Welcome to the harsh and unforgiving world of a space western! Explore a wild and dangerous planet, become a mercenary for a soulless corporation or ally yourself with oppressed free colonists. Join the new Gold Rush and fight for your life.
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Kehittäjien kertomaa:

Miksi Early Access?

“Exoplanet: First Contact is a complex and multifaceted indie project that requires a significant investment of time and resources. With your help and feedback, we will not only finish the game as it was planned, but also improve it.

Please note, that currently the game has bugs and placeholders, and numerous game mechanics are implemented in part, or some not at all. Nevertheless, we are going to improve performance and add new features with regular updates.

If your goal is to only play a final and finished product, then early access is probably not for you. It makes sense to purchase Exoplanet: First Contact in early access if you want to support the development of the game and take part in it with helpful feedback, or to jump straight into the unpredictable and dangerous world of this space western as soon as possible.”

Miten kauan Early Access -vaihe suunnilleen kestää?

“A good RPG is defined by a multitude of crucial factors:

  • a big and interesting to explore open world;
  • remarkable characters and dialogues;
  • exciting and balanced game mechanics.

That’s why the final stage of the development is going to be influenced by players’ feedback. Early Access will last long enough for all core planned game mechanics and storyline to be developed properly.”

Miten täysi versio eroaa Early Access -versiosta?

“The final version of Exoplanet: First Contact is going to have a complete singleplayer campaign, lots of side quests with different creative solutions, a balanced perk tree system with various specialties and synergizing skills, unique and creative character builds, new locations with distinct biomes and much more.

One of our main tasks is the creation of an atmospheric and living world. Our NPCs are going to have their own daily routines. The wildlife as well as NPCs will have an improved and natural AI with different distinct behavior models. Plants will react to the time of day and surrounding weather conditions.”

Millainen on Early Access -version nykyinen tila?

“Currently, players can explore a big location with many areas of varying verticality, hidden places, canyons and valleys with intertwined and twisting mountain paths.

Our system allows flexible and non-linear quest design. We have also prepared several quests utilizing the new system, each with various solutions and relying on different new game mechanics to give you a taste of things to come. Additionally, there are different armors and weapons for the player, as well as new crafting recipes. With frequent and regular updates, we are going to constantly add new content and improve on existing game mechanics as well as adding new ones.”

Hinnoitellaanko peli toisin Early Accessin aikana ja sen jälkeen?

“The game price might increase at a later point, closer to the final release.”

Miten yhteisö otetaan mukaan kehitysprosessiin?

“Feedback is always welcome and we’re going to carefully consider every idea and suggestion from the community. You can share your ideas and suggestions on our official forums and also in social networks:

Thanks for your support!”
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Exoplanet: First Contact is a singleplayer, story-driven third person action RPG with survival elements set in a Space Western universe. Here, real and fictional technologies meet the cruel and unforgiving, yet romantic reality of the Wild West. You are Jack Sharp, a daring adventurer, stranded on a dangerous, wild planet known as K’Tharsis. In this hellhole of a world, the local population of both human colonists and native aborigines are oppressed by the soulless Terraform corporation who uses slaves to mine a valuable mineral known as Antigravium. The player can choose either side, a mercenary working for the corporation or as an ally with the oppressed population of K'Tharsis.

Several games, movies and fictional worlds helped to inspire the Exoplanet team’s vision of the RPG experience. Sources include, a space western TV series known as Firefly, the universe of Dune, charismatic characters of Sergio Leone and rich dialogues of Quentin Tarantino's films. The core game design values of Exoplanet were partly derived from best-working principles behind the classic RPG titles such as a living and breathing world of Gothic 2: Night of the Raven, Fallout, TES III: Morrowind, Red Dead Redemption and Borderlands.

  • Explore a dangerous planet where no one can be trusted

Exoplanet: First Contact is set in an open world that does not revolve around the protagonist, where each character has his own interests, and each choice has its own consequence. Your decisions will affect the game world on many levels, like start a war between major factions, cause a local store to go out of business, or help a struggling local alcoholic defeat his demons. Go after a huge profit or make a moral stand — the choice is yours.

  • Develop a unique character to match your own playstyle

The RPG system of Exoplanet opens up a lot of options for the player. Become a long-distance sniper or a silent assassin who combines camouflage and close-range weapons. Become a charismatic silver-tongued devil or a skillful craftsman that can utilize the full potential of the crafting system.

  • A captivating story stoked by ambitions, greed, treachery and moral choices

Pursuing his personal goals our hero gets himself involved with a new Gold Rush, meets people with big dreams and ambitions, hits huge scores and witnesses subsequent bloody developments. The personal quest of Jack Sharp leads him deep into the grim history of Exoplanet. Find out why a flourishing native civilization collapsed, by exploring old ruins that hint at a scale of lost glory. Dig out the hidden reports of Terraform Corporation's inhumane genetic experiments. And that's just a taste of things that a curious player might uncover.

  • Craft your own weapons and gadgets

  • Complete 24 hour day / night cycle


    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Prosessori: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz
    • Grafiikka: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660 / AMD GPU Radeon R9 270X
    • DirectX: Versio 10
    • Äänikortti: DirectX9 Compatible
    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Prosessori: Intel Core i5 3.0 GHz
    • Grafiikka: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 / AMD Radeon R9 280X
    • DirectX: Versio 10
    • Äänikortti: DirectX9 Compatible



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