  • arphants near Hunter’s Rest are now vulnerable to attacks and will defend themselves :dwYellowStar:
  • some of the harvestable plants can only be harvested once

  • added new Outcast guards model
  • added new shaman sectarian model
  • implemented a knockout state—key NPCs in the new quest Broken Crane can be knocked out
  • Msasi and Vorga doesn’t look the same anymore
  • Junior and Jorgen doesn’t look the same anymore
  • new quest Broken Crane


As you may know, Exoplanet is developing on our own custom built engine and still has a few legacy issues from old demos. If you ever play the game, you know that our AI system was pretty basic and limited for complex sequential actions. For example, we had an issue when some players managed to get rid of most of the Scalphunters in the cave on their own during the quest, ignoring other interesting possibilities it offers, not to mention that our hero is pretty weak in the very beginning of the game while Scalphunters being described as very tough to eliminate.

The thing is, this AI system is very old and has a great deal of restrictions, that’s why some time ago we decided to create a new one and transfer every character to it. It wasn’t an easy task and it is surely took a lot of time. Transfer of the protagonist alone took two months due to the fact that some parts of old NPC’s AI system was used for controlling Jack’s action as well, and this spaghetti code had to be resolved. But I am glad to report that we finally managed to finish this. From now on, our protagonist as well as all other characters and animals are working with the new system.:dwYellowStar:

What does it mean? Now everyone has their own behavior tree which could be expanded as we like to create more immersive and complex things like daily schedules for NPCs, special attacks and different combat behavior for enemies and animals and much more. That’s another big task for us and we are going to release these updates gradually, over time.

Anyway, despite the fact that’s mostly a big under-the-hood alteration, it changes a few in-game things at the moment:
  • the protagonist behaves more stable visually, his movement became smoother, especially while falling and getting down the stairs
  • progress bars appear in rare cases now (when action can be aborted), interaction’s time depends on character’s animation
  • removed a bug with Jack’s animation, and now you can stop digging at any time


Another big change is migration from OpenAL/cAudio to Wwise. That's one of the very best state-of-the-art commercial sound engines which gives us many benefits and useful turnkey solutions. Wwise offers a lot of features for managing sound effects, music and character voices, processing and mixing, testing and optimizing platform resource usage during the gameplay as well.

Since Exoplanet is developing on our own engine we had to spend some time to set everything. We decided to restore old functions in the very first place: playback, positioning, the Doppler effect, and functioning of world editor's audio component. Also, we added cone attenuation which allows to set directions of sound sources, improved playback randomization algorithms, and expanded audio settings in the game menu.

There are a lot of plans for the game's audio like adding adaptive music instead of the existing static one but that's a story for another time.

IMPORTANT: The new build can lack some sounds or music compositions.

  • NumPad support :dwYellowStar:
  • Left Ctrl and Right Ctrl support :dwYellowStar:
  • new weapon: sledgehammer
  • added Electrical Tape, Cold booze, Sweet Joy and Circuit Breaker (quest item)
  • added health capsules, can be used without injector so far (it appears automatically when you use a capsule)

  • more accurate protagonist’s animations for climbing and descending ladders
  • a great deal of minor changes, bug fixes and minor polishing


If you are experienced a crash or found a bug, let us know via special crash reporter tool. It shows up when the game crashes but you can also send a report in-game with F1 button.

Keep in mind, that crash reporter makes an in-game screenshot when you press F1 so you might want to be sure that the visual problem you’re referring to will be captured. Enter your email and a short description of a bug or describe last actions before the crash.

You can also let us know about your problem on technical support forum or via Discord channel.


If there's no sound after game's loading, try to alt-tab to Windows and then go back to the game.

If you're stuck / hero doesn't move, F5 (quick save) and F9 (quick load) can help you in such matters.

If you have a weak PC or a laptop (especially the ones with Intel integrated graphics), we highly recommend to launch Exoplanet from its folder, not via Steam.

Keep in mind that integrated graphic cards are not supported despite the fact we do our best to make it possible. At the moment, there's a chance you can run the game but your performance probably won't be good enough to enjoy Exoplanet.

If you have BitDefender antivirus and can't launch the game, please, unblock Exoplanet's .exe.

Follow our latest updates on social networks:
As usual, we recommend to start a new game.

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About This Game

Exoplanet: First Contact is a singleplayer, story-driven third person action RPG with survival elements set in a Space Western universe. Here, real and fictional technologies meet the cruel and unforgiving, yet romantic reality of the Wild West. You are Jack Sharp, a daring adventurer, stranded on a dangerous, wild planet known as K’Tharsis. In this hellhole of a world, the local population of both human colonists and native aborigines are oppressed by the soulless Terraform corporation who uses slaves to mine a valuable mineral known as Antigravium. The player can choose either side, a mercenary working for the corporation or as an ally with the oppressed population of K'Tharsis.

Several games, movies and fictional worlds helped to inspire the Exoplanet team’s vision of the RPG experience. Sources include, a space western TV series known as Firefly, the universe of Dune, charismatic characters of Sergio Leone and rich dialogues of Quentin Tarantino's films. The core game design values of Exoplanet were partly derived from best-working principles behind the classic RPG titles such as a living and breathing world of Gothic 2: Night of the Raven, Fallout, TES III: Morrowind, Red Dead Redemption and Borderlands.

  • Explore a dangerous planet where no one can be trusted

Exoplanet: First Contact is set in an open world that does not revolve around the protagonist, where each character has his own interests, and each choice has its own consequence. Your decisions will affect the game world on many levels, like start a war between major factions, cause a local store to go out of business, or help a struggling local alcoholic defeat his demons. Go after a huge profit or make a moral stand — the choice is yours.

  • Develop a unique character to match your own playstyle

The RPG system of Exoplanet opens up a lot of options for the player. Become a long-distance sniper or a silent assassin who combines camouflage and close-range weapons. Become a charismatic silver-tongued devil or a skillful craftsman that can utilize the full potential of the crafting system.

  • A captivating story stoked by ambitions, greed, treachery and moral choices

Pursuing his personal goals our hero gets himself involved with a new Gold Rush, meets people with big dreams and ambitions, hits huge scores and witnesses subsequent bloody developments. The personal quest of Jack Sharp leads him deep into the grim history of Exoplanet. Find out why a flourishing native civilization collapsed, by exploring old ruins that hint at a scale of lost glory. Dig out the hidden reports of Terraform Corporation's inhumane genetic experiments. And that's just a taste of things that a curious player might uncover.

  • Craft your own weapons and gadgets

  • Complete 24 hour day / night cycle

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz
    • Graphics: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660 / AMD GPU Radeon R9 270X
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Sound Card: DirectX9 Compatible
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 3.0 GHz
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 / AMD Radeon R9 280X
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Sound Card: DirectX9 Compatible

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