O World of Tanks Blitz é um PvP Free-to-Play que coloca comandantes uns contra os outros em combates de tanques de 7vs7, com mais de 200 veículos exclusivos para dominar da Alemanha, Japão, França, Reino Unido, E.U.A., U.R.S.S. e China. Escolha o seu tanque, melhore o seu veículo e batalhe em mais de uma dezena de mapas.
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9 Nov, 2016

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23 de Maio

Update 4.10 is here!

Main Changes and New Features
  • The Alpenstadt map was added. It will be available for vehicles of Tier VI and above. This location is available both in Encounter battles and Supremacy mode.
  • Replays were introduced—an opportunity to record and re-watch battles:
    • The replays menu was added to the side-bar menu.
    • You can enable or disable replay recording in the Other tab of the settings. Here you can also limit the number of saved replays.
    • To store one replay, up to 3 MB of space is required.
    • For successfully replaying a battle, the current version of the game needs to be the same as the version in which the replay was recorded.
    • You can watch replays from the file system of your device without connecting to the Internet.
    • Replays not saved in the file system of the device will be deleted after the game client updates.
  • You will now need gold to unlock the Unexpectable camouflage: from 65 to 1,200 of gold depending on the vehicle tier.
  • For the IS-3, a rare attachment was added—Steel Pike. Cost to unlock: 3,000 of gold.

  • Music for the battle loading screen was updated (9 new themes for different maps were added). Also, 3 new themes for the battle results screen (victory, draw, or defeat) were introduced.
  • The following settings were added:
    • "National crew voice" to the Other tab. Changes the language of voice notifications depending on the vehicle's nation. For vehicles of the Hybrid nation, the language selected in the game client will be used irrespective of the crew voice setting. This option is disabled by default.
    • "Spotted Allies" to the Markers tab. Displays the light bulb above spotted allies in battle. This option is disabled by default.
    • "Reload icon above vehicles" in the Markers tab. Displays the reload icon above allied vehicles in battle. This option is enabled by default.
    • "Reload icon in the team list" in the HUD tab. Displays the reload icon next to allies in the team list. This option is disabled by default.
  • Due to the introduction of the new settings, reload shortcuts (F8) were replaced with the "Hold position!" shortcut.
  • In the player's profile, information about the total number of battles by type (regular, rating, and tournament) was added under the total number of battles fought.
  • A new screen with information about leagues was added to the player's profile next to the rating. To get to this screen, the player needs to tap the “i” icon.
  • The names of the teams currently enrolling players for tournaments will now be displayed on the corresponding panel.
Improvements and Fixed Issues
  • The Menu and Chat buttons are now placed further apart in battle.
  • The alignment of the shell tracer and the gun barrel, which resulted in the incorrect display of shells fired on the move, was removed. On the server, the shot was fired from a certain point, while the game client rendered the tracer later and from another point.  As a result, shells fired on the move seemed to fly through vehicles. Now such situations will become less frequent.

  • A bug, where the game client and the server went out of sync when the turret rotated 180° (or close values), was fixed.
  • The voiceover, which played at the moment when a shell directly hit the module of the enemy vehicle and penetrated it without causing damage, was changed from "We didn't penetrate their armor!" to "Enemy is hit!".
  • The full name of the leKpz M 41 90 mm in the Cruel Twist camouflage is now displayed in battles.
  • The matchmaker rule was changed for platoons including two rare vehicles. Now exotic platoons will not have to wait too long in the pre-battle queue.
  • Various screens, notifications, and descriptions were improved.
  • General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
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11 de Maio

The K-91 Soviet "Drummer"

The K-91 is doubly rare: it is new and it features a drum magazine, which is as rare for Soviet vehicles as a platoon of two TOG IIs* in regular battles. However, the K-91 "drummer" is not one of those tanks that simply stand in a prominent place serving as decoration for your Garage. It is a natural-born fighter that will move mountains under your skillful command!

Until 23 May, containers with a chance to get the enriched K-91 and other rewards will be available in the in-game Store. Each K-91 container also includes K-91 Charms. After you have collected 100 K-91 Charms, you will receive a GUARANTEED tank.

More about the K-91

The new "drummer" is similar to the T57 Heavy: both tanks feature the typical mobility of heavies, vulnerable hulls, but solid turrets and perfect firepower. Here are the detailed characteristics!

When you drive the K-91, you should forget about the hull armor. The front armor plate of 100 mm is well-sloped and ensures rather good protection. But this tank has a huge, almost vertical, lower armor plate, even its thickness of 120 mm doesn't save the situation. Angling may prove to be helpful, but it is better to hide the hull whenever possible.

