Voxel Turf is a block based urban sandbox. Build cities, blow up buildings, complete missions or fight for territory. Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around and blow stuff up. Its your choice!
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Sep 13, 2017

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May 23

Patch Notes: Version 1.1.5 - Control Points, Vehicle Storage, Base Escapes and Renameable Bases

This patch introduces Control Points as a new mechanic, as well as implementing Vehicle Storage for bases and giving you another way to escape the CDF.

EDIT (28/05) - Hotfix for MP connection issue due to DNS shenanigans, scroll to end for changes.
EDIT (30/05) - Small Hotfix that fixes World Holes on MP servers, slight optimisations.

Control Points
Control points are like a cross between Bandit Bases and Special Buildings. Instead of being a place that you raid for loot, Control Points give you a static bonus.

This patch introduces 5 control points:
  • Old Parliament (-20% Racketeering Cost, -10% Zoning Cost). This building naturally spawns near spawn.
  • Supply Depot (-10% Construction Cost, +2 Ind Desirability). This building spawns in industrial areas.
  • Botanic Garden (+50% Aggression Decay Rate, +2 Res/Com/Off Desirability). This building spawns in residential areas.
  • Communications Centre (+1 Goon Command Limit, +10% Goon Atk/Def). This building spawns randomly on the map
  • Strategic Bunker (+2 Attack, +2 Defence, +200% cash from killed bandits). This building spawns randomly on the map

If a Control Point doesn't exist on the map can be constructed from the Special Buildings menu. This is so you don't have to start a new game to play with them. You can also bulldoze existing Control Points under your control and relocate them if you wish.

Control Points level up whenever they get captured by a hostile player, up to level 5. Leveling them up makes the defenders stronger, like in a bandit base. You can also abandon a control point so that an ally can take control of it.

Control Points act as a point of conflict in Multiplayer. You can capture control points even if you are at peace with the owner, or they are offline. Finally, AI factions will try to capture control points, even in Turf mode!

Vehicle Storage
ALL bases now act as garages for your vehicles. If you exit the game with a vehicle in a friendly base then it will be there when you log back in. There is no limit to the number of vehicles you can store in your bases. Keep in mind that vehicles are tied to the owner, so if a friend leaves a vehicle in your base and you restart the game then you'll have to wait for your friend to log in again to get your vehicle back.

Base Escapes
Been driving around and bumped into the CDF, and now they're giving you grief? Now there's a very easy way to get rid of the CDF if you only have 1 or 2 stars of notoriety. Simply hide in a base for a few seconds and they'll leave you alone. This check ignores things like line-of-sight (the eye), being in a lot you've been sighted in (the diamond) and the timer (the stopwatch).

Bases Can Be Renamed

Just click on the tag!

Patch Notes
VERSION: 1.1.3 - 23/05/18
- [Major Feature] - Added "Control Points". These are like Bandit Bases but instead of spawning loot they give a passive bonus to the holder
- Control Points will spawn defenders loyal to whoever holds it. Control Points are free to garison however defenders can't be given orders
- Control Points can be captured from other players even if you are at peace with them
- Control Points can be captured from *offline* players
- Control Points can be built from the "Special/Reward Buildings" menu if they do not already exist on the map. When constructed they will be owned by no player. They do have build requirements so griefers can't just spawn on a blank server and just start smacking them down.
- Control Points give limited crime immunity to nearby lots (like how bandit bases do)
- Control points level up if they are captured by a different player, and are reset to level 1 if they are abandoned
- AI Factions will try to capture control points, they will prioratise control points close to thier bases. They will also repair damaged control points
- [Feature] - If you leave a vehicle in a base then it'll be there when you start the game again. You can now use bases as garages!
- This also applies to vehicles left in allied bases.
- If an ally leaves thier vehicles in your base and you restart the game you'll have to wait for them to come back online for thier vehicles to appear in your base.
- [Feature] - Added Base Escapes. If you have 2 stars or less you can escape the CDF by standing in a friendly base for a few seconds.
- [Feature/Modding] - Added "Single Spawners". You can get one by typing: /give "Single Spawner"
- Single Spawners are invisible and will only spawn 1 bandit or goon
- [Modding] - All spawners can now be made to spawn goons with SMGs, Rifles or Quad Rocket Launchers.
- [Misc] - Bandit Killing missions will try to spawn closer to you. It will first try a place within 500m of you, then keep rolling for locations while expanding outwards (eg, 550m, 600m, 650m, etc) until it either finds a suitable place to spawn or hits a limit (or about 14km).
- [Misc] - Mob spawners will no longer spawn mobs in the air if there is no nearby ground beneath them
- [Misc] - Snipers will no longer try to chase you
- [Misc] - AI mobs can now open glass sliding doors and boom gates
- [Misc] - AI mobs with rockets will be more aggressive in using them to get unstuck
- [Misc] - Grenades are a lot more accurate - spread reduced by 60% (2 degrees down from 5)
- [Misc] - Redone grenade crosshairs - its now 3 horizontal lines with a gap in the top line indicating the accuracy
- [Misc] - Grenades now have a spherical hitbox and its slightly larger. Grenades now have a bit of rolling friction too
- [Misc] - ItemCategories can be marked as "secret" and thus not appear in the Buy screen. "Spawners" (containing burning barrels) and "Single Spawners" (containing Single Spawners) are now secret.
- [Misc] - Fixed "Low Hp" alert not appearing when you are not brandishing a weapon, and fixed it being xbox huge when you are holding the "Remove" item.
- [Misc] - Capturing a Base/Bandit Base/Control Point will despawn any remaining defenders. Defenders with orders (such as "Follow Me" or "Guard Location") will not be despawned
- [Bugfix] - Fixed client_scripts.txt and server_scripts.txt ignoring the last line of the file
- [Bugfix] - Canals no longer create barriers next to bridges
- [Bugfix] - Fixed "small town mayor" modifiers not applying to building roads, bridges and canals

VERSION: 1.1.4 - 24/05/18
- [Bugfix] - The city generator will only place bandit bases if they fit
- [Bugfix] - The kill-respawn-cooldown for Control Point defenders is fixed
- [Misc] - The AI's will attack control points a third as often now. The AI is also less likely to attack a control point if they cannot order a base attack that is a higher level than the fortification level.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed vandalism mission not targetting correct bases
- [Bugfix] - Goons/Bandits/etc will no longer spawn in elevator shafts.

