3030 Deathwar is a unique mix of Adventure and Space Sim. Explore star systems, mine and hunt pirates in top-down mode. Leave your ship and switch into classic Adventuring mode, where you explore derelicts, talk to shady characters or head over to the space bar for a drink.
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13 SEP 2017

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5 de noviembre de 2018

3030 Deathwar Redux - The Latinum Shipyards Update

Hey everyone!

Great news! As promised, it's time for another biiiig update! :KentWinning:

The update is called "The Latinum Shipyards" and it's all about expanding the game's lineup of ships and weapons, as well as adding a bunch of cool new features and stuff to do.

The first thing you'll notice is the overhauled new look of the shipyard screen, to make buying a new ship feel more sci-fi-authentic. The next thing you'll notice is that there are now lots and lots of new ships to choose between, ranging from small, bumbling space trucks, over lighting quick space-bikes, up to high-end Interceptors with elegant solar-sails. Because of all these new ships, we've now also added multiple pages to the shipyard screen, so you'll always have enough space cruisers and traders to choose between.

The second area that we focused on with this update is weapons and combat. You can now equip a range of new weapons, such as the slow but deadly Plasma Bomb, the close-combat Flak guns, or the beam-of-death Plasma Cutter (we really love that one :D). You can also add weapon mods to your front-mounted gun now, such as an alternating fire mod, or a focus-fire sharpshooter mod, for all you space-snipers out there. Enemies also have some new behaviour, with skilled enemy pilots being able to execute mini-split-jumps, adding a lot more action to dogfights and battles.

We've also been listening to the community about achievements, and have added a bunch of new ones to give new and long-time players some new goals to aim for. There are new ones for amassing huge amounts of cash, as well as for simple stuff like rescuing crew in space. We also didn't forget to add some for squashing those terribly annoying, but oh-so-crunchy, critters on the station screens! :)

Besides those focus areas there is lots more stuff, such as new player outfits (which you can unlock through the story), a new Nebula detector upgrade, further improvements for modding and much, much more. As always here's the full changelist for your perusal:

Features / Gameplay
  • Reworked Shipyard screen, with new graphics and info
  • Added multiple pages for Shipyard screen
  • Tons of new ships, especially at low and high-end
  • Special new ships: two Space Bikes, super fast but no protection
  • Added new player outfits
  • Added Nebula Radar upgrade, to detect nearby nebula
  • Added overlay warning message when player is taking lots of damage
  • Added new effects for traveling inside Nebula
  • Added random Distress Calls and rescue operation
  • Added Plasma Cutter beam-type weapon
  • Added two Flak-type weapons (they fire like a shotgun)
  • Added Plasma Mine
  • Added slow & powerful Plasma Bomb
  • Added really fast Birdstrike missiles
  • Added weapon mods, to change weapon firing behaviour
  • Added new AI combat behaviour - Skilled enemy pilots now do mini-jumps to evade/attack
  • Added better ship viewing options on Ship Purchase screen
  • Added new Adship billboard advertisements
  • Added lots of new achievements (including some for Bug Squashing :D)
  • Added new dialogue for characters that give you additional outfits
  • Added additional savegame data for story-content modding

Fixes / Improvements
  • New Loading Game/Launch image
  • Improved star name positioning on map
  • New Nebula Warning icon on map
  • Improved Look for Nebula map
  • Fix for Elesw showing up as target when other station is targeted
  • Added check and fix for mission-related ship multi-spawning
  • Fixed Grah telling you to head in wrong direction after first stab-drone station
  • Spelling fixes in various dialogues
  • Added some more dialogue for first meeting with Grah
  • Improved some visuals in tutorial derelict
  • Some new turnjet effects
  • Improved placement of turning jets on multiple ships
  • Fixed N/A buttons on trade screen letting you buy crew and bodies
  • Fixed tractor beam collection messages
  • Added additional feedback when upgrade options don't work
  • Added clear hint that there is a timer for the Morgan Yu story mission
  • Fixed dynamic zoom scaling for Adships and other objects
  • Moved one track out of Youtube safe-mode, as copyright strike came up
  • Fix for live crew not spawning after finding them in derelict
  • Added line highlighting when scrolling through weapons' list
  • Added info display for speed for all missile-type weapons
  • Added info display for beam and flak-type weapons
  • Made achievements trigger quicker
  • Fixed turret bullets not getting counted towards your total fired
  • Updated some shot colors to match weapon's look
  • Restricted Police and Pirates from having explosive shell type weapons