When the hull is safe, you can block enemy damage with more confidence. The turret also has some weak spots, but the enemy will have a hard time hitting them. Assuming the K-91 isn’t simply standing still, the turret can survive many hits.

The K-91 boasts good penetration—it won't waste your shells. The three-shell drum magazine offers 930 HP of total damage with AP shells. The K-91 can deal such damage in just 7 seconds. The potential total damage caused by its French rival, the AMX 50 120, is 400 HP higher, and it needs just 6 seconds to fire the entire drum magazine. But the K-91 reloads its entire magazine 9 seconds faster. Thus, the K-91 spends less time being totally helpless.

The gun of the new "drummer" has one secret advantage: very high velocity AP shells. You won't need to anticipate the positions of moving targets or make huge adjustments for lead anymore.

The K-91 is a sociable tank, well-suited for fire support. It likes platoons or simply reliable allies. You may find it difficult to play alone on this tank. When your drum magazine reloads, you will need to either escape or ask your ally to cover you. Since the K-91 can't escape, you only have the second option.

Combine vehicles in a platoon so that you are able to destroy an enemy with one magazine plus 1-2 shots from your platoon mate. Under these conditions, the K-91 will reach its full potential, making your game enjoyable and bringing you increased credit earnings!

Roll out, commander!

The K-91 is not a Premium tank. Its profitability corresponds to the profitability of a researchable Tier IX vehicle with activated enrichment. The characteristics of the K-91 may be adjusted in the future if it is necessary for improving the game balance.

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A Actualização 4.10 entra em campo. Ouve-se um apito agudo – e o jogo começa!

A Actualização 4.10 entra em campo. Ouve-se um apito agudo – e o jogo começa!
O jogo foi actualizado com:
• Repetições – a oportunidade de gravar, rever e partilhar as suas batalhas.
• O mapa Alpenstadt – uma vila Europeia no sopé de uma cordilheira de montanhas.
• Funções Úteis: o ícone de recarregamento e a lâmpada sobre os aliados detectados.
• Vozes da tripulação dependentes da nação do veículo e música nova.
• Blitz Football Championship. Marque golos e ganhe o AMX CDC com um anexo de futebol!

Acerca deste jogo

O World of Tanks Blitz é um jogo de acção MMO baseado em equipas multiplataforma Free-to-Play dedicado ao feroz combate de tanques. Atire-se de cabeça em batalhas intensas contra jogadores da Steam e desafie jogadores em dispositivos móveis, Mac e Windows 10; controle e melhore mais de 200 veículos blindados lendários através de 4 classes diferentes; domine as suas tácticas em mais de uma dezena de mapas; junte-se aos seus amigos num Pelotão para arrecadar bónus e recompensas em jogo; e complete Missões de Batalha para testar as suas habilidades.


  • Mais de 200 icónicos veículos da Alemanha, Japão, França, Reino Unido, E.U.A., U.R.S.S. e China
  • • 4 classes de veículos diferentes, incluindo tanques ligeiros, tanques médios, tanques pesados e antitanques
  • Jogabilidade multijogador de estratégia online 7-vs-7
  • 18 Arenas de batalha únicas
  • Funcionalidade de chat em jogo
  • Sistema inovador de melhoramento da tripulação
  • Jogabilidade multiplataforma
  • Melhoramentos e actualizações gráficas constantes, assim como optimização para várias plataformas
  • Física real para criar movimento autentico do tanque e mecânica de dano
  • Tutoriais detalhados
  • Habilidade de convidar os seus amigos para jogar online
  • Conquistas em jogo
  • Free-to-Play com igual acesso aos elementos do jogo para jogadores pagantes ou não-pagantes
  • Fácil de aprender, controlos intuitivos
  • Missões de Batalha que abrem novos desafios personalizados de dificuldade variada e permite que os jogadores ganhem bónus e conquistas
  • Funcionalidade de clã permite que os jogadores se unam na sua perseguição da vitória
  • Salas de Treino que permitem criar equipas com amigos para dominar os mapas e as tácticas

Requisitos do Sistema

Mac OS X
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10 
    • Processador: 2 GHz
    • Memória: 2 GB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 256 MB RAM
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 3 GB de espaço livre
    • Notas adicionais: Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Sistema Operativo: Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
    • Memória: 2 GB de RAM
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 3 GB de espaço livre
    • Notas adicionais: Mac OS X 10.9 supported models: https://support.apple.com/kb/SP702
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