VERSION: 1.1.4a
- [Bugfix] - Work around for DNS issue: All instances of *.voxelturf.net have been replaced with the IP address of the relevent service
- [Misc] - Random server id is now partially based on port, so that dedicated servers that boot at the same second will have different ids
- [Misc] - Backend servers now use google's DNS servers

VERSION: 1.1.5 - 30/05/18
- [Bugfix] - Fixed world holes appearing in multiplayer servers
- [Bugfix] - When a chunk is unloaded to compressed memory any subchunks are unloaded with it. (Chunks are unloaded in 32x32 blocks now rather than individually, which may have been causing cache fragmentation)
- [Misc] - The server will unload split chunks (ie chunks that are 16x16 or 16x32 due to tall buildings), saving memory
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a buffer overflow issue to do with lotpacks, which may potentially cause a game crash on joining a MP server.
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May 16

DNS Updates - Backend Server Migration - May Affect MP

EDIT: Clarity. EDIT2: Its been a couple of days since I posted this, all should be good.

I've just migrated some backend servers, which means that some IP addresses have been changed.

Most notably voxelturf.net has been moved to a new machine so things like server list lookup ("Find Server") may go to the old server instead of the new one.

Once the changes propagate though the DNS servers they should all be good. This typically takes a few hours to take effect, but depending on your ISP this could take up to 48 hours.

If you are having issues trying to host/join a friend's multiplayer game due to it not appearing on the Find Server screen, you can get around it by connecting to the IP of the host via Direct Connect, or by joining a game via Steam's Join Game or Invite Player functions.

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About This Game

Voxel Turf is a block based city builder/action adventure game. Build cities or destroy them. Start businesses or rob them. Nurture your citizens or subjugate them. Build a real estate empire, or perhaps just drive around and blow stuff up. Its your choice! Voxel Turf allows you to be the force of benevolence or the agent of chaos in a city of your creation.

- Have you ever played an open world game and thought "if only I could build something here?"
- Or a city builder and wanted to drive around and interact with your creation?
- Or even a building game and thought "if only these buildings would come to life?"
If so then Voxel Turf is the game for you!

Live in a City of Your Own Creation
- Build sprawling cities with either the over 50 prebuilt buildings, or build your own in-game!
- Make amazing structures with over 15,000 types of blocks in over 100 categories.
- Or live in and modify a procedurally generated city

Get Rich or Die Trying
- Earn cash from either completing missions, crime, or managing a real estate empire.
- Establish protection rackets to make money
Some of the missions revolve around:
- Being a hired revolutionary who fights the local authorities for cash
- Participating in street races for money
- Making a career though stealing vehicles for profit
- Eliminating bandits and protecting civilians from bandit attacks
- Be a specialist architect who draws an income from making custom buildings

Unleash Chaos
- Destroy and vandalise areas with explosives, weapons and tanks.
- Ride a wide range of vehicles including cars, a tank, helicopters and even a rideable shopping trolley!

Enjoy Multiplayer
- Multiplayer over LAN or Internet
- Most missions can be done in Co-Op
- Cooperate with friends to build a city, or compete and undercut each other

Fight For Territory
- Explore and raid bandit bases for loot
- Fight Turf Wars against other factions and players to gain control over parts of the city
- Build bases and defend your territory from attack
- Engage in diplomacy with other factions in order to gain power or undermine others

Unleash Creativity
- The entire world is block based, so you can create and destroy everything.
- Decorate blocks with paint and decals
- Various non-cube construction blocks, including ramps, stairs, steps, allowing you to build things like pitched roofs and ultimately more realistic looking buildings.
- Build intricate contraptions using switches, mechanisms and circuits
- Custom player-built buildings can be saved as templates, and be placed like normal buildings
- Templates can be synced across a network

Character Customisation
- Over 50 player skins
- Support for custom player skins
- 10 hats for your character to wear, also wearable body armour.
- Weapons are customisable too! Attach weapon mods to weapons to change their appearance and behaviour. Make shotguns explosive, make your pistol armour piercing or your SMG scoped!

Modding Support
- Steam Workshop integration
- Lua Scripting for easy moddability with a C++ scratch-coded base game engine for performance

Game Modes

  • Turf: Start in a procedurally generated city, and do what you want. Build, do missions, do crime, do whatever!
  • Build: Start on a blank map and build whatever you want with unlimited blocks.
  • Turf Zero: Start on a blank map and build a city from scratch. Scavenge resources from bandit bases.
  • Strategy: Start in a procedurally generated city with 16 warring factions. Use diplomacy and warfare to gain control over the entire city!

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows Vista or Above
    • Processor: 32/64 bit, Intel I5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Windows Vista or Above
    • Processor: 32/64 bit, Intel Core i5 4690 or Above
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 770 2GB
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Any SSD
    • Processor: 64 bit only, Intel I5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04, Mint 17.1
    • Processor: 64 bit only, Intel Core i5 4690 or Above
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 770 2GB
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Any SSD
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