With this update, we're again pushing really hard to spread word about the game. Every Steam review, Retweet, post or mention of the game helps us out immensely, and we're very thankful for it!! We're currently trying to reach 500 reviews, which would push us into the "Overwhelmingly Positive" category. Once we've reached that point, hopefully sales will improve and we will see a lot more interest in the game, thus allowing us to continue work on it and to further expand the 3030 universe. To be clear, we really, really need your help to get there, and would really appreciate you taking the time to write a review of the game. It helps us more than you can imagine and will help make the game that much better!

As with every update, we'd like to thank all our players and supporters! A lot of the changes and additions in this update were only possible because of your amazing feedback, so please keep that coming!

As always, you're welcome to join us on our Discord channel, to chat and hangout:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:
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29 de octubre de 2018

3030 Deathwar Redux - Happy Halloween!

Hey there every...BOO!

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween and let you know that the next update is coming very soon now... :KentWinning:

In the meantime, we are running a 50% discount during Steam's Halloween Sale, to help the game get to the 500 review mark. If there's anyone you think would enjoy 3030 please do let them know, and help us spread the word about it! We also added a fun little bonus weapon for the event, which you can see in action above :D

If you're interested in hearing more or just want to hang out and chat, you're always welcome to join us on our Discord:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:
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“It’s a remarkable and enormous game”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“3030 Deathwar Redux is way out of this world. (...) A MUST HAVE for any space adventure lover!”
84 % – Brutal Gamer

“If you like space exploration with a decent story, then this is easily the adventure for you.”
85 % – COGconnected

Acerca de este juego

Rated 96% with over 20,000 copies sold

The #1 rated Space Adventure on Steam

Fusing space exploration, fast-paced combat, trading, and a healthy dose of point-and-click comedic adventuring, 3030 Deathwar Redux sets you free to roam an entire war-torn galaxy filled with devastated planets, uninhabitable zones, and space stations in quarantine lockdown.

Help freewheeling space pilot John Falcon get back on his feet in a huge open world inspired by both the classic Elite and Lucasarts' finest adventures, and plot your own course through the game's dizzying array of missions, stories, and places.

It's not been a good day for you. Your crew has discovered a dead body, your brand new ship's been impounded by the cops, and most people you run into seem very unhappy with you... probably something to do with that missing cargo of gold bars.

So... will you take on a couple shady delivery jobs in order to afford a better ship, or will you downsize to a cheap jetsuit and go shooting space-junk for quick money? Will you perhaps decide to focus on finding that missing gold shipment before the local gangs and salvage teams get there first?

Meanwhile, there's that damn mechanic who sold you a stolen ship, and a mysterious 'Taoist' group everyone keeps talking about. Oh, yes, you have most definitely found yourself inextricably caught up in a plot of intergalactic intrigue...

  • Open-world space adventuring with frantic combat and 30 star systems to explore.
  • Stations to board, bars to visit, scores of space scum to talk to.
  • Ghostly derelict ships to discover via your star-map, space-walk into, and salvage valuables from.
  • Large variety of intriguing jobs and missions, with exciting, and occasionally silly side-quests.
  • A diverse array of ships to buy and upgrade.
  • The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to refuel from the corona of a sun without burning up!
  • Pirate Stations to discover, and the option of living a life of crime, piracy, cargo stealing, and nastiness.
  • The chance to invest in a large cargo ship and go asteroid mining for metals, or just haul goods between systems.
  • Hidden wormhole shortcuts, comets, unique stations, and a ton of secrets to uncover.
  • An irreverent, thoroughly amusing, and enthralling main story.
  • A whole load more!

Developed by Matt Griffiths & Mic N
Additional Design by Max Dohme
Published by Crunchy Leaf Games

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows
    • Procesador: 1 GHz
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Almacenamiento: 500 MB de espacio disponible
    • Notas adicionales: Supported Gamepad: XBox 360

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